Sick boy

Poor boy is sick today and he is not getting any sympathy from me. I am working from home, as I always do on Fridays and he is leaving for school, "Oh must be nice to stay home today" then he slams the door and proceeds to the bus stop. He then CALLS me from his cell phone and asks why i get to stay home today. He does not realize everything it entails and thinks that I am going to sleep on the couch while he grinds away at school while sick. I then told him, "If you did not ditch so much or even if you did not stay home last friday I would have been more than pleasant to the idea of allowing you to stay home today." Oh he says. End of conversation. I told him I would pick him up. Guess that wasn't good enough for him.

He is getting older and even though he is not Brian's I see many mannerisms getting passed along. Some are good, like the cleaning and the over thinking, but some are bad.. like the calling me as soon as he leaves the house and try to give me a guilt trip. Hah! So not going to happen.

He got his interim this week and the grades are very good. I was proud of him and I let him know that!