If you are you looking for embroidery patterns, almost every sight offers free samples, or "freebies". I usually just download the file extension I need for my machine and leave the rest...they add up fast and take up a lot of disk space otherwise. I forget which brand you have, but there should be a website for all the major companies, both US and Europe. for example, here is the link to the Brother site: http://www.brother-usa.com/HomeSewing/ Here's a link to a shop in Occaquan:http://www.seweasysewing.com/ Other embroidery sites I like for freebies include:http://www.amazingdesigns.com/en/downloads/

Most sites have links to other sites...but these should keep you busy for a while. There are also plenty of Yahoo sewing and embroidery groups. I also suggest you join the American Sewing Guild and attend neighborhood meetings once a month to get ideas and talk with other sewers: http://www.asg.org/ Have fun!

Been a few days, hasn't it?

Summer around here is going by so fast I can't seem to grasp a free "me" day. I have been going, going, going for weeks now and I need a break! The house is suffering and so is my mind, hopefully I can change some of this, this weekend so at least I can find things around the house. I swear everytime I lose something, instead of blaming Bryant, I blame the cats.

I have started several posts to no avail. I want to be readable, whitty, funny and relaxed. I haven't been able to sit down long enough to think of a post. I think of all my friends and what they are doing, how they have made me feel good about myself, how they have made me laugh, how I drive them crazy with my pms, yet they are always there. Each one of them have their difficulties also, and we can always get together and just talk, without being judged, without being laughed at, and without the thought of losing them. I think about my friends every day, and always hope that they are doing well when we can't get together. We can go days without talking, yet when we get together it is like we have not been apart a minute. I love them so much. I can say that I have never had friends like this. I basically could not sit down long enough to keep a friend, or when I was younger and very destructive, it was about me and I created so much hate and discontent that I could not foster a healthy relationship, because of course I was not healthy myself. It's funny, but true - you have to be healthy minded in order to have a healthy relationship either with a man or with friends. Plain and simple, I miss my friends!

I am taking this day and making it about me. I need a me day, people hear me say this all of the time, I know when I am at my limit and instead of being a desctructive minded person, I hibernate by myself. I know it sounds weird, but it helps and I gain perspective over what I am trying to accomplish in my life. I go through each day thinking that I am going to do something that is going to change the world for the better. It can be small, like someone laughing over one of my posts, or something high and mighty like teaching a child to read.

Of course I am working from home, then tonight I am playing with my new sewing machine!

I will do something! And of course it will be about me!!


Cereal is not for kids anymore

Remember when you would choose your cereal based on the toy that was featured on the box? Or how you would drive to every single McDonald's so you buy a million happy meals for the Beanie Baby?

Today when you go to the grocery store, you no longer look at the toys, you look at the price. Many companies have stopped putting toys in their cereal boxes. I have 5 boxes of cereal on my refrigerator with you have a 1 in 10 chance of winning an ipod gift card. A chance, big deal! Where is my free cool toy? Where were the graphics that Disney advertised on Cheerio's boxes with a small train inside? Or the flying saucers that glowed in the dark. With the Lone Ranger gun offer and the Wyatt Earp ring? Some things that we experienced when we were children will never be the same as our children are growing up. How many times did you get yelled at because you opened all of the cereal just for the prizes? That the cereal is now going to go stale and that we are not going to waste the money just so you can open all of the cereal boxes, only to do it again a the next grocery trip.

How about the bazooka bubble gum, where you would save the wrappers and then send them away for a prize, kinda like the green stamps but for children instead of adults. I always fantasized about saving hundreds of them, but never had the patience or the money to keep up with that dream, and of course the only thing that Bazooka Bubble Gum gave me were dentist bills.
Now instead of the Green Stamps for adults, you have the frequent shoppers card, and the Marlboro Miles campaign. You can save all of your packs of cigarettes and send them in for pool sticks, camping equipment and other cool stuff with Marlboro stamped all over it.

You still have the betty crocker points on their food products and also the labels off of soup cans. These can get you a discount for items that you want to buy from Betty Crocker but then your entire house will look like a picture out of a fingerhut catalog. Fingerhut ~ where you can see their signature mark in any kitchen you go to, if there have duck or teddy bear canisters and cups, your thinking in your head FINGERHUT 5 dollar a month payment plan. Hey whatever works right? My mother was a fingerhut activist because that was the only place where she could use credit since she did not have a job. After filling our house with ducks and other crappy looking kitchenware, she moved on to Alden's. That was a Christmas to remember! A christmas supplied by a mail order catalog...

Times sure have changed.

