I have started this post three times, I want to post today so that I have something for 1-1-11.  I am a true geek.

I am still in my jammies.

Just in case you are wondering.

I did take a shower and go out today, but came home and put clean freah smelling good jammies on...

Dont be jealous.
You can do it too.

I did ALL of the running around I needed to do yesterday so the entire weekend I can veg out in front of the television playing online games until my eyes bug out. 

Isn't that everyone's goal this weekend?

New Years was very quiet and nice.  Major drawback was celebrating the new year with a hot flash.  So while everyone was dancing and drinking the night away, I was trying to figure out how to get the sweat out of my bra and how to redo my makeup.  I wanted to go sit in the walk in for awhile, but was afraid they would forget about me and lock me in the moose LOL.

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