yes it's hot..... again...

I am too hot to blog. I am sure that the millions of other bloggers on the East coast are blogging the same thing and people are actually reading it cuz HEY they are getting paid for it and whatever they write seems like butter on the lips and coffee on the brain...

I had some delicious coffee. The Chickory coffee that we bought in Nawlin's is

Hello, omg I'm awake I need to work a million miles a minute and I can do anything


Of course next time I will take pictures and then figure out the less blurry ones, since the caffiene intake was/is so high.

I really need to make that at work one day, and then just watch how many people it affects....

But anyways,
yea it's hot...
I'm tired of reruns...

It is a really good laugh, except for all of the commercials.

I am rereading Eclipse now...
go team Edward, and he seems so much more mature and hairy in the book than he does in the movie. I just cannot picture the character from the movie as I am reading the book, but what is happening is that a cross between Bill Compton and Edward flies through my head and then I am totally confuzzled!

have a great day!


Picture yourself...

In the middle a huge black asphalt parking lot, trying to walk to a cooler place where you know that there will be air conditioning and ice cold water. No trees are around and the sun is beating down on you, you can feel the burning on top of your head and your sunglasses are sliding off of your nose because of the sweat dripping off of your forehead. Your feet are burning from the heat of the asphalt heating the entire sole of the shoe.

That is how I feel today, outside. There are trees for shade and I am walking on the concrete sidewalk.

Can you imagine if I was walking on black asphalt?


The rest of the Nawlins story! oh wait there will be more

So why are you all asking about my drunk shopping night? I am sure many of us have been there.. you have a few drinks then you go shopping at the mall. It's the same as going to the grocery store hungry. You tell yourself not to do it but you do!

So it was Saturday night in New Orleans and I already had the SOOKIE draw going, and thought of buying a house and keeping vampires in my basement, but of course I didn't have a job down there, and riding a donkey and buggy as a tour guide really didn't interest me, cuz ya know it's outside with the heat, and the bugs. I also could not see me steering a boat showing people gators when I would be using my arms to swat bugs out of my face instead of steering the boat. I could tell fortunes, but I would be freaking people out. I wouldn't be so nice about everything. When I got my fortune told or rather tarot cards read, the death card came up, and I breathed in and the 'dude' said oh don't worry that really doesn't have to deal with you. Umm hello, my fortune, my 20 bucks, my death card. So then the 'dude' and I use that 'dude' term loosely, tells me that it is some dark haired person that will be out of my life soon. I am like thinking to myself, omg he is sooo right. Not with that, but he got all of the generic answers right LOL. I would be telling the people, hey, someone is going to die, the world is coming to an end, go on a cruise and read the book, "Don't sweat the small stuff" sell all of your stuff, buy an RVB and travel. So obviously I wouldn't make too much money off of that! I didn't see that 'dude' again, since of course they all came to play after our bedtime! So I told myself there will be no working in a bar, picking crawddads out of the swamp and making gumbo out of swamp stuff (true story).So I told my partner that we were not going to buy a house and make friends with vampires, but we were going to go home to the real world the next day! And just when the Werewolves are coming out!

So that prompted some drinking. Not as much as Friday, but enough to where we were having a

so the last souviner shop that we walked past, we knew that we JUST HAD to have that voodoo doll, and of course the skeleton on a Harley bike. Oh and let’s not forget the coffee and beignet mix that I was going to make the following weekend. Yes, it is still sitting on my shelf, it looks so good on there with all of my other trinkets from the trip that I do not want to disturb it. I also saw this mask with blue feathers and told myself it would look really good in my bedroom, since ya know the walls are umm blue. Yea good call. Then after the pictures on 100 year old slate, and the postcards and whatever else we bought... I am still pulling stuff out of the suitcase. Yesterday a few postcards fell out of a magazine I stole from the hotel room, and I thought, OMG I did buy those. Hmm like the 467 pictures that I took wasn't enough. I also wrote down all of my memories from the trip on a airplane barf bag. I thought that was a great idea when I was watching it on Tori and Dean, not so much when I am getting weird stares from the flight crew.
I have this box... of bread pudding. White chocolate bread pudding. I have no idea how to make it, but it sounded really good at the time. Kind of like that hotdog you get on every corner of Bourbon Street.
I haven't even thought of turning on my oven in order to make it. IN fact I haven't even read the box yet, cuz if I do, I am going to find myself rolling on the floor laughing at myself for buying the box and having to reminisce on the entire shopping spree that took all of 4 minutes to complete.
Do not take me shopping when I have been drinking.
I also bought a box of 16.00 pralines, haven't had one yet. Then I would have to admit that I have a shopping problem.
When we were at the airport it was brought to my attention how fast we were in and out of the store. Surprisingly, how two people could speed around the store, finding exactly what everyone wanted from the Big Easy and capturing it before someone else wanted it.
I feel as though someone took advantage of me
I wonder if there is a Twilight Zone episode for what happened to me.
I wanted to count how much money I spend and ask for a tax deduction since I was helping the economy that was hit hard during Katrina. OMG that is a great concept...

