Adventures of Mr Tater M Tot

Chapter 1

She left the peanuts as planned on the back porch where I can get them easily. I take a nut, examine it and then start chewing. I see her staring at me, and give her the thank you pose.

I then sniff and am asked if I would like another, "don't mind if I do" I say as I gently take the nut in my mouth

She then surprises me by telling me all of her errands that she has to run, and suddenly all I hear is "blah Blah blah blah mcdonalds blah blah french fry", my ears perk up waiting for that yummie salty fry. I debate having one then wind up eating 8 of them

I finally scamper away so I do not have to listen to the lady and I can enjoy my french fry in peace.


This is all I am going to say about this

Some of you may get this. If you are at the GYN and your obviously laying on the table in the most comfortable of positions, and she asks you to cough.. OMG don't do it!!! I was so worried about maybe passing gas that I couldn't suck in and cough at the same time and as soon as I sucked in to cough oh my heavenly father I felt needles coming out of my nose!!!!! It was as bad as it sounds.. for like a millisecond, then the cramping started, then you can hear her ask her assistant, "can I get the dialator?" Like I need to be squeezed open any farther, I would have said, no need to stretch me too far, but if I breathed it tended to hurt more. Also, another funny part, she said okay by the time you count down from ten it will be all over, well while I was counting of course I was still holding my breath, and when it was all over I felt like I was going to pass out.

Happy times, happy times!!!

I also found out what was wrong with me, but I forgot the name, not what I thought it was. Save all of that for another post, perhaps "using the sympathy card so I get my way" post LOL


I'm just saying....

I have a Facebook account, do you?

Much of what I am about to say are just perceptions and thoughts I have had while playing on facebook in the middle of the night when I have nothing better to do. I am not saying that everyone does all of these that are listed, but think about it...

Do you spend hours setting it up, looking for long lost friends, adding them to your network and then wonder who the hell they are?
Or why did you friend them at all, since you only spoke to them in passing, your senior year of high school, during 5th period? Think about it... I'm just saying...

Do you wonder why someone friended you that you went to 6th grade camp with, exchanged a few letters then dropped off the face of the earth, only to have facebook find you and friend you?

Do you look at pictures of members of your graduating class in high school and think to yourself omg I look so much better than any of them? Maybe I will friend some of these people just so they can see how hot I am in my profile picture that they all will want to be my friends... Think about it... I'm just saying...

Do you then stalk friends of your friends wondering if you know them? Send them an email stating, "hi there, you are friends with one of my friends, do you know me? If so can you add me as a friend because I want to have lots and lots of friends."

Or remember when you called someone a friend it actually meant something... I'm just saying...

Do you wonder why there are so many groups that people join, and why they have not come up with a I hate joining facebook groups that mean nothing?

What do you think about the recommendations that have appeared on the right hand side of the screen about suggesting friends for "facebookfriend". Don't you think it would be alittle weird if you said, "Hey, can you go and friend "facebookfriend" cuz it says that they need more friends.
Or when a group is suggested to you because 4 of your other friends are part of the group?

How about the person who updates every single minute of their life? Can you imagine all of the minutes that has used up during the day typing all of that?
Shower then work
At school,
Home, nap eat...

Okay who cares??????? I mean I can understand it from the teenage sect evolving through Facebook.. but grown adults?
Teenagers now have dating through Facebook, and speaking of which, why do you friend your boyfriend?? When he calls you at night to talk, what exactly are you going to talk about if he knows what time you woke up, went to school, did at school, when you got home, what you had for dinner, what time you said "oh, i love you honey" a million times with a heart behind it all. It's cute and all and I don't mind making the "ewwww" comment... I'm just saying...