Too much is never a good thing

So I am sitting here with of course a pounding headache and it is no ones fault but my own. I went to my meeting last night, thinking that I would leave right afterwards to go home and pack for my weekend trip. I did not leave right afterwards, I did not go home and pack and I did not eat anything for dinner. This is a recipe for disaster!
After the meeting, sure we will have one drink. 3 drinks and 2 slim jims later and I going home, there was no way that I am packing tonight, so of course next logical thing, eat cheese and crackers and get on facebook. I have no idea what time I went to bed, but I do remember the pounding migraine in my head waking me up at 3 am with a bout of nausea and tears and no medication in the house. Lovely. I then somehow, gulped about 8 ibuprophens and a gallon of water, then moaning and rocking on the couch, praying for the bad men to get out of my head. I thankfully had a frozen bottle of water in the freezer, which I promptly put on my head and about an hour later I was able to sleep. Headache is still there but my drinking days are over. This was not the first time this happened.
So this morning I wake up to my phone ringing, thanks Brian! I get up start packing, wondering if I will be able to drink coffee today, and promptly fall back asleep. I woke up screaming omg I am late for work! I rush around and pack and shower and make coffee and get online and check calendar and run around and all sorts of stuff. I then get on the road for work!

I forgot to pack:
Advil PM
curling iron
I think that is it so far...


What a whirlwind weekend

What a weekend. Of course mine started early since I took Friday off. We had a golf gig at the Moose. It involved drinking at 8 am and didn't stop till sometime that night. I golfed very well, after not playing in a year. My team came in tied for third but we did not get the honor! The lunch was great and a good time was had by all.
I was a vegetable on Saturday and I loved it.
Sunday I had to work, which was fine.

Looking forward to the week have much planned!


Tao has finally come into her own

She will nnow, lay next to me, and the other night she laid on my chest and I could cover her with the blanket. She is starting to like me. Her favorite spot though it sleeping with Maggie.. very odd.


Holiday randomness

Hope everyone had just as good of a holiday as I did.
Even though I was not feeling good, I made the most of it and braved the outside world and spent the day with friends, good food, awesome fireworks and wonderful weather.

Why is it that Hotdogs taste so much better when they are cooked at a bbq? I have tried to replicate the same aroma and taste with my hotdogs, grilled with charcol and with hot buns, but that same hotdog cooked in the atmosphere with friends and lots of good times is something that cannot be repeated under any other circumstances.


Cats are doing fine for those of you who are asking

They play, way too much.
They eat, way too much.
Calvin can jump from my bed to the top of my television. He is very smart though, I told him "no" he walked away, then came back and did it again, I took him and swatted him softly and said no very deep, and he hasn't done it again.. as of yet. I try not to scare them becuase I want Tao to feel safe. Calvin loves to give kisses, and to lay where ever he wants to on you. His favorite is when I am sititing on the couch, and he will lay half on the top of the couch then his front legs laying over my shoulders, and his head resting on my shoulder. Tao, still is the "Oh let me smell your finger and run away" She gets away with a lot since I dont want to yell at her. She still meow's for Calvin, then hisses at him when he does something she does not want him to do. They are so fun to watch. When they get on the counters, Tao understands get down, Calvin I have to stand up in order for him to get down. He is like one of those kids who make you count to three. Magazines smacked softly on the table has stopped their scratching on the furniture, They still love trying to get in the fireplace, I need to get the doors on there! They love laying in the sun, and for the most part they now sleep all night, but are 100% go when they wake up.
Maggie plays with the both of them and she has gotten to where they run faster than she does, so she just lies in wait and jumps on them with all of her weight. LOL. She gives them bathes, and makes sure that they know she is in charge.
Tao, the only time that she purrs is when she is trying to milk Calvin. Its funny to watch, but he doesn't get it. Calvin will purr 24 hours a day. He is a lover. His name should have been Eros. They LOVE playing in the bathtub, and no I have not turned on the water. Speaking of water, Calvin got his first bath. I had a sink full of clorox and water to wash the floors, and I was waiting for the floors to dry. I was sitting on the couch and Caliv gets in his favorite sopt on my shoulder and he is all wet. i think of him playing in his water dish, which they do, but I went ahead and smelled him. Smelled like clorox, so he got a cool rinse bath. He wasn't panicked about it, thank gosh, but he was all like "I promise I will never play in water again!" He liked it when i wrapped him in a towel and dried him. He was all purrs LOL.
They both wear collars now, they didnt like it at first, and I thought about taking them off, but I wanted them to feel semi domesticated. They will have to be replaced, since they play so much the collars already have little fuzz balls on them. I purposely got the collars with the bells on them, so Maggie would know when they were coming.
The only time I get to hold Tao is when they are both sleeping on the picture window, she lets me love her then she wants down, but the time I hold her is getting longer and longer, and she doesnt immediately sprint out of my arms, which is a good thing. She is getting used to me.