I am getting very excited about my 3 day walk. So much so that I had to go shopping for it today. Of course, I waited till the last minute to buy shoes, but I think I will be able to break them in by the walk, but of course that means I will have to train, train longer than the 4-5 miles that I have been walking. Don't get me wrong, I am taking this seriously, so much so that I am freaking out OMFG I am walking 60 miles! I went out today and spent 40 bucks on 4 pairs of socks that will keep my feet dry and blisters will not find me. We will see, if I get one blister I am writing the folks back and demanding my money back *wink*

The humor that I am going to write, does not talk bad about those that we are walking for, and I am sure that they have or are going to give up more than I ever will. I am just finding humor in all of this and I dont want any one of you to think that I am not taking this seriously.
Last year, when I agreed to walk, I filled out the information, paid the registration fee, none of which went to the amount of money that I needed to raise I thought, "Wow, I will get in shape, walk all summer long and be ready for this like I have never been ready before". Here I sit in front of the television watching Medicine Man, amazed that they acknowledged the Swine flu. I figure two days before my walk I will walk every day for miles, wind up spraining or breaking something and be on the sidelines for the walk. So of course I think to myself, "I don't want to get hurt, so I am going to stay in this chair in front of the television, and stay safe" Yea, I know I am totally setting up myself for failure.
People ask me, how is the training going, I respond all gleefully happy, "Omg it is going great, I am so excited, I am on fire fighting crime!" with of course a huge smile on my face. When they turn the other way I usually burst out in tears, crumple to the floor and suck my thumb while rocking!
The types of questions I have been asking, is "what type of food will be there?" I have been told that I will not starve and that there will be plenty for me and the other thousands of women and men who are walking. They also told me that there will be no hoarding of food... should I take that personally?? I am debating on taking a cooler and filling it with Miller Lite, Carmen's ice coffee and diet coke. Oops, oh yea and water too!!
One thing that I am weary about is getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I usually do not have to do this, I have a bladder like an elephant, and thighs too but that is a later conversation. I can hold it all night long, I do not like interrupting my sleep. But here, while I will be basking in the glory of sleeping in a tent, which is on the hard ground, they are telling me that I will not be able to hold it all night long and if I do, then there is something wrong with me. If I hold it all night, then I "must not be hydrated enough", people say, people say, "I am going to wind up with an IV drippping clear liquid in my veins". Yea okay! Sooo I will make sure that I drink water all day, so that my urine is clear, and I have to get up in the middle of the night, crawl out of my two person tent without waking up my tent mate to see a sea of hundreds of tents, not paying attention to where my tent is, stumbling across the fields sober, finding the bathroom, hoping not to touch the urinal and making sure I dont step in or touch nothing funky. Then I will have to make my way to the right tent. I told my tent mate that we will have to play Marco Polo so that I know where our tent is. I can just see myself, crawling into another person's tent, scaring the beejezus out of myself and the people in the tent, running out of the tent, knocking down their tent and about ten others while I run screaming through the tents hoping no one will recognize me the next morning.
I was reading that you can have co-ed tents if requested... I wonder if they have something like the mile high club for the walk?? They also mentioned that you might want to make sure to keep the noise levels down? I don't understand why... this is going to be the biggest sleepover I have ever been too... PARTY!! Minis are in our tent!

