Sunday Sunday Sunday

Four day weekends are great and I am glad that I stayed away from the computer as much as I have. I did get online and fart around but for the most part my job was making the king a happy camper. We went out last night for awhile and he went home after two hours and went to sleep. he is almost over this cold. i bought a humidifier for his room and I hope that helps. This is one of those that you can keep on for 12 hours. Perfect! I am hoping he is going to school tomorrow. He needs to, cuz I need the break. We stayed home today and watched billards on the television. It was nice to just hang out with him and relax. I only went to the store, for snackies and we had a few. I have a great dinner for tomorrow night, orange chicken, rice and chicken and veggie spring rolls. The safeway select spring rolls are the best and they taste much better than ones from a restaurant. YUMMIE.


Bryant is sick, today is day 2. I have pumped so much fluids into him that I believe he might float away. He has been staying in bed for the most part and hasn't been high maintenance at all. But of course as me te mother, I am taking care of him in the best way.

Thanksgiving was great, I did perfect on the amount of food that i ate, and Bryant didn't eat too much - and I took him home right after the dinner which was at a friends house. He started feeling sick at her house, and then 2 hours later he felt like ass. Well, he didn't tell me that but of course a mother knows.

I went shopping this morning, and got a few things for Bryant for his birthday. He is going to be 16, and I have no idea what to get him. He already has a good wallet, and shaver, a place to put his keys and wallet on his dresser. I cannot afford a car yet so that is out of the question. He has the Xbox and does not want any other game console, which of course makes me happy. If you have any ideas please share


Is Cheesecake Evil??

My son has never been evil, but this weekend it got me wondering... He has been on the laptop for most of the weekend, playing WoW. He can play on the game with his friends and I thought for sure he was going to stay up and play the game all night long. He was in bed by midnight and was up around 7 am. I know that child cannot go without his sleep. He can only stay up all night when he stays at Donnie's house and then he comes home acting like an ass, and needs to go take a nap like a toddler when they dont get a nap. I can always tell when he does not get enough sleep, and this kid needs his 8 hours of sleep most nights.

When he was little I never had a problem getting him down for the night, we would both lay in his bed, and I would read a story to him a few times, then I would lay there and talk to him, trying not to show impatience in my voice because I wanted to get him to sleep so I could make a pot of coffee and clean the house. Sometimes I would fall asleep with him and wake up at 1 or 2 in the morning mad at myself! I wanted to stay up and have me time lol. Yes, me time consisted of cleaning the house while my son sleep. This way I was able to play with him during the day and I didn't have to worry about the house getting littered with toys and all the clothes he wanted to try on.,..


Blast from the past

So I got a blast from the past last night. Brian called me, and told me that Steve’s now ex-wife called the house and wanted to talk to me. She left her number. I didn’t do anything at the beginning, since it wasn’t really my call. I never had a relationship with her and hated her for what Steve did to Bryant. Let me regress, about a million years ago a little boy named Bryant was sent to live with his father for six weeks in the summer. His father never saw him any other time during the year and the only reason why he did this was so he would not have to pay child support. So the little boy goes to this house, and stays six weeks, he gets into trouble and has accidents at night in his bed. I am sure it was because he was scared because he rarely did it when he was at home. The father did not understand this and did not care, so he would make the little boy sleep in the kitchen on the floor with a sheet for a blanket. This was a sad time in the little boys life so he started to act out and do things that would get him into trouble. His father sent him home and told him over the phone that he never wanted to see him again. The little boy told me of the things that went on and I called the police in MO but nothing was really done, since there was no child abuse, hell he just made the little boy sleep on the floor… but it was documented I made sure of that in case anything happened again.

