Weekend went very well, The Boy got an application to a nursery for the spring/summer months for employment. He looks at the application, and says, "I should have gotten two of them." At first I thought he meant for his friend, but then he spouts off that he can't erase on the paper. I told him to write it down on paper first and then write neatly ont he application. He starts reading off the questions...

Employment history - So what do they want here he says.. ummm your employment, well he states that he has never worked anywhere before, so i start spouting off places that he has volunteered at, including the Moose where he WORKS every friday night. DUHHHHH

It's going to be a long year LOL. Then we start talking about careers where you dont need a college education, he now wants to be a truck driver...

I was saved though, he started talking about the FBI and CIA, and then we started talking about computers and how good he is and I told him all of the super secret things that he could be doing if he goes to college or joins the military LOL

yes saved...

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