How many of you have Farmville, farmlife, fishlife, countrylife, farmtown, cafeworld, farm world, petville, superpets, yoville, mafiawars, mobwars, mafiamob?
How many of you work?
How many of you do this while you are working?
You see where this is going dontcha?
Now, how many of you actually get work done while at work? tisk-tisk! Imagine all of the work hous recouped if Facebook died...
I can admit, I have tried them all, and am totally in love with farmville. I can harvest crops, plant them, plant flowers, have cows, pigs, chickens, bulls, an elephant and omg dont get me started on the trees that I have not killed. It is amazing. Yet, I look outside and wonder why my tomato's in my 'real' life wont grow... With just a click of the mouse, I can harvest, plow, plant, milk, collect eggs, horsehair, and all sorts of stuff. Oh and you should see the amazing buildings that I can build in lightening fast speed. I started thinking about this this morning and I can admit, it is making me a bit sick. I have let my pets starve and have cancelled parties and dinners, because they would interfer with my harvesting of crops. I manage to plant my crops so when I go home from work, I can harvest them. Perfect timing. If you want you can add me as a friend to Farmville :)

Do you notice how some people are like on Facebook 24/7? Kind of like the chat rooms when AOL was really the only thing out there? LOL please don't ask me how I know this.. ahahah.

Instead of National Smokeout Day, they should have a National No Facebook day...

Think about it... I'm just saying!

Is this as bad as it sounds?

I want to go see New Moon. I have determined that my age and that hunk of a boy who is in the movie, with no chest hair would get me 15-20 in a maxium state prison. I have read numerous posts about older women being totally in love with Edward, and now Jacob. I fail to see the reasoning behind this until, *blink* I look at my husband and wish so many times that he would woo me like Edward woo's Bella, or protect me like Jacob protects Bella. I then slap myself into reality and ask the hubby for more weekly spending money, there I am happy.

First off, someone really needs to talk to Bella and tell her that she does not need a man in her life that is constantly bickering with her because everything in the world is, "just too dangerous for you Bella". That in itself is gross, but hell, words and sentences like that has made Stephanie Meyer sells 85 million books world wide. Now, why could I not thought of the washed up vampire who needs some good PR in order to get a fat royalty check? Oh well lesson number 1, women love dead men who have no pulse and cold skin.

Then I watch the first movie again, and crack up when the scene is the baseball field when James and Laurent, and that chick are there and they all start growling at each other. OMG how could they have filmed that seriously without cracking up at each other? I heard that the second movie is just as cheezy. "Now Bella, you know that you cannot hang out with werewolves..." What the hell... let the teenager think for herself! AHAHAH

Resolutions ~ Do you have one?

This is the week where everyone is telling everyone else what they got or didn't get for Christmas, the kids are still opening boxes trying to find new things to play with before the dreaded "I'm bored" words come out of their mouth. You start thinking of the menu for New Years. You go to the grocery store and buy healthy food for the week so that when New Years snacks come along, you can have one. You also wonder, "is next year going to be different than this year?"

You go through next years calendar and mark important dates, birthdays, fire alarm battery checks, and days off from work. I think to myself, that this is going to be an eventful year, and also a sad one. I don't have an miraculous diet pill so I will be skinny by beach season, I do not think of reorganizing all of my closets one week at a time, I do not think of being nicer to the children, I do not think of making my friendships last longer. Most of these things take work in order for them to succeed, I am already working at those each day of every year regardless. This is something different.

Do you know your best friend? The one that you call when you have no one else to talk to? The only one that understands and accepts an apology for not talking to her? The one that you can stay up late and talk to while doing shots and smoking endless FSC cigarettes? What about the friend who will call you from the store and ask you if you need anything? Or how about the friend that you call when you burn the deck down and waits two years to crack a joke. I have one of those. It took me 33 years to find one. She knows my mood as soon as I say hello on the phone, and she knows when I really need to talk.

If you have one or two of these special type of people, you are very lucky.

Well, her job is moving this next year, to Alabama, the dreaded state (only cuz it is so far away). She is excited about the new opportunities that will come to her and I am happy for her. We joke of the road trips that will be planned and also the mini vacations with family. I think that I am okay with this, lol, I have already begun the planning in my mind, of the last Halloween, the last Christmas, the last New Years. I don't voice my opinion too much about how she is leaving me to fend for myself, but she knows. Like I said she knows what I am thinking before I even know at times. She is one in a million.

