Drama for the week all summed up on one page

Well, this week was a very slow week. Bryant had spring break off and he had nothing to do. He did make the best of it.

Sunday night stayed up till 2 am, slept till Monday at 11 am. Played Xbox, did a few things that I begged him to do around the house. And that was the rest of his weekend in a nutshell. He spent the night at Donnie's, one can only imagine that there was no sleeping going on and a bunch of crank phone calls to girls cell phones in the middle of the night. They are all going to see "Shutter" tonight. Freaks I swear, I am glad though that he likes scary movies like I did at his age. They are a bit more predictable and he loves gore.. more the gore the better.

Note to self - make sure he does not eat meat today.

I am so ready to eat a big fat cheeseburger next friday! NO guilt. I am so sick of the fish at the Moose, and no I really dont want to go anywhere else on a friday night LOL.

I have to go to the bank, grocery store and the ABC store today. whew.. Ill be ready for a nap.
Meeting the girls at the Moose around 430, should be a long night LOL.

I saw one of Bryant's ex girls at the bowling alley last night, she is really nice and I wish it would have worked out. Oh well, they are young... I can see them hanging out again.


Yes another OMG

Did I tell you I got The Boy's report card. Needless to say I am keeping it to myself for fear of starting WWIII in my house. I do not wish to argue, wince, crawl for cover, or leave the house for any reason. I must do this for the sanity of myself as well as my family. He is grounded, he knows this and he promised me that he will get his grade up as soo as possible and bring me notes home.

I have no idea what i should do...


OMG run for the hills

289 more days till Christmas...


Weekend went very well, The Boy got an application to a nursery for the spring/summer months for employment. He looks at the application, and says, "I should have gotten two of them." At first I thought he meant for his friend, but then he spouts off that he can't erase on the paper. I told him to write it down on paper first and then write neatly ont he application. He starts reading off the questions...

Employment history - So what do they want here he says.. ummm your employment, well he states that he has never worked anywhere before, so i start spouting off places that he has volunteered at, including the Moose where he WORKS every friday night. DUHHHHH

It's going to be a long year LOL. Then we start talking about careers where you dont need a college education, he now wants to be a truck driver...

I was saved though, he started talking about the FBI and CIA, and then we started talking about computers and how good he is and I told him all of the super secret things that he could be doing if he goes to college or joins the military LOL

yes saved...


Bryant and my husband have not been getting along for the past few days. It hasn't been good and I am hoping it is just a thing. Hubby wont let up on him though and I do not know whether to stick up for him or back up the other one. I hate being in the middle!! I seriously think that we are going to have problems soon, it has been awhile. I just have to make sure that I stick to my ground and dont go running out the door as I have in the past. I have been grounded for about a year, and trust me with my husband that is not an easy feat. I am thinking it is time for a vacation again.