My tent mate wants to decorate the tent... I was thinking a mardi gras theme, with a "Party is Here" sign, we can have mini bottles of vodka, and get everyone drunk!! We aren't allowed alcohol in the tent area, not sure how this is going to go over, I might develop the shakes since I havent gone a weekend without drinking in a very very very long time!
Another idea a user had for females was to pack panty liners in your fanny pack so that you can stay dry and fresh. Okay as soon as I read this I am thinking, "Am I going to be the only one to hand someone a moleskin in wrap only to find out that I just handed a walker a very small and thin panty liner?" What and how do I acknowledge that? Do I just keep on walking, what if it is my last liner of freshness and I still have ten miles to walk? Do I say, "Oops, my bad, need that back", and then just give her the bandaid she requested? Do I play it off and tell her that those are what I use and they have been working like heaven? I wouldn't exactly be lying... Okay now once you have regained your exposure.. what do I do if it is a male????
While I am reflecting I realize that it is not just one day that I will be walking until my knees shake, my back has gone into convulsions and I am foaming at the mouth. But I get to wake up and do it all again, and again. Can you imagine my face, waking up Saturday morning without a hangover, thinking to myself this would be a great day to paint the walls, only to realize that I have to get up and go walk around in circles. Could I just tell them that I have already seen the fall foilage and the landscapes and would like to sleep in a bit longer? I can't wait for Saturday morning, and see how well I stand up. I figure if I crawl out of my tent, I could find a tree, crawl to it and use it to help me stand in an upright position. They mentioned that there will be stretching each morning, I am just wondering why I would want to put myself through any more pain than I am already in by actually making my muscles more and stretch out even more. What if I get stuck? What if my teammate gets stuck and expects me to unstuck her, while I am stuck at the same time? I feel old just writing this out.
Speaking of the sleeping, it was mentioned that the tent walls are thin and you should be respectful and not make a lot of noise, then they talked about the snorers. I can only imagine how it is going to sound when the entire sea of tents will be snoring at their own pace, not that I want to be awake to experience this event, I plan on pulling a Jim and Charlie and will be the first one asleep. Did I mention that I am going to be sleeping on a sleeping bag, on the ground??
They have a van that will pick up people who cannot finish the walk, I wonder if you are allowed to ride it more than once, I am thinking that if I pay the driver a tip they can actually look for me on the road, wink at me, throw me words of encouragement, maybe a diet coke if I am good to them. They give out special pins along the walk also.. like one for last walker to enter the camp, a pin for having to get a ride from the special bus. I am thinking to myself, its all about collecting the pins. I am sure I will be looking in my handbook for what pin I can collect now... might make the walk go by faster.
Oh, and this dude was talking about how people bring a pedometer with them so that they can argue with people about the actually total amount of miles on the walk. One thing that I see with the pedometer is that I will be totally excited to think I am on the 15th mile, only to find out that I am only on the 9th mile! No thanks, pedometer is not coming with me.
They also talk about not taking a shower right after the walk, since it will all go to your head and you will be naked and soapy and fall to the ground in front of everyone, since it is semi private showers. Of course, when a shower mate runs out of the showers screaming for help, a nice fine handsome young man will come to my rescue. I will not open my eyes if this happens to me. I will not open my eyes and make contact with this fine, young handsome man, who I am going to name (trying to think of a man's name that is not moose related LOL) okay I am going to name him Calvin. So Calvin comes struting in the shower, comes to my naked soapy body on the floor, and the first question out of his mouth, "Is there only one body down there?" He asks scared, worried that he is going to have give me mouth to mouth, while I am lying down hoping not to move, worried to open my eyes, wondering if he is going to try to give me mouth to mouth, wondering if I brushed my teeth, flossed... oh dear god, I then think that if I wake up now and I could bolt for the door again not looking back, hoping no one recognizes me from falling off the tents from the night before. Then looking around, wondering why everyone is staring at me, and then realized that I am buck arse naked OMG I AM WALKING 60 MILES!!!

Did I mention that Calvin might be the one driving the special bus???