As I said earlier, this will be an eventful year. I am going to look forward to the good times with friends and make the most of them and realize that each gathering is something special. I will not be counting down, out loud anyways, the number of days that we have left, nor will I be mopey and self centered thinking that it should always be about me. I will save that for after she leaves LOL. I will however give her my last FSC cigarette and last buttery nipple for the road!

Happy New Years!

No resolutions this year, just happy and fun times with those you love.


I am amazed

No matter what I got for Christmas, the best thing was spending time with friends and of course family. The weather was cold and dreary today, perfect skiing weather, but not for staying home and opening presents. There was a zoo outside between the squrriels, cardinals, blue jays, black birds, wood peckers and other animals were all outside begging for food. I didn't get any pictures.


Peanut butter chewies

1 cup of corn syrup
1 cup of sugar

boil together for 1 minute.. add 1 cup of peanut butter (creamy)
add 4 cups of corn flakes or rice crispies

mix together

drop in spoonfuls on wax paper, drizzle with white, dark or milk chocolate by melting chips in microwave for 1 minute, stir then 10-15 seconds at a time.

These were a great hit yesterday at home, at friends and also at the moose!


**Gulliver's Corn**

~Butter a souffle dish/baking dish
~2 bags (16 oz.) frozen corn
~1 1/2 C whipping cream
~2 teaspoon salt
~1 teaspoon sugar
~3 Tablespoons flour mixed w/3 Tablespoons MELTED butter/margarine
~1/2 C grated parmesan cheese

*Butter an ovenproof baking dish.Sprinkle 2-3 Tablespoons parmesan cheese over the butter,tilting pan to distribute the cheese.Bring the whippong cream to a boil.Reduce heat and add corn.Simmer for 5 minutes. Stir in salt&sugar,bring back to boil.Mak a paste out of the butter & Flour(uncooked roue)and stir into corn & cook until thickened.Turn corn into ovenproof dish,sprinkle w/ cheese & dot w/ butter.*Bake @ 350 for 30 minutes or until bubbling/golden brown **The more cheese the better:) FYI:Refrigerate up to 4 days and can freeze before baking Serves 8-10


OMG 3 more days!!!

It is amazing how 55 days till Christmas can turn into 3 days till Christmas so fast. All I have left to do is wrap presents and buy Christmas eve snacks, and dinner for Christmas day. The snow makes for a perfect backdrop for the holiday, I do wish though it was blinding white as it has been, but with it melting and people walking around, it is not looking as pretty as it did prior to today. I just love going outside for a moment then coming back into the house blind as a bat.

I took some wonderful pictures yesterday of the boys trying to sled down the hill. At 17, they still find time to act like normal human beings and not so much of an arse as he has been acting. I will post them shortly.


Later on that day.

Did you see the post I had from earlier this morning? The one with the picture of the snow on our table that is outside? Well this was how it looked at 1:00pm...

I keep wondering if the deck is going to fall off the house soon. Each time the dog goes outside as soon as she makes a path through the snow, it starts filling back up with snow at a record speed. I went outside awhile and played with the dog.

It's funny though, cuz I was home all day with the exception of this morning, and I have been grazing all day from boredom. I finally made dinner and told myself that I am not going back into the kitchen for the rest of the night!!

Kid at heart

What can I say, I am a kid at heart. I was up all night watching the snow fall, enjoying the whiteness and quiet of this spectacular event taking place. I woke everyone else up around 6 am to see and the dog went wild and C wanted to go outside with D. It was a blast. The snowplows already came in and ruined the parking lot, but the back deck is still untouched and blissful. I wish everything was this easy, and I also wish for an innertube!



Nothing like a picture of Cheesecake and some vodka to keep you going through the week. Of course you can't have these together, but they make for some great times!


