Lordy, it has been awhile

I think of writing often, but then I forget the premise, the reason and the passion that I once had to write daily. Today I noticed the mistakes I have started to make in grammar and in spelling. I NEED to continue to write.
I find myself spending more time and effort on the task at hand, rather than throwing the halfway done task out the window. The money spent to fix what I have started is enough to help diminish the feeling of "let's paint the entire house two colors" manicsode. That is what I call them now, manicsodes.
I feel that this is a good thing, yet there are still times that I will just break down and zone out. This does not last as long and I am glad. Someone told me recently make sure to take time for me, and do what I want to do.
I do miss writing, I miss continuing an education and I miss the moments that come naturally to me. Yes, I do still brush my teeth, thank you very much.

This week is filled with holiday smells and people running through the rain with filled gocery carts and lists of supplies a mile long. I have been yelling at myself to remember my camera so I can capture the tell tale signs of stress, happiness and loneliness in the people I walk passed.
I went to check the mail today and swore I could smell apple pie in the air. On the way back to the house, a waft of sweet potato tantalized my nostrils and made my mouth water.
I did buy a turkey, I have not cooked one in over a year so it will be memorable. I usually will cook one for Easter or when there is a chill in the air. I will then cook turkey soup and turkey salad, and take the cold out of the walls.
I sent Bryant to the store today, with a partial list so he would problem solve and try to figure out what I needed. He did pretty good, following up with about ten text messages. When he came home I realized I need to take him to the produce section and show him how not to pick out soft tomato's and brown leaf lettuce. Thank the Lord we were eating BLT's for dinner tonight and not this weekend.
I think I will start hiring him out!