Doctor's visits are looming ahead

So with my 40th birthday, I see a few doctor's appointments in my future. I am getting new insurance soon and I am actually looking forward to seeing what my options are. I need to make an appointment for my back, dentist, eyes, and of course the girlie's need to be checked out. So I think that this will keep me busy for the rest of the year =-)
I am not big on doctor's most that I have seen are all like, "Well, lose a few pounds and see if the problem persists". So in order to get fixed for my problem, whether it be knee, back, strange rash on my arm or creepy crawly things, I need to make sure that I am already ten pounds less than the time before, thus eliminating the second visit and the second co-pay. I swear, the doctors office should be paying us to show up. We primp ourselves, shower, bathe make sure we smell good, brush our teeth, lather, rinse and repeat. We make sure that we are dressed nicely so that we are taken seriously, yet in the thinnest clothing so that we do have the ten pound weight loss, so that once again we can be taken seriously. The troubles we go through.
Word of advice, if you want to be seen for depression, don't do any of these things and you will get your drug of choice! (Yes, this is from experience I even went in an unironed shirt). I wanted something to make me happy without the doctors think that the husband was at fault or that the error could be rectified. It was just too much for me and I was stressed all of the time, with the moose, school, family, friends, bowling, pool, dog, cat, car, work, store.... I was a bit stressed. I needed something to revive me. I went in, talked with a doctor and was given a great helper, which took some time to get used to but it helped clear up my head so that I could actually organize my torential downpour of thoughts.
Anyways.... quick "Oh look a bunny" moment for me.

Needless to say, I have to END THIS POST!!!

By the way... there never was creepy crawlies, I just wanted to make you all shiver!


snapshots of my weekend trip

So we got out of the city early Friday evening, hoping and praying that we would not hit any traffic! On a Friday night, going to the beach, you figure those odds. Guess what?? The prayers worked and we had absolutely no traffic! It was great to get down there, and I took my laptop and got some homework done while in the car well, until dark anyways. I then had to play on the phone, hoping to get the network so I could update facebook and having a few hernia's when I would get the update "NO network available" Once we stopped to eat, I was able to post updated information of where I was at so that anyone could go to my house and break in since we weren't going to be there all weekend! I didn't think of that till it was too late, but I came home to a house I left in the same condition. I was hoping someone would come in and clean it. I have things strewn around all over the place. I am sure if anyone did break in, they would break a leg trying to get around.

School is going well, I am in love with my classes. They are fairly easy, and I am learning the new content well. Since it is online, I cant check out anyone in the class or have coffee and discuss any politics and such, but it is nice to be learning something new and helping my brain!

Starting to get in the mood for fall and baking!

With that, I leave you with some photos from the vacation. The Shriners were in town and we went to their parade!

Not sure where this is going

I had a wonderful weekend. The weather did not cooperate entirely but all in all it was fantastic. Glad to be home and all. Enough about that! Will save for a later post =-)

I read a blog last week where they talked about betrayal and how we all have been betrayed one way or another and how we have betrayed someone in our lifetime. I totally agreed with her post, thinking of my past, so glad that I grew up and started taking other feelings at heart instead of just my own, and I believe that Karma has paid me back twicefold for the mistakes I made and did not learn from until it was almost too late. She was also betrayed as I have by her husband and she learned to forgive him. I am going through this right now and I emailed her to see if she would talk about it more to me on a personal level. She told me her story and how wounds were healed and how the scars from those wounds still itch once in awhile. How just like a scar you have to tend to your relationship in order for it to heal correctly. I do not know if I am making the right decision but I need to follow my heart. I love him and I always will in one way or another. I want to make things right, but I am just so certain I am going to have my heart broken again, and I am hoping that I am not already jinxing the relationship to go bust again, because of this. I think that I will be okay, but I want to know for sure! I am packing boxes and all of that. I am wondering where all of this stuff is going to fit...


Many Where Were You Stories

I am sure if we all sat down in a room, we could tell each other a different story about where we were. Each person would have different emotions. I have my own story.