I am wondering if next time I go down there, if I can smuggle one of those horny gator drinks, and find out if there is really booze in there or some shopping type of viagra or spanish fly in the drink that encourages reckless spending. At least I didn't need a condom for that right?

I never told you how I came across the meaning of Spanish Fly, and I don't think you will ever find out...

I also did mention that I found a McChicken in my purse Friday night.


I am glad to be home.

Yes, it is hot.

6 months and a day ago we had this:

Since the end of February, our temperatures have been higher than normal. Another words, it has been hotter than the feeling of an egg frying on a sidewalk.

I enjoy hot. But there is something else in the air. It's called Humidity. I do not like it.
This is what I want...



We visited the St Louis Cemetery while we were there. It was founded in 1789 and listed on the National registrar of Historic Places. It is the burial ground of some of the most illustrious citizens of New Orleans. For example, Etienne de Bore who was the pioneer of sugar development; Daniel Clark, Paul Murphy a chess champion. even Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau is believed to have her final resting place here.

The above-ground tombs in the cemeteries of New Orleans are often referred to as "cities of the dead." Enter their gates and you will be greeted by decorative, rusty ironwork, and blinded by the sun bleached tombs. Crosses and statues on tomb tops cast contrasting shadows adding a sense of mystery.

New Orleans has always respected the dead, but this isn't the reason the tombs of our departed loved ones are interred above ground. Early settlers in the area struggled with different methods to bury the dead. Burial plots are shallow in New Orleans because the water table is high. Dig a few feet down, and the grave becomes soggy, filling with water. The casket will literally float. You just can't keep a good person down! The early settlers tried by placing stones in and on top of coffins to weigh them down and keep them underground. Unfortunately, after a rainstorm, the rising water table would literally pop the airtight coffins out of the ground. To this day, unpredictable flooding still lifts an occasional coffin out of the ground in those areas generally considered safe from flooding and above the water table. Another method tried was to bore holes in the coffins. This method also proved to be unsuitable. Eventually, New Orleans' graves were kept above ground following the Spanish custom of using vaults.

You could take many tours to the cemetery, which is across the street from a wonderful church. They say this church was the oldest in the area, since the first four we no longer upright. I also learned that the church in Jackson Square was the oldest also. I need to do some research and find out who was right. So far as I have been researching, the cemetery tour guide has been correct in everything he has said. The chick on the horse and buggy... not so much!
We choose a walking tour that lasted two hours in the Louisiana heat and humidity, and I almost died myself.

Okay so the story behind this is, sell your plots. Total waste of money. You need to buy a tomb, and the entire family will be resting in there. It's really weird how it works. You die, then they put you in the tomb for one year and one day. Since the weather and the composition of the tomb is what it is, you are essentually being placed in an oven for a year and one day. After the period of a year and one day, they take you out of the tomb and basically put you in a trash bag and make room for the next body. If two people of the same family die at the same time, they would put one of them in the holding wall, awaiting the 1 year and 1 day time period. There are what is known as family tombs and society tombs. So if you did not have a family per say, you could be buried in a Moose society tomb. Interesting. The coffins are made of cardboard or plywood. They are not as glamorous as the ones we see at funerals.

In the cemetery there was a Italian Tomb make of imported marble. It was round and had many tombs incased in it. It was beautiful. It took many years to build. The head of the statue is missing and it was believed that Dennis Hopper was in possession of it.
This was the cemetery where Easy Rider was filmed, and that movie is why you can no longer film in the cemeteries unless it is a documentary. The exception was "Double Jeopardy" with Ashley Judd and "Interview with a Vampire" that was filmed at Lafayette Cemetery No. 1-1833. I have never seen Easy Rider, but the reasoning why filming is now prohibited is played in that movie. Something about the guys making love to the statues.
Has anyone seen it?

