Connie wasn't very happy that pictures have appeared with her wearing the hat and boa from the bus trip...

my camera, my rules.

Yes - I am packed with the exception of tooth brush.

San Diego here I come. Better watch out!

The boa and the hat are staying home, the planes have enough problems with feathers.

To answer all of your questions

Yes I am still procrastinating. I leave tomorrow on the jet plane, but I do know when I will be back again. I am getting off early today, and am going to go home and take a nap.

A NAP??? yep. Then I will pack, or maybe i will pack, and then take a nap. I have an engagement tonight, a friend of mine is retiring from the Government and we are celebrating with her. Of course I cannot drink alcohol... so I drink diet coke, which will keep me up all night either with the caffiene or going to the bathroom. Yes I know that there are non caffinated choices, but I like to put myself through the challenges of obligating myself on a Saturday morning before even the roosters awake. That is the main reason why I insist on being hung over for long flights, which I swear as god as my witness I will never ever do again. which is why I am drinking diet coke in a bar that serves .75 cent screwdrivers.... nuff said. I might have to have 1 teeny 16 oz screwdriver....

I did say that I was going to do wild and crazy things this next year... but I think that this one I will hold off on.

No pictures I swear!!


Word for the day is Procrastination

I am totally procrastinating -
I need to pack for my trip to San Diego. I take off at 6 am Saturday and dont even have my suit case out.
Things I need to pack
  • Ipod speakers
  • Scented candle for room
  • clothes
  • jammies (those dont constitute clothing)
  • socks for walking around room. I am staying at the Torrey Pines Hilton so the floor should be clean... right?
  • Cell phone charger
  • 2 good books (I have secret life of bees and domestic pleasures)
  • granola bars - so I dont have to buy them there.
  • Camera and extra batteries
  • cord for camera to laptop
  • toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste, floss, toothbrush, which I forgot last time, makeup, curling iron, shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, since they said that there was an extra deep tub.
  • I already have a mini fridge in the room, I had to call ahead and pay a small fee but it will be worth it. I will go to grocery right before I leave San Diego to drive up to Torrey Pines.

ok so I think that is it.. I am sure I will add things as I go, I have to pack 7 outfits, should be interesting... plus my work out clothes, bathing suit..

and here I sit..

As I am trying to save money...

There are things that I refuse to scrimp on. After Friday's episode with a container full of wax, I will now afford the 8 bucks to get my eyebrows done. You dont think that is alot, but I have to get it done every other week, which equals 16 dollars plus tip so make it 20 every month. That 20.00 can get me to work for a week, buy almost a weeks worth of dinners, definately a weeks worth of breakfasts, or lunch for my son for a week. So to many of you twenty dollars is not a lot, but to me and many more people out there, it means more than a lot.

So anyways...
Friday night, I am dying my hair and that is going well, I purchase Loreal 2 boxes and some wax for my eyebrows.. I am thinking I can do this... I can put hot wax on my face and rip it off in seconds, without pulling all of the hair from my eyebrows. I put the small container of wax in the microwave for 15 seconds, checked it out still rock hard, so I do it again, and again... oh dear, I take it out of the nukeoven and it is boiling. Well, I sure as hell am not going to put this on my face now. OMG. I am chuckling to myself thinking yea right. So then I read the directions and realize that they do not include the little cloths that rip the wax and hair off of your face. They bascially want you to grab hold of the wax and rip it in the opposite way your hair grows. I again see the word "painfree". This must be magic I am thinking to myself. The wax finally cools down, and I take the applicator dip it in the wax, and proceed to cover the bottom of the eyebrow and then OMG PAIN.. the wax drips off of the applicator and on my eyelid and eyelashes... Instead of running out in the middle of the street screaming in pain and wondering how the hell I am going to get this stuff off I run to the kitchen sink and throw the stuff in the trash. All done. I go back into the bathroom and look at the mess I have created. Ok doesnt look so bad, I read the directions for a solution to this and it reads, baby oil will take off the wax. Ok so I have no baby oil and I think a trip to CVS in this condition is not in the cards for me. OH wait I do have cooking oil... that might work. So I proceed to wipe as much of the wax off with cooking oil... and all of this time, my hair still has the dye in it.

I get some of the wax off my eyelids. I then spend 10 minutes picking at it and wondering how I am going to get it off of my eyelashes. Upon closer inspection of my eye lashes, there are only a few specks on the hairs, but the specks, look like... lice eggs. OH GREAT!
No time to think about that now I have to get the hair dye out of my hair. That came out without any tramatic consequences. Loreal is the only hair dye that will cover my stubborn grey for more than a week.
I went out that night, and I had fun all the while thinking if that person can see the "lice egg" in my eye lash.. heh


Just thought I would welcome you to this blog. I have been blogging on Bryant's blog for years, but there comes a time when I have stories to share and I cannot because, well duh what son wants to know about hot wax dripping into his mothers eyeballs.