Special decorations

For me, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. The decorating, baking and being with friends and family is always fun and exhausting but well worth it. I have collected a few decorations over the years that are special to me, and I put them on my tree each and every year with a laugh and a moment where memories come flooding back. I try to pick an ornament each year that signifies what the year has brought, or a special memory. I have no idea what this year would bring, maybe a uhaul ornament. Haven't found one through hallmark yet though!

This Starbucks ornament signifies where Mr. Anal and I met and where we would spend almost every morning we were together, this was of course before we had bills, so now this is saved for special occasions, but I still think of one of our first conversations at a Starbucks!

This is a mouse with cheese, I always would tease Mr. Anal about how he needed some cheesse to go with his whine, and I would call him a 'titmouse' at times. This was during the time that joking and laughter was rampid in our relationship and it was always fun to be together.

Chicken Little, which came first, well at least I know.. this was a great trip and one I will never forget!

The stingray, is something that we got aboard the ship of the first cruise we went on.

I have so many other ornaments, many that remind me of Mr. B but that is another story!

What is your favorite ornament?

New look for me!!

Be prepared people.. I am getting a facelift which of course is well deserved. Stay tuned!


11 wonderful, glorious days till Christmas

I sit here, and think of everything I have to do to make this year a success. I made a to-do list, and tried to delegate everything on it to someone else. That was very easy to do, but now...





11 days

omg omg

Okay, I did make cookies this year, which is more than I did last year. I do have wrapping paper and tape, but I need items to wrap up. I did mail out the Christmas cards, and plan somewhat of a holiday dinner. There is just so much for me to do, and that doesn't include school work. And so what am I do right now???


Harvesting my crops and trying to get stuff from eggs...

Reading other blogs...

Checking my emails at work even though I have the day off...

Went to the store and made macaroni salad (how random is that?)

Calvin is now the most finicky cat I have ever owned. Does he not know that he is as spoiled as spoiled comes right now? He will not eat the cat food that I purchased for him (its chicken flavored) He likes the friskies fish flavored.. so what do I do? Since I had nothing better to do today, I went to safeway and bought the type of food that he likes. When I got him I carried him and his food to my room and showed him that I was throwing out the chicken food, and giving him what he wants. Trust me this one is a talking and if you dont give him what he wants he will let you know his displeasure at 2-3-4 am... And to top all of this off... this is coming from the cat that just ate a spider cricket last night... yep yep


My son is still awesome at 17!!

He has this one teacher, from last year that he likes to visit, and one of her teacher friends is an algebra II teacher and has been helping Bryant with his work. I love awesome teachers!!! Anyways, I baked cookies last night, and he took some to this teacher. He rocks!!!

The Retarded Tree

All day yesterday I was wondering what the cats would think of the tree. Well, there is now a hole in it. I thought it was a hole from when the branches fell, but on closer investigation, I saw broken branches. I knew Calvin took a nose dive in the tree.

We moved that part to the back and I filled a spray bottle up with water. Amazing what a little spray of water will do.


All weekends end with one of these

A funny story, you know you had a good weekend when you have a funny story and it takes you a few days to write it down!

I have a funny story to tell and it involves a friend. You know how those stories start, you have a great day followed by an amazing night and you spend the entire next day trying to remember/or forget what you did the night before.

It has taken me all week to write this, or maybe to remember all of the details. It involved kareoke, beer, margarita's, vodka and buttery nipples.
It started out harmless enough, we went to a computer show, bought some stuff, admired the snow coming down, drove back home, and at that time we all decided that it would be a perfect day for 'buttery nipples'. Now if you like werther's butterscotch candies, you will love a buttery nipple. We went to the ABC store, got all of the essentials, plus a few non essentials and went to lunch. Had a very relaxing lunch, it was very nice. A great couples day!!!
What happens next may be in pieces. What we should have done was gone home and taken a nap and stayed home to decorate the house. But we went to the Moose, and I helped decorate part of the Lodge, then we started drinking... like I said, we should have gone home.

