A Path Few Take

I saw someone today that I knew. We had met a few times, in passing and he was not someone I would choose to hang-out with, and he knew this. He used drugs, I didn't trust him, and he just had an air about him. I was in the CVS parking lot downtown and he walked pasted my car and we both looked at each other, and he smiled so I nodded and smiled back..

Bring on 2016

2016 is going to be the year. We all say and write this, with half hearted attempts of, "if we believe it or write it enough it will come true". So let's all just placate one another and assume we never say this same thing, at the beginning of each year, and then within 2 weeks, it all goes to hell.


Sugar Plum Filled Memories of Christmas's past?

I think not.

There were no sugar filled plum memories in my childhood of Christmas.
Most memories are flashes for me, nothing long lasting or a memorable family tradition. Some years other priorities took precedence such as eating for the entire month, clothes or my mothers booze and cigarettes. I am pretty sure a few Christmas's were tucked neatly away in the, "Let's pretend this is another ordinary day in the household" drawer. 
I remember when we were a family of me getting a record player.  It was striped red and yellow for the top of the cover.  A Baby Alive doll as well, that ate food and pooped.  I look back now and wonder what is so memorable about wiping a butt that isn't mine?