So I created this blog.

Again I welcome you

I have been thinking and therefore.. I am

NO seriously I have been thinking.. I swear! Now, what was I thinking about??? It's around here on a post it somewhere... oh yes... next to the purple boa and my party hat.

I am 39 years old. I will be 40 on October 21st of this year. I have loved my thirties and cannot wait to start my 40's. I have decided that I am going to cronicle the changes in the next few years in, yes you guessed it, a blog. I would love it if you come over and visit. I plan to have hilarious and down to earth conversations with myself (dont we all?). Please book mark my new blog and come over and visit...



Total Comfort food

  • Tater tot casserole.... I make mine different and I thought I would share...
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 package frozen corn
  • minced onion fresh or dried, I used dried.
  • 1 8 oz sour cream (light works fine also)
  • I can of cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 bag of tater tots
  • Velvetta ( half of a large loaf or enough to cover your tater tots)
  • cheddar cheese grated .. for taste... can also be fat free
OKay so I have been manipulating a reciepe I found and I finally got it down..cook 1 lb ground beef, drain and rinse off fat. Add sour cream, onion, corn and cream of mushroom soup. mix and keep on medium heat while prepping the casserole dish. dont use a 13x9 pan, takes too much cheese to cover up. I used the large corning wear casserole dish.. maybe a 8 x 6?? on the bottom I put half a bag of tater tots. Then I placed sliced velvetta cheese over it.. do not make the slices too large becuase then the dish will be too salty. Then pour the ground beef mixture over the tatertots and velvetta. The you want to put the rest of the tater tots on the top, and bake at 350 for an hour. When there is 15 minutes left, add the shredded cheese to the top if you want. OMG it was the best tater tot casserole I have made, and I have been making this every month trying to make the perfect one. I added a bit of pepper to it. and omg it was gooooooood!!!!



Hmm, dont really want to go into detail here about the idiot I became last night, but I had to swallow my pride and go to apologize to my son for going off on him last night, and when he said its alright, I said no it is not, and that I cannot take what he says so personally.

It was good!

Now for a breakfast of champions.. eggs bacon and sausage and pancakes.. yummo!


Turbulent times

Yes, even I get frustrated to the point of disgust with my son. Yesterday he comes home from school, I worked from home so I was there when he saunters in and grunts at me.... grunts WTF?? I ask him how his day was and another grunt. I was losing my patience with him. I then ask him what is wrong, and he says nothing really snotty. (Okay if that was me, my mother would have beat me into next week.. anyways) So then he goes into the kitchen looking for food and telling me he was going to walk over to the sub shop. I think not I tell him, I just spent 200 bucks on food and there is dinner in the crock pot. He gets all moody but I am hungry now, I did not eat lunch. Okay is that my fault? nope! SO then I say well I gave you money to eat at school and I am not going to waste money that we do not have to satisfy your sub craving, go make a sandwhich. OMG he says... OMG i think I am really going to slap him silly. Then I give him a list of options, only to hear OMG I dont want to cook. LOL I say welcome to my life. So then he stomps upstairs with a muffin, and disappears into the abyss. I ask him if he still wants to go to the store to get thie hoodie I told him I would get for him if he waited till I got paid. He says yes give me a minute. so then he comes downstairs and I am about ready to tell him to take his butt to bed till he can act human. We get in the car, and suddenly I let loose telling him how he is taking me for granted and that he needs to be nicer to me if he expects me to take him around town, on my gas, in my car and spending my hard earned money on him. INSTANT 180 turn then. We talk and resolve issues from earlier, and 5 minutes later he has me laughing, he is also laughing. Sometimes I wish he didn't have to go to public school. 13 years later he still comes home with an attitude that I have to take with a grain of salt until it subsides. I would love to homeschool him, there is so much out there that he could be learning that would do him more justice that just learning what is going to be on the state tests at the end of the year. He also would not have all of the peer pressure that he is dealing with. He is a cute kid, has lots of friends, and knows right from wrong... but there is still a pressure to keep that status and remain in some control over himself. I am glad I am not his age now, and I try to tell him that his friends aren't going to be paying his rent or supporting his family when he gets older and he needs to worry about himself. It's so hard. But of course I am ready for battle.

Have a great weekend. I am going to!


Children are spoiled

Yes, that they are. I get a phone call from my next door neighbor at work, saying that my son forgot his keys. He was allowed to stay inside her house, and she was willing to drive him to another friends house so he did not have to sit out in the cold.

