To answer all of your questions

Yes I am still procrastinating. I leave tomorrow on the jet plane, but I do know when I will be back again. I am getting off early today, and am going to go home and take a nap.

A NAP??? yep. Then I will pack, or maybe i will pack, and then take a nap. I have an engagement tonight, a friend of mine is retiring from the Government and we are celebrating with her. Of course I cannot drink alcohol... so I drink diet coke, which will keep me up all night either with the caffiene or going to the bathroom. Yes I know that there are non caffinated choices, but I like to put myself through the challenges of obligating myself on a Saturday morning before even the roosters awake. That is the main reason why I insist on being hung over for long flights, which I swear as god as my witness I will never ever do again. which is why I am drinking diet coke in a bar that serves .75 cent screwdrivers.... nuff said. I might have to have 1 teeny 16 oz screwdriver....

I did say that I was going to do wild and crazy things this next year... but I think that this one I will hold off on.

No pictures I swear!!

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