I didn't feel anything as I was walking though the cemetary. Even at the voodoo queen's tomb I did not feel anything, so I am thinking that she is buried elsewhere and this is just for show. Who knows. The people that visit her tomb, leave offerings, such as coins, booze, and flowers. They would make a wish and draw three X's on her tomb. Then the wish is granted, and so on and so forth. Did you know that this Voodoo Queen was a devote Catholic? She was also someone whom everyone would go to, to find advice. They say she was everywhere and knew everything. She talked to the most important people in New Orleans. The slaves. The Slaves always knew what was going on, because they were always around to listen, but never partake in a conversation. Voodoo Queen hung out with them. She also had a daughter who looked just like her, thus explaining the being in two places at the same time. They said that the cemeteries are very dangerous, because of all of the tight hidden spots where muggers could hide and then attack you!

This was the church by the cemetary
This was the Voodoo Queen's tomb, do you see all of the X's there?

This was just a crevice where the muggers could hide!


Now for the Yummie Blog Post


Beignets that are warm with powered sugar

I was already full, but stopped at Cafe Beignet with an hour to kill while Brian went to the hotel. I sat down, telling myself that I can eat one tomorrow. I knew we were leaving tomorrow, so I knew I would not get to eat here before going to the airport.

I stood up, and walked to the order counter.
Did you know that you get 3 beignets with an order and that it is only $2.10. I told myself that it was a deal and I had to buy them. I planned on eating one, and putting the rest away for tomorrow.

I ate one, and it was heaven. The powered sugar dropping everywhere. The texture on the outside was very different than the texture on the inside. The inside was like warm fluffy goodness, and the outside has a powered sugar crunchiness and part of it would melt in your mouth while the other part would make you want another bite.

I did save the other two, the lady at the counter gave me a bag filled with powered suger. I tried eating one later on that night, but without the warmth, they just weren't the same...

I do not encourage drunk shopping

So we all know that when you go to New Orleans you drink. There is also a possibility that you will drink enough liquor to run a bus for a week.
We did not drink that much, but we were close.

I want to make sure you all know that I am not a drinker all of the time. This post will contain drunken episodes. If you think highly of me, please do not continue to read.

Gee thanks!

Thursday night after we check into the hotel and unpack we get on the hot humid sidewalk to find out how far we are from Bourbon Street. There was a lot of riff raff on the streets walking down and there was not the pleasant smell of wisteria on the sidewalks… it was a different smell.


Get to Bourbon Street, go to the first bar on the corner to quench our thirst. Now since we got there late (11 pm) they did not have as many drink specials as they do earlier in the day/evening. But there were other specials. I started off with an ice cold miller lite. It went down fast, we walked up and down the street and continued to drink merrily. They had bars like Fat Tuesdays ALL over the place. I had brain freeze more than once. We people watched from a balcony and saw 2 dead people. Well, they were not really dead but they were crashed out on the sidewalk, not moving. Many people walked by and a few stopped, one of them calling 9-1-1. The cops came, and woke him up and basically threw him in a barrel and wheeled him to the ambulance. That’s nice. I made sure I stopped drinking after that.
We walked into a few of the shops, and we also went down to the rainbow flags. I didn’t want to interfere with the other side, but I knew I would have much more fun on that other side. Brian was scared so I stayed with him.

We went home soon after that so we could wake up refreshed and ready to walk walk walk the next day.

So the next day we get up, get fruit, and go down to Jackson Square, we see a tomato parade and walk with them while I am getting pictures of tomato’s and the Treme band with the dancing lady. We then walk across the street and take a horse (donkey) and buggy tour through the French Quarter. We walk around much of the morning and afternoon, going to special markets and shops that we heard about. Then ate the infamous Boudin Balls at Huck Finn’s and walked back to the Quarter. We walked up and down Bourbon street and people were starting to come out and like us they were looking for one thing.. a place to sit down that had air conditioning and cold beer specials. We found the place. Razzola’s. They have a special called 3 for 1. No matter what you buy, if you buy 1 you get 2 in addition to the 1. So basically you’re sucking down beers at a fast rate because it is hot and you don’t want your beers to get cold. We survived 6 hours and then stumbled back to the hotel, after eating at McDonalds, called for a wake up call for 11 pm and promptly fell asleep. I woke up at 11, wide awake and stone cold sober. He woke up around 1am wide awake also. I told him if we go back to the bars, we would be drunk 3 times in a 24 hour period. Neither one of us got up, but we did watch reruns of Roseanne and The Cosby Show. I think all of the water that we drank helped a lot with the non hangover.

