A Ten Year Tale

Last week my husband and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary. The day did not start off as well as I had hoped, with all of the household drama occurring, it was hard to concentrate on our special day. I got home from work, and hubby told me to get dressed and we were off in about 10 minutes. We drove into D.C., and I started wondering if he was taking me to a hotdog vendor. While we were driving around the streets making sure we did not turn on the wrong way street, we were in front of the Willard hotel and some dude started pounding on my car window. I freaked out! We were going to be shot in broad daylight! I rolled down my window when I noticed that the eye candy young man in a suit was talking. He told us that there was a motor pool coming and we just had to move right then and there to get out of his way. Well, we did move, and when the motorcade came, I didn’t recognize anyone who came out of the car.


What are our taxes paying for??

We parked and went to the meter to get a parking stub. The machine was broken, the fellow in front of us was trying to get it to work and I think he was slightly worried since he already swiped his credit card. We waited a few minutes, but were antsy since we had a reservation so we took the chance on not having a proof of payment for parking and went on our way.

He opened the door for me and the restaurant was buzzing with people. He let the hostess know we were there for dinner; we waited a few minutes and then were taking to our table. He said that online it said that there was a dress code, but obviously people cannot read since there were people in jeans.. and a lady sat right next to me and she was wearing heavy sweats. WTF?

We ordered a drink and an appetizer. The drinks took a few minutes, I figured that since my glass of wine was ten bucks, they might have travelled to Italy or California to pick it up!

The appetizer came, we dug in.. I was trying not to spill anything and I saw the hubby shudder after taking a bite of food. I looked at him scared that the app was spoiled.

He shuddered cuz it was fishy tasting…


It was crab dip


Anyways, a gentleman came up to us, and he looked familiar… he was the fellow from the parking meter, and he let us know that it was fixed. We thanked him and looked at each other.

Who wants to go put money in it now?

Not me.

I tried not to make eye contact with the hubby, hoping he would he the gallant one and turn into the old spice man and run to put money in the machine.

No chance

He decided we would take that chance…

Okay then.

Dinner came, wasn’t impressed



Tried not to talk too loud so the person on each side of us could not hear us, yet we were quiet enough so we could try and hear what the person next to us was saying.

We enjoyed dinner, paid the bill



We were walking towards the car, and hoping to not see a ticket, we saw a ticket.


We walked closer and closer hoping that the image would disappear from our minds and that the ticket never appeared.

We looked at the ticket…

Hubby pulled it from the window.

It was not a ticket

It was a parking stub.

The young gentleman paid two dollars for us to park there.

We felt bad

Yet happy

We wanted to pay him back. We did not know that he paid it when he told us that the machine was working.

Love random acts of kindness.