What Would You Do?

20/20 has this show, called "What Would You Do?". They have several scenario's about tense situations with actors initiating a tense conversation. This week they had a boy wanting to buy a Barbie doll, a boy wearing a dress in a toy store, a large person ordering unhealthy foods while the waiter tells her what she needs to order, and lastly a woman at the grocery store whose food stamp card ran out of money and if there was any compassion in the line of people behind her. Each of the women was of a different ethnic background and one of them did not speak English. There was also another actor who tried to talk the person who went to pay, out of doing it, stating that they are not helping the person, so on and so forth.

This scenario made me cry when a young lady who was on the phone, took it upon herself to go forward and pay for the non-English speaking woman, whose benefits ran out and could not buy the food.

This really hit home.

There were many times as a young mother where I was scrapping together change to buy food, diapers, formula and other stuff. There were many times I was grimacing at the checkout line when the items were being rung up where I didn't think that I would have enough money. I remember this one store I would shop at and when it happened once, they let me take the groceries home and come back with the money. It was tough, I remember going to the pawn shop with an item when there was still a week until payday and I was broke and something would always come up. I remember going without so much, yet I was so happy. I suppose it was because of the family that I had for support. My son, he was the light of my life and I would do anything for him. I made sure that he never went without something like I had as a child. I remember many nights being sent to bed without dinner. Going to school with the same clothes, not having what everyone else had. I know it makes you a better person blah blah. I made sure my son had all that I did not, but he still had to work for it. Thank gosh he was never a label guy, except shoes, he loved his Nike shoes.

Anyways, we were at the store once, and I had the actual food stamps, the card hadn't come out yet. Between walking from home to the store, I lost the food stamps. I didn’t realize it till everything was on the belt, being rung up. I didn't know what to do since I didn't have the money anywhere. It wasn't that much, forty-five dollars worth, but to me who did not have the forty- five dollars to replace it, it was gold. I went through my purse one last time, the tears already falling telling my son to hush who was asking me why was I crying. I then told the cashier that I did not have the money and I would put everything back. I did tell them I lost the money, but without having the money to replace it I could not take it home and not come back without the money. A man behind me, came over and paid for my groceries. He was a younger gentleman, who could have made fun of me, told me what a bad mother I was or laughed in my face. He didn't do any of that. He just paid for my groceries, bagged them in the bags I brought along, and told me, his mother would not forgive him if he didn't help. He said his mother would do anything for him also.

What would you have done??

In the position I am in now, that God and my hard work has helped me achieve, I never forget where I was and I know how easy it is to go back there. I always try to help out when I can, knowing that it could, it was and it can be me in that position.


We are woman!

This weekend I was able to be a part of something so special, I was left speachless for awhile. Granted I could not be speachless for too long, since I needed to speak.

It was amazing.

When you leave your home chapter and you go to visit other women and learn about their chapters and how they do things, what obstacles that they also encounter, makes the world seem not so large. I met many women that I have never met before and created a few friendships that I hope withstand the distance. There were women of many ages, with so many memories and stories to tell to those who wanted to take a few minutes and listen. I was able to take one night, and relax after I memorized my speech and go to the lobby. While I was only there to grab a diet pepsi from the cocierge, I noticed a few older ladies sitting near the fireplace chatting away. I decided to sit next to them and introduce myself. They were amazing ladies who I am sure had just as much fun in the chapter as I do now. They had a few stories that took place in the 60’s and 70’s, in which all I could do was sit back and listen.

It reminds me of how fast and busy everyone is today, to where we do not take time to listen to history from our elders and friends. This type of history is not taught in history class yet it is just as important to learn how women lived in those days, and how they overcame many obstacles we take for granted today. Predjudice that did not just focus on color but also on gender. So many things that we, as women were not allowed to do. We laugh now when we read stories about how we are to take care of our man when he comes home from work instead of throwing a mirocwaved pizza in his face, they were cooking turkeys and hams.. during the week… no crock pot either…

We have come a long way baby!

We need to listen to how far we have come and keep the stories going.


Chicken tenderloins with Lawry's Lemon Pepper

This was a great meal...

I pounded the chicken tenderloins and then placed them in a ziploc bag with the Lawry's Lemon Pepper marinade.  The next day, I took them out and cooked them on top of the stove, no butter or oil.  I added more of the marinade while they were cooking.  I also made some rice in the handy dandy rice cooker. 

