And at the end of the day

I am watching a new show on ABC called Wipeout. Oh my Lord why would people go through all of that. As I am telling a friend how crazy these people are, I am mapping out the way that I would have gone through the obstacle course and put them all to shame. I pat myself on the back while thinking of what I would do with the money won.

Did you see the guy in the brown speedo's and white legs?

Haven't walked today, was feeling a bit under the weather, not sure if it had something to do with the bra I was wearing or if I was/am getting a cold. I came home, worked in my jammies and as soon as 430 hit I took a nap for about an hour. NICE. I feel little bit better, but wish I had a comfy couch that I could sleep on. Might have to try it tonight.

You know you are ill when

You get up in the morning, and looking in the underware drawer decide to wear a bra you havent worn in ages... only to find out that while at work walking down the halls.. each boobie has migrated to the arm pit, while pointing towards your elbow...

Needless to say I think I will be going home early today!


Hello out there

Dear Cancer
Because of you, I am going to go through the torture of walking over 60 miles in 3 days so that I can help breast cancer awareness and make sure that everyone I know, knows that Cancer sucks. I am going to walk 60 miles for this incredible disease that can rob you of your life at any time. Take away your best friend, your mother, sister and daughter. I am fighting crime! I have to start willing myself not to cry the entire 3 days. I have known many friends who have died, one friend was going to start attending classes at the gym, went in for a physical, found out she had breast cancer and was gone in 6 months... Another, spent her entire life clean and happy, only to be robbed of her beautiful brown hair - she spent a month in europe! you go girl!!
Most of you know me that my friends are near and dear, I dont have many, but I would do anything for them, and there was nothing that I could do for any of them.

Get a mammogram, do your monthly check ups, look for moles, be proactive, eat right, exercise, stop smoking.. do whatever you do so that I do not lose another one of my friends, do not be selfish!

So I am going to have to pitch my own tent... yea... whenever the family went camping I could set up the cooking area, and make sloppy joes and taters for when the BOYS were done putting the tents together... not me. BUT I AM GOING TO DO IT! So for this crappy disease, I am also going to learn how to pitch a tent. I'm going to kick it's ass, or sleep on the ground which ever happens before midnight.

I also found out where I will be showering... in a trailer. I am sure people in floods and evacuation centers have had to do worse, but I am just telling you what a bitch cancer is. If I ever meet it in person... watch out, imma fighting crime!

I have decided, that the clothes I wear each day, I am just going to throw away.. I am sure with the sweat stains and body glide all over it that it is not going to be a pretty sight. I am also taking 2 pairs of socks with me in my fanny pack each day. LOL check out what all I am packing in just my fanny pack...
body glide
2nd skin
a few bucks
porn (KIDDING)
3 pairs of socks
a few vodka mini's (not sure if I am kidding)
a pair of undies, in case I run into anyone cute and want to duck in the bushes (AGAIN KIDDING)
But seriously I was just thinking of wearing t-shirts and those bike shorts, since, unlike some poeple my THIGHS really do rub together, and NO it is not fun.

my suitcase including tent cannot weigh more than 35 pounds.. .so much for packing a light lunch..
All the while I am thinking... what are they going to feed me... I have asked others that have done the walk and no one can remember what they ate.. I mean were they too busy kicking Cancers ass that they just shoveled in the food so that they could go another round???

I am also bringing my purple hat and boa, so that I can be jazzy at the end of the walk, I wont have makeup on, I am sure I will be inches away from pasisng out, but I will feel hot (not the temperature kind) but I will feel hot cuz I helped beat Cancers ass!

Don't you want me baby...

Okay this blog is supposed to be about me but for some reason this week I have been focusing on the son. He ate dinner on the couch tonight, since he was having a few problems, and the chair hurt, let me just say that fiber one bars were the dessert... need I say more. Well I gave him som jello, and he proceeds to suck it right out of the container. Ummm, I just stare at him with the death look and he laughs so hard that he chokes on the suck full of jello, and swallows it whole. Wonderful manners I swear. Then a friend of mine gave us some tea and I happened to make myself some apple green tea and he protests that it smells good and that he would like a cup of tea. So I get up and make him some, put it in the cup and hand it over... I go back to surfing facebook, and I can hear him slurp it all the way into the kitchen. I say real loud oh my gawd! He says its hot mom... and then I hear the gagging, asking me what kind of tea it is and him trying to tell me that it tastes like leaves. He doesnt think it tastes like apples at all. He then goes to doctor it up with honey and sugar (yes I made him brush his teeth afterwards) and proceeds to drink it with a spoon...