And that was only Friday!

Oh and I didn’t even tell you about the drunk shopping…
Stay tuned!

And I forgot to mention that at 1am I found a McChicken in my purse...
Don't ask
Don't tell


A funny thing happened on the way home

I have been reading other blogs and noticed a pattern of horrible air travel, so I had to put my story in here so other could read.

We flew to New Orleans nonstop. It was on US airlines and it was the perfect flight, no hassles no problems and NO waiting. I won’t mention the baby that was in the same row as we were. He of coursed fussed, but he was so cute, I laughed when he hit Brian over the head with a toy. He finally settled down in his Tylenol induced sleep and was out!

*insert all of the fun stories about New Orleans here*

So the way home we expected the same leisurely flight.

We get to New Orleans airport and it was so small. There was no line in our airlines but the southwest counter was out the door.

We checked in, wondered if we could get on the nonstop flight since we had a layover. We should have fought for a seat on that flight. We were now through security and sitting for two hours before our flight. Of course I had to have one last order of beignets and coffee.

That took 30 minutes. There was nothing to do in that airport, and it had that funny smell to it. I am attributing it to the humidity and dampness of the area.

We got on the flight, pretty non eventful and went on to Charlotte where our connection was for DC.
We had 20 minutes to make it to our gate for the connection. As we were walking to the next gate my phone rang, 800 number so I ignored it. Then Bryant calls me and tells me that the airport called and let him know that the flight was delayed. He was telling me this as we were looking for the time, on the monitors and seeing that there was an hour layover. I realized then that the 800 number that called me was in fact the airlines.

As we continued walking to the gate to find out what was going on, my phone rang twice more telling me of even more delays. Once we get to the gate, they said that the plane was in FL stuck due to mechanical issues. I didn’t mind that at all, fix the damn plane, I want security while I am up in the air in a tin can flying with hundreds of people.

We went to have a beverage, and waited and waited. My cell phone continued to ring every 20 minutes or so with another “we regret to inform you that your plane has been delayed” automated message. By the time we finished a drink, we were not leaving till 7:10. Our 355 flight was now delayed over 3 hours. We went to the gate with all of the other unhappy flyers. Another plane landed at the gate and people got off… another flight took off…

We went to customer service just to be told that they have no idea what is going on while they are looking at us with confusion trying to figure out why we are in a panic. Blank stare, deer in the headlights look on a few of them.

We contemplated renting a car and driving home, but then we would still have to go to the airport to get our luggage so we then just waited it out, and waited some more.
We were sitting in the walkway, people watching when I called Bryant to let him know what was going on. Well, as soon as he answered the phone I said, “what are you doing?” Well, some guy must have heard me while he was throwing away the garbage and started telling me what he was doing. “Well, I uh was just throwing this away in the garbage right here, uh I’m sorry” Wild, I tell ya. I was laughing hysterically. Get off of the phone with the son, laugh some more and watch the man with interest while he went to other people and shook their hands and started talking. I think he had a few too many beverages.

Oh then guess what? They closed the runaway because of lightening. That’s great. Okay so another hour goes by, it’s around 830 and the plane finally lands, unloads its weary passengers and clean it. They finally allow us to board and we land at the airport around 1030 pm.

What a waste of a day!

Just a Rant

I waited and waited to hear something from this company and now, I am very upset.

I scheduled and paid for a weekend scrapbooking get away in April.
I had to cancel since it was too close to my hysterectomy surgery and you know I had to get ready for that by drinking large amounts of alcohol the weekend before surgery, cuz you all know how much I love my spritzers.
I sent a cancellation, asked them not to cash my check and asked them to send me the amount of the cancellation fee.
I NEVER heard back from them...
so I though everything was okay. Okay fine, I ASSUMED and you all know what that entails... so I dont need to say the thing about the ass and u and me crap -

So anyways, I thought everything was okay...

It wasn't

I was noticing a weird pattern with my checking account...
weird pattern being no money in the account. I did still account for the check, since I haven't received it in the mail, like I asked. So thank god I didn't bounce anything OMG

I found out that the check went through, called the company and hence,
the voicemail is full.
I sent three emails in the past two weeks in regards to this situation. NO phone call explaining what happened, no email response. No opps, so sorry to spend all of your fun money, but now we are going to ignore you for awhile to teach you a lesson.

