Been a few days, hasn't it?

Summer around here is going by so fast I can't seem to grasp a free "me" day. I have been going, going, going for weeks now and I need a break! The house is suffering and so is my mind, hopefully I can change some of this, this weekend so at least I can find things around the house. I swear everytime I lose something, instead of blaming Bryant, I blame the cats.

I have started several posts to no avail. I want to be readable, whitty, funny and relaxed. I haven't been able to sit down long enough to think of a post. I think of all my friends and what they are doing, how they have made me feel good about myself, how they have made me laugh, how I drive them crazy with my pms, yet they are always there. Each one of them have their difficulties also, and we can always get together and just talk, without being judged, without being laughed at, and without the thought of losing them. I think about my friends every day, and always hope that they are doing well when we can't get together. We can go days without talking, yet when we get together it is like we have not been apart a minute. I love them so much. I can say that I have never had friends like this. I basically could not sit down long enough to keep a friend, or when I was younger and very destructive, it was about me and I created so much hate and discontent that I could not foster a healthy relationship, because of course I was not healthy myself. It's funny, but true - you have to be healthy minded in order to have a healthy relationship either with a man or with friends. Plain and simple, I miss my friends!

I am taking this day and making it about me. I need a me day, people hear me say this all of the time, I know when I am at my limit and instead of being a desctructive minded person, I hibernate by myself. I know it sounds weird, but it helps and I gain perspective over what I am trying to accomplish in my life. I go through each day thinking that I am going to do something that is going to change the world for the better. It can be small, like someone laughing over one of my posts, or something high and mighty like teaching a child to read.

Of course I am working from home, then tonight I am playing with my new sewing machine!

I will do something! And of course it will be about me!!

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