Then I make him watch wheel of fortune and jeopardy with me, he actually gets more of the phrases on wheel than I do!! As for jeopardy, nah...

A commercial came on with the lyrics "dont you want me baby" now he is signing it and whistling it while laughing at According to Jim... and I wonder why he is always in his room.

This is nice though, I dont get a chance to visit with him too often. I threatened him that if he doesnt start spending more time with me, that I am going to turn off the internet one day a week... but then I wouldn't be able to play bejeweled and think of bad words to play on scrabble.... or read all of my friends on here, about their pedicures across america, or the really cute boy who just finished his first season of baseball...

Question for the day...
Do you tak about your blogging friends at work? For example, "My friend's 5 yr old son just finished his first season of baseball"



Bryant has only been working one day a week, and that has been on saturday nights, so he really doesn't have a chance to hang out with his friends. Yesterday his allergies were bothering him really bad, so I told him that he can call in sick. He called me back after talking to work, and they told him that he needs a doctors note. So this means that I am going to have to take 4 hours off from work, and go to the emergency room in order to get this resolved. I am beyond livid. I want to give his work a piece of my mind, and tell them that they can recoup me for my lost wages...


Some stories I haven't told yet

I could write to you about how
My son is now driving or my week in Mrytle Beach, or how I have the best time when I hang out with my friends even though they snort and are kinda ADOLAB "... which stands for Attention Deficit OOH, LOOK, A BUNNY!!!" I could talk about my sons trip to Target and how eventful that was, or how I am working another job to support my shopping habit, or how to took more pictures of the baby ducks in Mrytle beach than I did of people. I could talk about how ... OH LOOK A BUNNY!!!!

I have so much to write about and I cant remember any of it..


I believe

I am borrowing the format from Mom to the Screaming Masses

I Believe

I believe that there is a greater being somewhere watching over me.

I believe that no morning should be started unless there is coffee and peanut butter.

I believe that some of the best friends I have ever live on the Internet.

I believe that my son is the most important thing in my life.

I believe that everyone should exercise, every single day.

I believe in children being able to speak.

I believe, with all my heart how I want to believe it, that there will be a cure for cancer and HIV in my lifetime.

I believe that we do not inherit the world from our parents, we borrow it from our children, lets leave them something please.

I believe my weight is due to stress, and I will change this year.

I believe that no teacher or caregiver is ever paid enough.

I believe that everyone gets a chance, its what they do with that chance that determines their life.

I believe in pet therapy! I could not have survived if not for Maggie and Daisy.

I believe that the smell of a baby is the best medicine, unless they have a dirty diaper.
I believe in learning something new everyday. Today, I learned that vinegar decreases mosquito bite itching.

I believe in the power of my best friend's brownies, they are a soothing cup of love.

I believe that I will, even after 40, do something spectacular in my life. Hop on board!!!

I believe that I have repented for my sins.

I believe that I never ate coleslaw, until Myra's... hers is the only one that I will eat.
Pass it on, plain and simple


Alzheimers moment

I thought you all would get a tickle out of my day, since of course it was not you running amuck.

Lesson for the day do not go to costco without eating.

Thought I would run to costco on my lunch break. Got there lickty split, found a primo parking spot, and so it is not safe to assume I would rock and be out of there in 15 minutes.
That is where you are wrong. Got my basket, and start filling it up, english muffins, chicken salad, brushetta, broccoli, lettuce, gatorage, spinach and cheese ravioli's.. ok so I am trapsing through, and oh shinny, eggs! I go into cooler, get eggs, turn around and poof my basket is gone. I look around... nothing. I take my eggs and start walking down aisles, daring the person who took my basket to show themselves. I carry on like this for about 15 minutes, still carrying the damn eggs that I cannot live without while thinking how I am going to put everything in another basket... still walking around, I see it.. next to the frozen pizza's, I lay in waiting ready to pounce on the person who dare take my basket, ready to make a fool out of them for not returning the basket to the rightful place... no one comes... I figure since I have frozen food in there I should book scoot and boogey to the check out lanes... then I start thinking... did I have my basket when I got the eggs, I am almost positive I did.. I have no clue still now, if I had my basket with me. I take my basket while making sure everything is stil okay in there, and adding the eggs to my ever increasing load. I then make it to the register, after adding mixed nuts, cheezeits, and 100 calorie cookie packs, and something else. I notice I am starting to shake from not eating and start drooling over the chicken bakes and pizza slices at the cafe. I ponder a hotdog, which I know makes me burp... I then present my card and find out that my dues have expired. I am beyond livid now, because I was so careful not to go over 120 bucks... and now the 50 dolalr increase brought my grand total to 177. Then on the way out the box fell on top of my eggs.... I didnt want to wait in line for pizza and diet coke, the guy who was checking recipets was taking too long, the line out the door was too slow, the other box falls on top of the eggs, the cars in front of me want to play twister, no one seems to understand that concept of looking before you walk in front of cars, and I am not going to pull a George on you. The ride back was non eventful until the lady was too busy to pay attention to her green light which by the way is the same person who then flips me the bird, and decides to go real slow. Anyways, I do not think I am going anywhere else after I get home.