Well Diane was nice to Bryant when Steve wasn’t around and I wasn’t sure if Bryant wanted to have a relationship with this woman… she is the mother of Bryant’s half brother… so I wanted to talk to him and ask him what I should do. He was amazingly calm about the entire thing and I was proud of him for the decision that he made. I called and left a message with my numbers on it so she can call back.. Should be interesting to see what happens


My imagination (think birds and trees)

OK so when Bryant was younger, we did not have a car so we walked everywhere. We lived by the beach and everything was close, and if it was too far away there was always the bus. We walked to the beach, grocery store, to and from school. When we would walk to school (I would drop him off then hop on a bus to work) we would always look for things in the area that we could tell a story about. In the mornings it was always focused on Pigeons (san Diego has a million of these) and the birds would be dancing on the telephone lines like Ballerina's and so forth. During the fall months, we would wind up walking home in the dark and we would scare the begeezers out of ourselves. I would do more of the scaring... The trees in the area would not have their leaves and we would pretend that there were witches in them, and the branches would dramatically turn into witches arms as we walked through them.. bryant would want to walk in the street, but since he created part of this I made him face his fears and walk through the trees.
This was an awesome way that we communicated back and forth when we were tired and didnt want to walk all the way home... the only thing that I did was convince Bryant that there were scary monsters in the trash cans that were put out on trash day... LOL

bad bad

He was also scared of the VUG under the RUG.. (Dr suesss) he would always make me skip that page, it was so cute.

My Nights are my own... I think, oh the Drama

Alrighty, I work full time, most of you know this. I expect my son to come home and complete the following:
Clean cat box
Take out trash
Wash his morning dishes
Throw a load of his wash in the washer
Finish his homework

That's all I ask. Most of the time, he does it no problem. He does not get an allowance, he does these things because he lives here and has to be responsible. Once in while, like tonight I get the following...
Why didn't you clean cat box? His response, "Mom, there wasn't anything there" He (my son) covered the droppings up. Now think to yourself.. it takes longer to cover it up than it does to just pick it up. HELLO!

Take out trash.. why didnt this happen... well gee mom, I was so involved with the cat, you are always yelling at me cuz I dont pet the cat. (hence the cat hair now all over the couch)
Wash his morning dishes... well these are done, kind of... I pick the bowl up and I feel crust. GROSS. I am washing the bowl as I am yelling at him, telling him if this happens again I am going to take every single dish and cup out and make him wash them. In the meantime he is laughing his ass off at the door because he thinks it is funny... I guess I had a funny look on my face and I chuckle to myself, thinking that my mother must have told me that a million times... But OMG I was sooo not allowed to laugh.

Wash is done, but he forgot to turn ON the washer
Homework is getting done.

Now when I come home I cook dinner and straighten up a bit, then from 6-7 I watch 90210 (Yes the one from the 80's) this is one of my guilty pleasures. My son now will sit with me on the couch and watch it with me and we will talk about all the dramas that are taken care of in an hour.
Well, tonight he is sitting there, I have cooled down from the non house cleaning animal I live with, and he blurts out that the only reason he has to do so much around the house is so that I can come home and watch 90210 (Joking of course). Hmmp. He then wants a brief synopsis of each character that is on the show. Brief?? I tell him to wikipedia it and tell me what he finds.
He is on a roll tonight.

He is a great kid but sometimes he just doesnt get it. I think that when they become teenagers, the common sense goes out the window for a year or so. His brain must be changing, I read somewhere that during puberty it does change (LOLOLOL hush girls). He turns 16 in a matter of weeks

I'm scared

Football is now over - I can blog

The season of my son's football year is over for now. Every night it was a different place, at a different time, kid gets home between 7-10 pm, I had to cook him dinner, wash his clothes and ensure his homework got done. Needless to say I did not sleep much. I welcome the rest, and knowing that once I go home, I do not have to go out again.

He is now in driver's education. He tests me while I am driving and I hear a faint tisk tisk when I do something wrong while driving, like not making a complete stop at a stop sign LOL. I just laugh and tell him that is fine, that is how you learn. I plan on taking the VA DMV book in the car with me next time he drives. Last weekend we went to Calleo (warsaw) and he drove down with the boys. When we got to our destination, the boys has many stories to tell about Bryant and his driving. They said he took to the right part of the lane so much that the door mirror could have taken out a few mailboxes LOL. I sure hope not, but I am sure it was close.
Hie report card was mailed out yesterday, should be interesting

I have once again moved, this time into a house, that was much cheaper than the apartment. I am saving about 700 bucks a month and trust me, it was well worth it. It is two story, has a back yard, and a front yard full of leaves, which of course I have to rake. I have two parking spots (Awesome!!)

I need to go shopping, I have almost nothing in the house.