I was living in San Diego with my husband, we were laying in bed listening to Jeff and Jer, since we are 3 hours behind the east coast, we were still in bed. All of a sudden they annouced a plane hit one of the towers, Brian was in the shower and I immediately turned on the news. I knew immediately what was going on, I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach. We watched as the second tower hit, and Brian said he better get to work. I talked to him on the phone through the drive and what they were saying on the television and what he was hearing on the radio. I kept Bryant with me and he went to work with me that day. I knew that I was needed elsewhere even though I wanted to be glued to the tv. I took Brian 3 hours to get on the island and then he just parked his car on the street and started walking to the base. I would hear from him sporatically throughout the next three days.

The plane hit the Pentagon at 6:37 PST, we were under attack and people were scared.

I went to work, many children stayed home, and teachers for that matter. We were all talking and if I got an update from Brian I would pass it on, since we weren't allowed tv's in the classrooms, and that would not have been a good idea with the kids anyways. Many of the parents had field offices in NYC, and were also playing the waiting game. To find out what was going on we would turn on the radios, and keep them very low. We were a federal buidling, so we were closing early that day since many of the parents came to pick up their children. I took two children home with me, becuase their parents could not get off of work. So I had something to keep me busy, once they left the tv came on and I sat in front of it until after midnight. Brian would get home around whenever and fall asleep for a few hours only to have to get up and try to make it back on base. Bryant had no idea what was really going on, he was too young, and I had no idea how I could explain to him that we was no longer safe. He was 8 years old.

The next few days were filled with rumors, and everyone was on edge. I was at the bar with Brian and Paul, watching the U2 dedication concert for the victims. I can just remember sitting there, trying to not think about it, and listening to the boys talking. I guess that was the first day I was not glued to the television.

We were laying in bed one morning and Brian told me that they found one of his friends, a day later, walking down the street in a trance, blood running down his ears... he was lucky, he survived.
Brian also reminded me that he was supposed to go to the Pentagon a few months before the attack. The department that he was in was moved because of rennovations. He would have been there, in the middle of it. He lost many friends, people from the military that he had met and known throughout the years. You know how the military is, it's a family and we all stick together.

Family is so important, makes you think and wonder if you really are ready to give it all up for something else.


First week of school

The first week of school is almost over for my son. He has been going to school, coming home eating whatever he can fit into his mouth and then running off to work till 8-9pm then he will find me where ever I am, put in an order to go pick it up and go home and try to stay awake for an hour or so. He did this tonight, we texted back and forth about what he wanted for dinner, what time he was getting off of work and I told him to text me when he was on his way to collect his dinner. He told me to surprise him with dinner and I did. He decided to stay and eat with the boys and hang out for awhile. He told me earlier that he had some homework but it was short and sweet and if I could help him with it, he would stay a bit longer and hang out with the grown-ups. I thought that it was nice that a 16 year old, instead of going home to eat, sleep, play WOW, get on facebook or Xbox, would rather hang out with the adults. Even though he didn't spend any time hanging out with me, he was there.

When we got home, I got on the computer as he was pulling out his outline for his homework and he went to take a shower. When he came down I was putting the finishing touches on his letter to his teacher (the homework). I was amazing that I could still recall so much about him, while typing lightening speed. I was glad that he came up tonight and I wanted to show my thanks to him, by helping him out. We, as parents do not have to discipline as much and none of the long lectures about safe driving, sex and being nice to your friends hardly exist anymore, so you long for that talking time. I some times feel as though he is slipping through my fingers, and I dont want to rein him in, but he needs to take baby steps towards independence. I thrive for the moments that Bryant will come downstairs and just sit down and start talking. I could be watching the season premier of any show, and I know that I have to turn the television off so he has my full attention. I can record the show, I can't record the small talk that comes so rarely from my son. He talks about his teachers, how the kids are in his class, if he is going to be talking in the class, and how he feels that he is going to do.

Even though they are small conversations, they hold a huge place in my heart.


Bryant's first day of school

He was fine, he didn't let me take his picture, he wasn't late for any of his classes, some of his teachers he has had before, and he is officially a junior with some tough classes and fun classes. He has, VA history, Algebra 2 (taking calculus next year?) Chemistry (taking physics next year?) English, and Sports entertainment marketing, website design, and computer graphics. Doesn't that sound like fun? I think I want to go back to school. My high school only offered cooking and sewing classes. UGH, I did not take those. I was a teachers aide so that i could walk around the halls and talk to people.