Very juicy and flavorful.  I put the rice the the chicken on top with a little of the marinade from the pan on top of everything. 

Next time I will grill the chicken.  The smell of the lemon pepper perminated the entire house all night long.  I woke up at 2 in the morning, smelling the lemon. 

Hello out there

Yes, I am still alive.

No you cannot have my lifetime supply of cheesecake and diet coke.  I had to diet in preparation of Big Man's graduation, so I gave up the Vodka and kept the cheesecake.

I have been thinking on how to improve my blog, adding topics of the week to it, or giving away chocolate.

Since I would eat the chocolate before I would mail it, I decided on the topics of the week.  This would give me some incentive to actually provide some depth to this blog, so maybe smarter people would read and know where.. THE FOLLOW BUTTON IS... hello people if you are not following please do so. 

You might miss something...
Like me!

I was thinking, and not necessarily in this order: movie review, cooking review... picture day... snarky day and then a free for all...

I have been watching some movies through Netflix, ones that I would not have watched without a recommendation from a friend. I found the movies a tad bit out there, or appealing and I would like to share those thoughts.  Plus I need to think more while watching movies to provide an analytical approach to the main topic and also I like to delve into the symbolism of a movie.

I love cooking, plain and simple.  I have been going through many cookbooks, and have the hips to show for it.  So now, I am going to start making good for you food, with the exception of certain days of the year where I can splurge and eat the Pioneer Womans Mashed potato's.  I cannot wait. 

I need to start taking more pictures, becuase the 1500 I just had developed from WalMart for an upcoming crop just was not enough!  Actually I want to start taking 'good' pictures. 

Snarky day, well we all know that we have them.  I would like for us to share our snarks once a week. 

Ok enough of the productivity lines.. I'm tired.


That's all

Why is it when I want to blog I have a cat up on my face????

I just want to say how wonderful this year has been with the exception of pending oral surgery and a gum graph.....

I have a feeling my diet is going to go real well soon!!!!


I'm not going to lie

Only two days going to the gym, I'm not going to lie, I am sore as hell.

I'm not going to lie, it is killing me to then come home, clean, cook, wash, and get ready for the next day.  Today it wasn't so bad, got off regular time home in an hour, immediately to the gym there were two treadmills open so we hopped on those.  I did a mile and a half in 20 minutes.  Yea slow I know but I am off my butt and exercising.  The gym wasn't as crowded as it has been during the new year.  I am also glad that I am not the biggest one there.  When I would go during the summer I would be the biggest one there and that was very discouraging so I would just walk around the block and call it a day.

I am doing the three day walk this year and will be in shape.  I have a lot of goals to meet this year and I plan on making each and every one of them. 

I am getting all of my pictures from online and sending them to be printed.  The process of moving hundreds of photos is a mess.  I am moving the New Orleans pictures, going to finish the cruise pictures, doing a small book of Calvin and then maybe some pictures of when Bryant was  younger.  An old friend an relative sent me many pictures of Bryant when she saw him over the summers and I plan on putting those in the scrap book also.

I realize how many pictures that I do not take.  I was so busy over the holidays I didn't get a single picture of the family.  I need to change that.

I need to have something to take pictures of... hello out there.

I have to give up my love of The Pioneer Woman for a few months.  It will be worth it, and I am thinking maybe a perfect goal treat would be a small serving of her mashed potatoes... or the stuffed mushrooms?? Maybe half of a cinnamon roll??

I'm not going to lie... I am going to miss the country gal as my best friend puts it.



I have started this post three times, I want to post today so that I have something for 1-1-11.  I am a true geek.

I am still in my jammies.

Just in case you are wondering.

I did take a shower and go out today, but came home and put clean freah smelling good jammies on...

Dont be jealous.
You can do it too.

I did ALL of the running around I needed to do yesterday so the entire weekend I can veg out in front of the television playing online games until my eyes bug out. 

Isn't that everyone's goal this weekend?

New Years was very quiet and nice.  Major drawback was celebrating the new year with a hot flash.  So while everyone was dancing and drinking the night away, I was trying to figure out how to get the sweat out of my bra and how to redo my makeup.  I wanted to go sit in the walk in for awhile, but was afraid they would forget about me and lock me in the moose LOL.