My Nights are my own... I think, oh the Drama

Alrighty, I work full time, most of you know this. I expect my son to come home and complete the following:
Clean cat box
Take out trash
Wash his morning dishes
Throw a load of his wash in the washer
Finish his homework

That's all I ask. Most of the time, he does it no problem. He does not get an allowance, he does these things because he lives here and has to be responsible. Once in while, like tonight I get the following...
Why didn't you clean cat box? His response, "Mom, there wasn't anything there" He (my son) covered the droppings up. Now think to yourself.. it takes longer to cover it up than it does to just pick it up. HELLO!

Take out trash.. why didnt this happen... well gee mom, I was so involved with the cat, you are always yelling at me cuz I dont pet the cat. (hence the cat hair now all over the couch)
Wash his morning dishes... well these are done, kind of... I pick the bowl up and I feel crust. GROSS. I am washing the bowl as I am yelling at him, telling him if this happens again I am going to take every single dish and cup out and make him wash them. In the meantime he is laughing his ass off at the door because he thinks it is funny... I guess I had a funny look on my face and I chuckle to myself, thinking that my mother must have told me that a million times... But OMG I was sooo not allowed to laugh.

Wash is done, but he forgot to turn ON the washer
Homework is getting done.

Now when I come home I cook dinner and straighten up a bit, then from 6-7 I watch 90210 (Yes the one from the 80's) this is one of my guilty pleasures. My son now will sit with me on the couch and watch it with me and we will talk about all the dramas that are taken care of in an hour.
Well, tonight he is sitting there, I have cooled down from the non house cleaning animal I live with, and he blurts out that the only reason he has to do so much around the house is so that I can come home and watch 90210 (Joking of course). Hmmp. He then wants a brief synopsis of each character that is on the show. Brief?? I tell him to wikipedia it and tell me what he finds.
He is on a roll tonight.

He is a great kid but sometimes he just doesnt get it. I think that when they become teenagers, the common sense goes out the window for a year or so. His brain must be changing, I read somewhere that during puberty it does change (LOLOLOL hush girls). He turns 16 in a matter of weeks

I'm scared

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