He came home from work last night, and he ate dinner while he told me about his day. We both already see trouble with one class (History) he says that everyone knows everyone in that class and they already got into trouble for talking. My son has been notorious for being in the principals office, not for fighting, not for drugs, but for talking too much. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, Bryant is a pleasure in class but he doesn't seem to want to be quiet. I tell most teachers that he is going into politics or going to be a lawyer and they laugh, and we try things that will quiet him, without having to tape his mouth shut. LOL. He is a junior now, they aren't going to call his mommy and tell her that he still talks too much. Should be interesting to see what happens in this class. Another concern, do you see any Physical Activity in that schedule? They don't have to take PE as a junior. I do not think that is right, but what can I do? Right now he thinks that working and making money is more important than playing football or another organized sports. I don't mind him taking a break, but we will definately be hitting the gym!


Facebook annoyances

First and foremost I know that I network my blog on Facebook, and yes that is pretty cool, BUT...

And another thing, I am not procrastinating over homework due tonight, just letting you know that too, BUT...

When I first joined Facebook, I joined Mob Wars. It was an awesome application that you could play online through Facebook, and I enjoyed playing it. Then Mafia Wars came out, which is almost the same exact thing. I didn't bother even looking at it since I really didnt have time to do it anyways. Then someone, I am not saying who, talked me into Farm Ville. I can't grow veggies at my house nor can I have pigs, goats and cows, but on Farm Ville I can have it all! Funny that I cannot remember to water my plants at home, but I sure as heck can remember to harvest my vegetables. What is the reward you ask? It's all about the tokens and the toys, thats it. Now there is a Farm Town which is the same thing, but not as user friendly I think, or is it just becuase I am used to Farm Ville? Now there is an application called Fish town.. you can only imagine what this is, you collect fish, you fed them, buy them decorations for their environment, and clean the tank and you get tokens, to buy more stuff. With all of these applications, if you have more friends and they come and work in your tank, farm or mafia, you get even more tokens for this also. You cannot cash in these tokens, but you can brag about them and rearrange your farm so it looks just perfect.

I am wondering when they built Facebook if they had any notion that this was going to happen. I wonder how many lost work hours are being accumulated because people have to go online to fight people, harvest their crops or feed their fish. There are other programs too, a restaurant, a zoo I think and a few others.

And to think that the age base for Facebook is 30-49. I wonder if they are networking or playing the games....

And how was your weekend?

I just talked with my team captian for the walk in October and she told me that it looks like we will be the only ones walking from the team that we started with. That's okay, I would feel kinda bad right now since I HAVE NOT been training if they had to walk slower to appease me. We are going to decorate our tent and I hope she knows how much I love taking pictures. I think one picture for every mile would be good.

This month is going to be a bootcamp month, I have to get back on my walking asap. I have homework night tonight, but I think I should be able to sqeze a two mile walk in and some total gym time for my back. Yea why not. I figure if I can get up to ten mile walks three times a week by the end of next week I should be good.

Bryant went to school today and he would not let me take a first day of school photo. I will get one if I have to take one of him while he is sleeping. I only get to do this one more time, since I am hoping that he will be on his own after high school. I can see it now, I will take a picture of him on his first day of boot camp LOLOLOL. We shall see, my camera has been known to travel.

What a wonderful weekend.


