Not sure where this is going

I had a wonderful weekend. The weather did not cooperate entirely but all in all it was fantastic. Glad to be home and all. Enough about that! Will save for a later post =-)

I read a blog last week where they talked about betrayal and how we all have been betrayed one way or another and how we have betrayed someone in our lifetime. I totally agreed with her post, thinking of my past, so glad that I grew up and started taking other feelings at heart instead of just my own, and I believe that Karma has paid me back twicefold for the mistakes I made and did not learn from until it was almost too late. She was also betrayed as I have by her husband and she learned to forgive him. I am going through this right now and I emailed her to see if she would talk about it more to me on a personal level. She told me her story and how wounds were healed and how the scars from those wounds still itch once in awhile. How just like a scar you have to tend to your relationship in order for it to heal correctly. I do not know if I am making the right decision but I need to follow my heart. I love him and I always will in one way or another. I want to make things right, but I am just so certain I am going to have my heart broken again, and I am hoping that I am not already jinxing the relationship to go bust again, because of this. I think that I will be okay, but I want to know for sure! I am packing boxes and all of that. I am wondering where all of this stuff is going to fit...

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