And at the end of the day

I am watching a new show on ABC called Wipeout. Oh my Lord why would people go through all of that. As I am telling a friend how crazy these people are, I am mapping out the way that I would have gone through the obstacle course and put them all to shame. I pat myself on the back while thinking of what I would do with the money won.

Did you see the guy in the brown speedo's and white legs?

Haven't walked today, was feeling a bit under the weather, not sure if it had something to do with the bra I was wearing or if I was/am getting a cold. I came home, worked in my jammies and as soon as 430 hit I took a nap for about an hour. NICE. I feel little bit better, but wish I had a comfy couch that I could sleep on. Might have to try it tonight.

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  1. Those show is hilarious...mean, but hilarious.