It's Been a Moment

I don't really know why I am starting to post again. I think my overall goal is to finish writing my book so I can start on my second book. Part fiction, part truths, it will look at my life as an adopted child. One who wanted questions answered her entire life, and rebelled when the answers weren't there. It is a hard road, I questioned why my mother adopted me, if all along she was going to use me as a punching bag to humiliate and torture for years. I questioned why she adopted me if she wasn't going to give me the best life, since she wasn't going to come to a single sporting event I was a part of. I was honestly surprised that she showed to up my graduation and actually had a get together for me afterwards. I did put her through the ringer growing up. I challenged each word she said and I really tested her strength and conviction. I purposely did not talk to her for years because I wanted to hurt her.