I loved this crop too. I went to it a few years ago and I had the time of my life, meeting new friends and seeing some amazing work done with other croppers.

I do not want to say, I never will go to this event again.

I am hoping that someone died, that this was a complete oversight, maybe they will give me a free "FREE" weekend, while adjusting my bank account mind you.

This is my fault though, I should have spent the million dollars the bank charges to cancel the check.

Since they obviously check their mail box, I am resorted to send them a letter.

Did I mention this crop was for April and the check wasn't cashed till the end of May?

Nice business you all have. I am not going to mention the business here, if you would like to know the company so you too can stay away, you can email me.


Our Hotel in New Orleans

I have to promote this hotel where we stayed at while in New Orleans. It was on Canal Street (did you know that Canal st was supposed to be a canal hence it's name?) and about 4 blocks away from Bourbon Street. When we walked in, it had a smell to it, but later on I realized all of New Orleans smelled like that. There was a guard, as well as a night clerk and I was scared LOL. Turns out it was one of the nicest hotels I have stayed at. The room had two double beds, a kitchenette, and a regular sized bathroom. The only thing wrong was that the bathroom sink was small.
They also had a continental breakfast, with juice, waffles and bagels along with strong as hell coffee and a main dish of the day. One day it was grits. I usually grabbed some juice and a piece of fruit to tie me over till the beignets came.
I have pictures of those too.
Best thing about this hotel was it was clean, friendly and cheap!
I love cheap!


Boudin Balls

We escaped the hot and humid New Orleans weather by scurrying into a place called Huck Finn's. There was a restaurant and bar, we chose the bar area. It was clean and very air conditioned.

After getting something to quench our thirst, we looked at the menu and said we were going to try something new. Neither one of us was very hungry, so we decided on an appetizer.

These were scrumptous looking balls, with a southern pork sausage, rice and other green things, rolled in a ball and of course, deep fried.

The remoulade sauce that came with it was perfect. We ate these up quickly and it was very satisfying to the taste buds as well as the wallet. We had this appetizer, and 4 beers for tweny dollars and some change. The bartender was great and very friendly. She even took pictures of us.

Here is a picture of the boudin balls

Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall is located in the French Quarter, just three blocks from the Mississippi River. The Hall has served many functions over the years. Originally built as a private residence in 1750, the hall has evolved into a tavern, inn, photo studio and an art gallery. The inside of the hall contains portraits of the musicians who first filled it with the beautiful sounds of New Orleans Jazz.

Preservation Hall opened its doors in 1961. The hall was created as a sanctuary, to protect and honor New Orleans Jazz which had lost much of its popularity to modern jazz and rock n roll. Allan and Sandra Jaffe, the hall's founders, wanted a place where New Orleans musicians could play New Orleans Jazz, a style, they believed, should not disappear.

Today, over 40 years later, the hall is still going strong. On any given night, the hall is filled to capacity with people eager to hear New Orleans jazz played by veteran musicians in their 70's and 80's and younger musicians learning and embracing music that is both sweet and very beautiful.



Yes I went.
Left on Thursday
Came back on Sunday

I should break this up in days, so you are not reading on and on and on.
I took over 400 pictures.. most of which will NOT be displayed here. I will however post them elsewhere if you would like to see. I have pictures of the food, nightlife (no Boobs), alligators, the cemetary, Burbon Street, French Quarter, food, and not in that order.

I would like to do some research of a few of the "facts" I was given, simply because they contradicted each other. Hummphf!

I will post more, for now I must go watch True Blood from last night, I missed the show since I was housed in an airport, where there were men who wore dress slacks with a polo shirt, with flip flops.
And no we weren't in Kansas.


Nationals vs Pirates Pictures

best viewed in a slideshow format since many of the pictures are highspeed multiple's. Feel free to take, please credit my blog.

Man on FIRE!

The baseball game was fantastic. Steven wasn't doing too well at the beginning, going to a full count before striking out the players at bat. Later on, toward the 6-7 innings he started to relax and vegg out and get into his zone. He was able to strike out batters left and right, 8 in a row to be exact. The entire crowd in the stadium were on their feet and even the catcher (ramirez?) was excited and pounding his fists. He said that this team reminded him of the Mariner's team he was on when they went to the World Series. It was simply amazing. The energy in the stadium was contagious and we were a part of it. I will always remember his first steps unto the mound to pitch.
Even if he would have done poorly that Tuesday night, he would have still been an amazing asset to the team.

