Resolutions ~ Do you have one?

This is the week where everyone is telling everyone else what they got or didn't get for Christmas, the kids are still opening boxes trying to find new things to play with before the dreaded "I'm bored" words come out of their mouth. You start thinking of the menu for New Years. You go to the grocery store and buy healthy food for the week so that when New Years snacks come along, you can have one. You also wonder, "is next year going to be different than this year?"

You go through next years calendar and mark important dates, birthdays, fire alarm battery checks, and days off from work. I think to myself, that this is going to be an eventful year, and also a sad one. I don't have an miraculous diet pill so I will be skinny by beach season, I do not think of reorganizing all of my closets one week at a time, I do not think of being nicer to the children, I do not think of making my friendships last longer. Most of these things take work in order for them to succeed, I am already working at those each day of every year regardless. This is something different.

Do you know your best friend? The one that you call when you have no one else to talk to? The only one that understands and accepts an apology for not talking to her? The one that you can stay up late and talk to while doing shots and smoking endless FSC cigarettes? What about the friend who will call you from the store and ask you if you need anything? Or how about the friend that you call when you burn the deck down and waits two years to crack a joke. I have one of those. It took me 33 years to find one. She knows my mood as soon as I say hello on the phone, and she knows when I really need to talk.

If you have one or two of these special type of people, you are very lucky.

Well, her job is moving this next year, to Alabama, the dreaded state (only cuz it is so far away). She is excited about the new opportunities that will come to her and I am happy for her. We joke of the road trips that will be planned and also the mini vacations with family. I think that I am okay with this, lol, I have already begun the planning in my mind, of the last Halloween, the last Christmas, the last New Years. I don't voice my opinion too much about how she is leaving me to fend for myself, but she knows. Like I said she knows what I am thinking before I even know at times. She is one in a million.

As I said earlier, this will be an eventful year. I am going to look forward to the good times with friends and make the most of them and realize that each gathering is something special. I will not be counting down, out loud anyways, the number of days that we have left, nor will I be mopey and self centered thinking that it should always be about me. I will save that for after she leaves LOL. I will however give her my last FSC cigarette and last buttery nipple for the road!

Happy New Years!

No resolutions this year, just happy and fun times with those you love.

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