The end... I just hope that the chicken salad does not give me food poisioning from being out in room temp too long...

Season Finale week

My god what a week! i just got over the Lost season final and I am still thinking about Grey's anatomy finale. Amazing, I kept thinking that the man who got hit by the bus was meredith's dad or something, but omg George. Great acting, and for him to just lay there for hours with all of that makeup and I am sure prosthetics in order for him to look how he did, was amazing. They way he grabbed Mer's hand was the most poignant part of the episode in my opinion. We knew that Izzy might die,and so be it, there were rumors of George leaving, but I left it to him joining the Army, Great yes he isn't dead. OMG. It has been a long time that an episode affected me as much as this one did. What a trip...


What a wonderful weekend

I hope everyone had a weekend like mine, filled with family and friends. The weather was perfect and nothing could have made the day better. Maybe a million bucks, but I will save that for next year. I took Monday off from work and promised myself, and told friends that I was not going to get on the computer at all today. I think that lasted till about 9 am when I did indeed check my work email and then facebook, then had to read Post Secrets and then a few friends blogs, then I checked my personal email and saw that more people have donated to the 3 day breast cancer walk that I am doing and I have two checks in my purse to deposit and make a contribution.
Working tomorrow, Boy Wonder finds out if he passed the driving test that he took today, and then we have a meeting tomorrow after his behind the wheel. If he passes then he can drive any where he wants and I finally have him convinced today that he should call me out of respect so that I am not frantically driving the streets looking for his car. I am stoked for him and I am glad that I can trust him with the car. I am sure that I will have some good stories about my hair getting grayer and also falling out during his first months behind the wheel.
I also have a meeting at the moose so it is a pretty full day. It is the first meeting of the year, and so we have the policies and other stuff that we need to do ugh, plus put a calendar together for the men to see what we can do this quarter in regards to the moose and the women making money!


Another wonderful day

Beautiful outside let me tell you! I am going to be taking pictures down in Quantico.

Enjoy the weather!!


Boy wonder's first job

dont mess with the carts...


Why Math is good for a 16 year old

Did I tell you that Boy Wonder got a job? Yep he sure did, went online and filled out the application, very smart business I thought, becuase I have seen my sons printing and I wouldn't hire him either. He got a call the next day for an interview, I took him to the interview, and while he was inside all i was thinking was doughnuts and salad. So of course I just had to go into the store for said items and sneak a peek at my son, who was waiting in front of the store for manager. The interview lasted I think 1 doughnut. He came out and wasn't sure if he got hired but knew he had to be somewhere across town on Saturday. So I told him to dress nice in case it was a series of more interviews and reminded him of all the questions he had to answer about his eithic's online, with my help of course. So I pick him up Saturday and he has the job was all excited about getting paid for the day.
A week later he saw that poaycheck for that day, he wasn't happy. They screwed up my check he says, he doesn't realize that they pay out for the week prior. He is trying to calculate the hours with taxes and such, while I am trying to tell him that grown men can't even do that.


I have been in a funk for about a month now. I don't know if it is the weather or what but I know something is up since I havent been taking any pictures, and that is so unike me. I have been walking getting ready for my three day in October, not as far as I want to be but I am chugging along.

Since starting the premenopasual stage of my life, I have noticed that I am breaking out more than a teenage boy working at McDonalds. I have pimples everywhere, and I never get those on my face, maybe some dry bumps on my arms during the winter months when I dont coat myself in baby oil, but this is just so weird. I am too old to be going to the dermatologist and asking for acne cream aren't I? And the hormones have been raging and I think that is a really big part of my downer. I just cant be happy about anything and I dont know what to do about it and when to say it's time for some pills to help with the moods. I am cranky, I dont want to go anywhere or do anything and it takes alot to get me out of the house. We wont talk about whether I shower or not beforehand! No energy drink has been helping, and I have no clue no clue. I am drinking a red bull cola right and I am not ever drinking it again, it tastes like the smell of when someone puts a cigarrette butt in a have can of coke nad you get a whiff of that. Now I know why my son got a free case of it at the richmond Nascar race and why it is still in my refrigerator.