I am getting goosebumps as well as tears in my eyes talking about this. I know Jim Dove would have loved seeing Strausburg take the Nats to a win. Hopefully there will be more wins.

14 strike outs in one game, new record for the Nationals (No they do not suck, they are a new team)

This taken from http://www.welovedc.com/2010/06/08/strasburg-delivers-sets-record-for-strikeouts-in-nationals-uniform/

"In a performance that could only be considered “air superiority” for the Nationals, Stephen Strasburg made his debut tonight in front of a sellout crowd of 40,315. He would proceed to do things to the Pirates batting order that would be considered illegal in 12 states and 2 territories. He struck out 14, including every one of the Pirates who batted. That’s a club record, surpassing John Patterson in 2006, and Clippard and Capps would add three more for a team record of 17 Ks in one evening.

Throughout his start, Strasburg kept his fastball in such a range that could only be measured in low mach numbers. He cleared 100mph on multiple occasions, and his fastball never dropped below 97. His breaking stuff was so superb that several hitters looked at pitches as if they’d just disappeared between the mound and the plate. We’ll have more in the morning, but suffice it to say: The Hype Is Real. This kid’s the real deal."

And here is another great article comparing Steven Strasburg to Walter Johnson.

I am sure there will be more to come.



I'm going to a baseball game today OMG *screams* OMG OMG OMG


Oh look a Bunny!!!


Pasta Dish anyone?

A friend of mine makes these wonderful dishes, and she never writes down the recipe. She has throughout the years tweeked a recipe and turned it into a grand event. From her soups to her seasonings for meat she never disappoints.

Here is a picture of her pasta

Sweet or Dill?

How about some porn... Food Porn that is!!

Went to a party yesterday, and I tried the best salsa ever. It was not spicy at all, and as soon as I put a bite of it in my mouth, the lime, cilantro, the poblano peppers and tomato all exploded in my mouth at once. I asked a friend where she got the recipe, I have never known her to be so creative in the kitchen. She laughed and said it was a family secret, but then she laughed and then told me she bought it at Giant, and it was the Giant brand of their fresh salsa.

YUM. I can taste this on taco's, crackers, quesidilla's and anything else I can get my hands on!


Picky Eaters

I have a few friends who have picky eaters, and I felt all proud for a minute that my kids are not picky eaters.
Nope, never were. I gloat in pride, thinking I did something right for a change...

Then that summer comes back into view. The summer of 2001. We lived in San Diego, and were saving for a house so we very rarely ate out.
It was 2 weeks of pure hell.

I can laugh about it now, and some of it is really funny.
Brian's daughter only came out once or twice during the year, so Brian went out there a lot. She came out to San Diego for 6 weeks. This was our first time together and of course there were issues.
When you take a 5 yr old daughter who never sees her father and throw her into a instand fmaily with a step mother she doesn't know at all and a 6 yr old boy who gets all of the attention it is hell.
I would not wish this on anyone.

There are a lot of stories connected with this summer, but lets talk about food.
Like I said we hardly ever ate out...
I cooked dinner, meat, veggie, starch. Let's say for example it was chicken, noodles and peas. LOL
She ate the chicken and the noodles but would just stare at the peas, wishing them to go away and replacing it with french fries. We would sit and talk, then Bryant would get up and go to his room after he was finished. Then Brian and I would be done, enjoying Ashley and getting to know her. The peas would stay on her plate. She felt that she didnt have to eat or even try them.

ENTER our first battle of the wills...
I love her, I really do... but she is just as stubborn as her father, which can be a good thing.
She refused to eat her peas. She never had them before, so I suggested to her that she try a few. There was, according to her, goobs of peas on her plate and she could not eat them all. After 20 minutes we said she only had to eat 10, I am compromising so now she had to. She sat there for over an hour... peas on the plate. Okay, ten peas is like a spoonful. So finally, after all of the dishes were done, after everyone had their evening clothes on (jammies) she gobbled down a spoonful of peas. I dont think she liked them, but she tried them.

Fruit, she wasn't a big fruit eater, so i bought the fruit she wanted and we started there. I would have her eat 5 then 10 then 15 grapes, counting all the 6 weeks of grapes. She really liked the grapes. Whew, apples not so much.

