Picky Eaters

I have a few friends who have picky eaters, and I felt all proud for a minute that my kids are not picky eaters.
Nope, never were. I gloat in pride, thinking I did something right for a change...

Then that summer comes back into view. The summer of 2001. We lived in San Diego, and were saving for a house so we very rarely ate out.
It was 2 weeks of pure hell.

I can laugh about it now, and some of it is really funny.
Brian's daughter only came out once or twice during the year, so Brian went out there a lot. She came out to San Diego for 6 weeks. This was our first time together and of course there were issues.
When you take a 5 yr old daughter who never sees her father and throw her into a instand fmaily with a step mother she doesn't know at all and a 6 yr old boy who gets all of the attention it is hell.
I would not wish this on anyone.

There are a lot of stories connected with this summer, but lets talk about food.
Like I said we hardly ever ate out...
I cooked dinner, meat, veggie, starch. Let's say for example it was chicken, noodles and peas. LOL
She ate the chicken and the noodles but would just stare at the peas, wishing them to go away and replacing it with french fries. We would sit and talk, then Bryant would get up and go to his room after he was finished. Then Brian and I would be done, enjoying Ashley and getting to know her. The peas would stay on her plate. She felt that she didnt have to eat or even try them.

ENTER our first battle of the wills...
I love her, I really do... but she is just as stubborn as her father, which can be a good thing.
She refused to eat her peas. She never had them before, so I suggested to her that she try a few. There was, according to her, goobs of peas on her plate and she could not eat them all. After 20 minutes we said she only had to eat 10, I am compromising so now she had to. She sat there for over an hour... peas on the plate. Okay, ten peas is like a spoonful. So finally, after all of the dishes were done, after everyone had their evening clothes on (jammies) she gobbled down a spoonful of peas. I dont think she liked them, but she tried them.

Fruit, she wasn't a big fruit eater, so i bought the fruit she wanted and we started there. I would have her eat 5 then 10 then 15 grapes, counting all the 6 weeks of grapes. She really liked the grapes. Whew, apples not so much.

Once I asked her if she wanted a pot pie.. she got all excited and said yes. I cooked them, and brought them out, everyone sat at the table, including her, she was looking at me confused. I put the pot pie on the table. She looked at it with a gross look on her face. She didn't eat it.

She thought I said popeye's

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