People have been coming in asking for our autograph, we have come to the conclusion that they want our full names so that they can file a complaint. Last night one of the bartenders that was working that night was telling us how great we were and how much of a good time she had just watching us and trying to save us. We made friends with people we never thought we would. We ganged up on the DJ, became one on the dance floor. I remember one guy kept hiding the song book from me, so I would just get up there no matter who was singing. Trust me people, I do not sing. In high school I went out for choir, I was told, "we dont need none of you". In boot camp, same thing, I tried to tell them I cannot sing, well I was proven correct once again.

We do not remember what songs we did sing, how many shots we had, or how we managed to stay awake the entire time. We do remember how we felt the next morning, and what a great time we had.

I doubt that we will be allowed to sing again, but as a friend said, we tried to say we didn't want Karaoke, we boycotted the moose on karaoke nights, and none of that worked. Hopefully the people who heard us sign, will vote NO on karaoke night at the moose.


My Son Turns 17 Today

My son, most of you know and love, most of the time, turns 17 today. Here I write 17 things that I love about him.

1. He holds the door open for girls and his mom
2. He doesn't swear in front of me
3. He loves dogs, and I see him snuggling with the cat when I am not looking
4. He has a job
5. He showers every day, sometimes twice a day
6. He will watch scary movies with me
7. He will just sit down and shoot the breeze with me
8. He will pick me up and drive me home when I need him too
9. He will still go to the grocery store for me
10. He has this infectious laugh, and knows how to make me laugh
11. He doesn't stay mad at me for very long, and will walk away instead of yell at me
12. He communicates with me
13. I can trust him when I go out of town for a night or two
14. He treats his elders how he wants to be treated
15. He likes hanging out with me and playing pool
16. He has my eyes
17. He is going to make a great dad and husband some day

17 years ago I was at Balboa Naval Hospital, getting induced because I was exposed to the chicken pox, laying in bed wondering what the rest of my life was going to be like. I didn't even imagine at that time the worms I would find in his pockets, the red cards I would find in his backpack, the puddles I would let him splash in, the mexican food we would share. The walks to and from his elementary school sharing dreams and watching the pigeons dance on the telephone wires, and in the winter, scaring each other with the witches in trees. I never thought that my son would be scared of the vug under the rug, or that he would love scary movies as much as I do.

I think that I did a good job, and I know that I had a few friends helping me along the way.

It does take a village



With the holidays coming close and the stress of it all bearing down on me, I am starting to get a bit tired of twitter, ,facebook, blogs, livejournal, myspace. There are so many different social networks out there, and I just want to belong. TO THEM ALL. Every night when I come home I check my facebook, harvest my crops, <*strike>stalk<*strike>, whoops I mean look for old friends and then try to have time to cook dinner, clean, get ready for the next day, talk to friends, eat dinner, go to the gym, watch tv, study and sleep. I usually get 6 hours of sleep a night. Yes I know I am in heaven. You would be in hell if I got anyless that 6 hours. So since I have so many other things to do, I have had to let some things do, myspace was the first... mostly for kids anyways and not many fun games. LiveJournal is seriously going down since facebook came along. I only have a few friends that still post, I may delete my account. I havent even tweeted a tweet for the past 6 months so that is gone too. Enough said, I am tired

On to something more talkable. What is up with all of the commercial supporting a drug in specific during the biggest loser. I understand that people do need medication, I was there once no big deal. But every commercial block it was the same type of medication. I have heard bad things about this med anyways so it already left a bad taste in my mouth. And why was it in the commercial that all of the patients were female??? Biggest Loser supplements... I know that they have to hawk something in order to be with the best, but that is getting a little old too, throw in the Big Mac special at McDonald's or a Taco Bell commerical for a change. Same thinig with Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, they are constantly trying to get you to buy the DCC dvd, like I am going to look like that when I watch the DVD, trust me if I had a chance I would have already been down in the heart of Texas dancing my ass off while singing The Who.