Once I asked her if she wanted a pot pie.. she got all excited and said yes. I cooked them, and brought them out, everyone sat at the table, including her, she was looking at me confused. I put the pot pie on the table. She looked at it with a gross look on her face. She didn't eat it.

She thought I said popeye's


Stuffed Jalapenos

6-8 peppers
1 pkg cream cheese
1 pkg cheddar cheese (I used montery jack for an extra kick)
bacon bit (homemade are usually the best,but some of us have to work)

Slice peppers in half, seed and clean them out well, use gloves and whatever you do...
GO to the bathroom!

Mix softened cream cheese, and shredded cheese together add bacon bits. Stuff the mixture into the peppers, and sprinkle some more bacon on the top. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes or until lightly brown on top. Now can you just imagine how good they would taste if there was a slice of bacon wrapped around the pepper...

Fresh tomato's


45 days in

Yes, as well as everyone else, I am amazing that our President is allowing a major corporation to destroy our ecosystem, our livelyhood and the future of the Earth. This is the 45th day that BP has been allowed to spill oil into the Gulf, with of course stiff penalties, cash penalties, in the millions of dollars. Is that going to bring back the ecosystem of the Gulf to where certain plants and aminals would go extinct without marshes found in the Gulf?

Are those millions and millions of dollars going to cover when that oil is transferred into a cloud (forgot what the process is called, and I am too pissed to look it up right now) and it starts raining... Imagine what that is going to be like when the rainwater is testing for harsh chemicals that are being driven further inland...

But who cares right? Let the oil continue to plunge into the sea. Oh poor BP man who can't take a vacation.. get over it!

45 days...

Like money is going to make everything better. Yea okay! The fishermen who work the Gulf are losing their financial well being, not just this year, but for years to come. Lets just throw them a bone, some cash to appease them and make them be quiet and go away. Yea, that works.

Imagine if you will a Hurricane, since of course this is the 2nd or 3rd day of Hurricane season, that will be pointed towards the Gulf, at record speed and intensity. What do you think is going to happen to all of that oil that is stuck in the marshes and under the sea? Do you think BP cares?

45 days, and no solution...

Why would we allow for a company to drill so far underneath the sea floor at a depth that is astronomical without a gauranteed safe back up plan in case, OMG one of these drills explodes. We all have seen Armageddon, we all know things blow up at the most inopportune times. Hello people, it is time for the Administration, whomever is running it today, since I am sure Obama is golfing, and major oil companies to figure out a way for this never to happen again...
Seems like an easy fix right?? I bet sometime down the road, it will be told that BP didn't have the authorization to even drill that far?? ya think??

Lets see how they try to blame this one on the Bush Adminstration. Yea, anyone see Nancy talk lately? OMG! Enough said, lets get back to the 45 day thing...

Oh wait, I think that the damage has been done. It is irreversable. We will be the demise of our own civilization and our planet.

Nice work guys.


It's too early to be up without coffee


And it continues

Yes, I know I have kept you all hanging. I am sure you all have more important things to do that to sit here and wait for the next installment. I have to work on this entry a bit, since it seems to go in a few different directions..
So back to the online dating thing. I changed my profile a bit, and even though it sounded a bit harsh I thought it would attract a few of the desirables that I was looking for.
Please do not smell for a date, first impressions are lasting, I wrote without hesitation. I also wrote, please have a job, and understand that I am not going to need your undivided attention 24/7 since of course I am thin, happy and almost 30!!!