What is wrong with this picture? When i was a child, and I forgot my keys I had to sit outside in whatever weather was there and wait for a parent to come home. I was not allowed to go to the neighbors, since their life was much busier than mine and they just cannot be bothered. That was part my mothers fault though, I was convinced I was a nuisince to all around me. So, I would have to wait. And gosh forbid I had to use the bathroom, oh well... I had to wait. Think I forgot my keys again?? I think not!
He should consider himself lucky to have neighbors like that and also a mom like me =)



Today we will have a new President. He delivered a message on unity and hope which put him in the place where he is today. He is what they are calling, "a politician of the moment". President Elect Barack Obama will be our 44th President of the United States.
You would think that with an entrance like the one that I just made, I voted for him. Well, I did not vote for him.
This day, I will be able to tell my grandchildren about, how finally after so many years, that we as Americans, can see past color and vote for an multi ethnic individual to be the leader of our country. This in itself is amazing.
1.2 million for LBJ on 1965 is the largest crowd for an inauguration. I think today that record will be beat.

We drove into DC yesterday and the amount of people there just walking around was gratifying, that we as Americans support our government this much that we would subject ourselves by walking around in the cold windy air and surround ourselves in a moment that our childrens children will be reading about in textbooks. Civics and Government classes are going to take on a new twist in the role of how our nation is growing and how we have overcome so many obstacles. I am proud right now to be an American.
I know that he is not going to be able to solve everything overnight. The changes that he wants will take time, it will take time to fix things that are indeed fixable.


My lastpost disappeared!!!

Have another fire going today, and relaxing watching tv. I do not get to do this often so I am enjoying it.

Bryant came home from school yesterday and wanted to cook. I was making cranberry bread and he wanted to make some box muffins. I let him. He is pretty good at cooking I taught him well!!!

Almost to 100 posts...


Baby it is cold outside

And supposed to be colder tomorrow. I went and bought some firewood and eggs. Firewood for the fireplace and eggs for all the bread and muffins that I am going to bake today in order to keep the house warm and fuzzy. I do not want to go to the bathroom cuz the seat is sooo cold. OMG!!!

I started a fire and it looks sooo pretty. I am addicted for some reason to Gilmore Girls and have been recording daily episodes. Odd for me.

I feel as though I am going in different directions today as you can tell from the entry for today. I want to go for a walk but it is too cold... I already did my situp regime. I am getting ready to bake muffins.. . I have a candle burning... and thats about it for now.



OMG it has been so cold here. Not as cold as other parts of the country, but cold enough to make me want sunny San Deigo. Did I mention San Diego? I cannot wait to go. I get out of Virginia in 16 days, and am in Torrey Pines for a glorious 6 day stint. I cannot wait. Did I mention that also, that I cannot wait to go?????

Watched my tivo shows this morning, and the Biggest Loser is very different this season, and I am enjoying it. I cannot believe all of that work that they have done that some of them only lost 1-2 pounds. The lady that I wanted to get kicked off the show did not, I feel that she is not trying hard enough, there are a million people that would give anything to be on that show and she is just throwing it away. She should have just taken that money and left. Oh well.

Sit ups are increasing and every other day that I do them I do more and more. It is exciting, even if it is just 1 extra sit up or push up that I am able to do. I got very discouraged with the push ups and put that one on the side for now.

Bryant - I met with his teachers and they all have positive things to say and he should consider himself lucky with the teachers that he has, because they all love him and would love him even more if he would turn in his homeowrk every day. So we started a regime at home and hopefully he and I will stick to it. He came up with the idea as I was yelling at him on the phone and threatening to take away everything that is electric in his room. He jumped in real quick when i mentioned no car, with "mom, i will start studying for 90 minutes each day. Then I asked him to do the homework when I got home and in the same room (living room) so I could watch him. And that is how we compromised. He hates homework so I have to compromise some how, unless I want to take out a second mortgage and send him to some center like sylvan or huntington. We went in for the initial test to get some tutoring and by the time we walked out they wanted us to take out a loan on our house.. I am thinking... umm no thanks.

I get the dog this weekend, she comes tonight and stays til Sunday. *Smiles*


Did I wake you?

Cleaning productiveness

This was before.... I would never work in the kitchen because it was not "user friendly" so Friday night I reorged everything...


Chargers are done for the year

Such a shame, I am watching the game now, and I don't think that San Diego will be going any further. I was hoping for a win. They made plenty of mistakes, so we shall see what Nervous Norv is going to be doing for the next season.


Friday night lights

I have been taking pictures of the moon all day... and forgot a series at sunset.. damn.
I am supposed to be cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen. Instead I am here LOL!!

Happy News

The friend of mine who had the double mascetomy just found out that she is now cancer free and does not need chemo!!!


It is so hard to get the kiddo ready for school after 2 weeks off. I have a parent teacher conference on Friday in one of his classes, should be interesting. I will be extremely pleased with what she has to say to me as Bryant will be sitting next to me in the meeting, so if he has any problems with what she has to say, he can bring them up there, and if he doesnt have anything to say, I basically do not want him to utter another word about this teacher.