As soon as I opened the front door this morning I could smell it. It wasn't as strong at first till the first breeze came up then the pugnant smell of the last air of summer appeared. I have seen it coming for a few days now, last minute vacations and no one in town, the mall was packed with kids getting the last discounts of the back to school sales, hoping that the store did not run out of their size. B-B-Q's and families together for one last day of summer fun and relaxation. You can start to see a few leaves on the ground, an overcast day and maybe a few sprinkles in the air. Definately, summer is gone and fall is just around the corner. Last minute people at the grocery store buying enough food to feed a third world country and making sure that they have enough prepackaged meals so that the children can feed themselves. I was one of them, looking for deals with pop tarts, granola bars and quick meals for when the starving child comes home real quick. I also noticed that many of the employees at the store were happy too since some of them were getting triple time. I need a new job LOL.

I have been reading blogs of people whose children have already gone to school, how they are trying to manage the time of school, sports, homework, while trying to fit in a healthy dinner and family time while trying to get them all to bed at a sensible hour. This goes on till Christmas vacation and then a 2 week hiatus comes just in the nick of time.

Bryant is working on his last day of summer, and did not complain of missing the last picnic or BBQ of the summer, or hanging out with his friends at the mall or at their houses. He hasn't recieved his schedule yet, so he will be one of the kids at the counseling center awaiting his schedule. Like his seal of faith if he is going to have a good year or a bad year. I think that over the summer he has grown and learn that no matter if he likes his teachers or not, he has a job to do. I hope that he learns how to enjoy these last two years of school and looks for the good things in people around him rather than dwelling on the bad incidents.

I for one am looking forward to the school year, I can start thinking of the holidays, and how I am going to decorate the house. I think that this is going to be one of the best years that I have had. I am going to work hard at it and just think of family.


I forgot to tell you about my awesome sewing machine

So about 3 months ago I bought a sewing machine from HSN, I love their flex pays. Anyways, I bought the Brother brand, that sews, quilts, and embroiders. I was so excited and was reading up on it and watched the video that they have on the HSN website.

So the machine came...
and so it sat.

1 week later, it still sat in the box and I would come home from work, sit on the couch and stare at the box, wondering if I was going to be able to handle all of the grief that I had with my first sewing machine. One person remembers my experience with sewing, and that was my mother in law at the time, in fact she came out from Missouri, and helped me try to sew a shirt for my first husband. Oh my gawwd, if you would have seen it when it was done you would have been laughing your butt off! That one shirt caused so much heart ache, tears and screams that I never used it again.

So the machine came,
and so it sat.

2 weeks later it was still in it's box and still all wrapped up. I debated on sending it back many times, but all of the sool electronics were just calling me, I just wanted to sqeeze it and hug it and take it to bed with me. So I went to the HSN website and again watched the video... and watched it again. Doesn't seem so bad, so I took the tape off of the box, and opened the lid.

So the machine came,
and so it sat.

I was doing my bills and went to my online banking and noticed that they already took out the first payment for the sewing machine. I could not believe that it sat in the box for 1 month already. It was amazing how afraid of that thing I was, but I stil loved the shiny stuff and all the buttons. So I walked over to the box, the box that I might add took about 1/4 of my living room, and opened it up, took everything out, and cut and folded the box for recycling and took it outside so that I would not want to put the sewing machine back in the box. I know many of you are thinking that "OMG, she did not save the box, what happens if she needs to return it?" Yea well I thought of that too, but I wanted to face this tiger head on and I knew I could find a box to ship it back if I had to. So I then unwrapped everything and was looking at the 300 page manual that came with the machine and whimpers started coming out of my mouth. There were trace amounts of tears in the corners of my eyes. I didn't want to continue, but like on a Sunday afternoon when we are playing pool for first or second place, you must find it within yourself to forage on and be brave.

I was able to put the entire machine together and plug it in without it blowing up, sparking or giving me a run time error. I was excited. Once I figured out how to thread the bobbin and place it in the correct place right side up, and I was able to thread the machine so that it could thread the needle itself.. omg I was in heaven.

I have already made a ton of things and will be making a bag next. I want to see how well I really will do...

So the machine came,
and so it did sew..

but I haven't played with the embroidery yet.
So it will just sit.