I then started looking at profiles myself and answering men that I thought would look good next to me. All of them asked for a picture and since I did not have one online, I had to take a million pictures with a throw away camera, find one that was good. Go to my local Kinko’s to scan it to a disk, and then take it home and figure out how to load it on the computer. This was very time consuming, almost like my full time job.
As for the job, it was going well. I had a system in place since I got home at 230 I would nap for a few hours, go pick up my son, then I could stay up till ungodly hours of the night trolling around for dates on the internet. You might think that I am joking, hell no, I was addicted LOL. When I would go to school, on those nights when I had a break I was in the library scouting my email on their computers. I would then go home around 11 at night, and stay up till 2 doing homework and studying. Surprisingly my GPA did not suffer and I was becoming more outgoing at school also. I felt a bit weird since I was one of the oldest in most of my classes but after starting to get out and roam the men, I was coming out of my shell.
I met a few men from online that were not as memorable. One guy was just into talk talk talking all about himself. He seemed kind of goodie two shoes, which was fine. But then we would talk about past boyfriends/girlfriends and he was shocked about some of my past. So I guess that was where that ended. But it was funny because he still continued to talk to me and talk and talk. One, I think he was lonely and two I think he was a gossip queen LOL he would find me wherever I was at, this was during the time chat rooms were all the rage and then he would like start talking to me. Back then AOL didn’t have the go invisible feature and then when it did, there was still a way to find out if they were online, since the invisible feature didn’t work on emails. It would show the status when they would open it.
Anyways, I was turning 30 that week and I wanted to have a great 30th. I planned on having a great time for weeks to come. I wanted to make up for all of the birthday celebrations that I did not have growing up or with my first husband. People wonder why I make such a big deal about birthdays. This is why, I never had a party in my honor ever in my life. I didn’t want a party now, but I wanted to make sure everyone I knew, knew I was turning 30 LOL.
I met this guy, Tony from Chicago. I also had a friend who lived in Chicago at the time. We talked forever on the phone, and through emails and regular mail also. He was divorced, had a daughter and we had many of the same interests. We must have talked for 6 months before planning this meet and greet. I was planning to fly to Chicago and stay with my girlfriend for a few days, then meet up with Tony. I really did enjoy spending time with him, but I also knew that there was no way in hell I was moving to Chicago. Plus I still wanted my freedom and of course I was having a blast.
I told myself I was never going to get married again, it just took too much of your soul. I could find myself seeing that soul sucking energy from certain guys I would date. One of them, his name was Bruce, was a total soul sucker and he was quick too. Our sons had the same birthday so we had that in common and so we took them to Julian one day and he bought me an ice cream cone and didn’t get nothing for the kids. I am like wait a cotton picking minute. When we would date before it was always us two, so I never saw that side of him. He had a nice job and an awesome truck. Everything was great except for the kissing. OMG when you would kiss this man, he would slobber so much you would have to hug him so you could wipe of your mouth, I usually used his shoulder to wipe, and my lips were always chapped. I never even tried home base with him. THANK GOD!! He was always telling me that he would date these women who wanted a man that would beat them up and blah blah, strange that I am remembering this now, it is was like he was saying that to get a reaction out of me. I really liked him but when I noticed him getting too close and being too bossy it was time to cut the boyfriend strings. I told him I was really under pressure with school and that I found I didn’t have time for dating. He would contact me every few months to see how things were going. Same story went back to him and I think finally he got the hint.
Anyways, back to Tony. So I fly to Chicago, meet my girlfriend go back to her house, hang out, met her cousins who were nice and very cute. We have a blast while I was there, then Tony came and got me and something strange, we got a hotel room. I called my friend to let her know where I was and stuff. Tony said he would have gotten two hotel rooms if I wanted to so I felt fine with being with him. Bad thing was, something was telling me this wasn’t right. So we talked way into the morning hours, and did a few things you only do in Chicago. We had a wonderful time despite the underlying feeling I had about him. It wasn’t a flight or fight feeling, or a feeling of being cut into a million pieces. It was just something tugging underneath my skin. We would talk all of the time and the questions and answers phase of our discussions always went well. I didn’t think he was hiding anything from me, so I dropped the feeling and we finished out the weekend at Midway airport waiting for my flight to take off. We stayed in touch for days afterwards, which turned into weeks. Then I got a phone call at work, from a lady, telling me he was married. We had a long discussion after that and I went on my way, alone of course. It must have been that feeling I had, since I didn’t even try to contact him to find out what was going on. I had no hard feelings or crying boo hoo moments.
After all of these dates, I became very cautious at least. I didn’t become depressed, I just dug deeper as to why men are such assholes. I concentrated in school for the most part, and dated some really funny guys. One of them, who had been trying to get me to go out with him forever, finally succeeded. He was younger than I was and he took me to Dicks last resort for oysters and brought me a few gifts for my birthday, belated at this point. It was a poster of him cycling, and a coffee cup LOL. We had a blast together, more like friends than anything else. He invited me to his house for a tennis match. He killed me, but we had a blast. I think I scared the hell out of him that night, but needless to say he took it all in stride and we remained friends talking almost every day for years.
So anyways, I put off the whole dating thing for awhile. I continued to read profiles and one day a profile grabbed my attention…