A Friday Funny

So I have gotten many questions on why this photograph is so funny.

Take a look... I bet you can see it

So you can't see the funny in here so let me explain.

Okay, so as I was clicking the shutter for this picture, my friend whom I was with, was basically kissing the pavement. No, it was not funny at first, cuz she as well as her dysfunctional tripod and her camera were sprawled in front of Arlington Cemetery, it was dark and there were definately cars coming.

As soon as I was clicking to take this picture I heard the thud. I didnt think it was her, I thought someone threw something out of a car. So I look over, see her ass and equipment sprawled out and all I said was, "omg, Lisa get up the cars are coming." I then saw the tripod in three to six pieces, the glint from each of the legs shinning in the night light to give their position, so it was easier to find all of the pieces (remember I said dysfunctional tripod). Then the camera which I learned later came off of the tripod in the fall, was strewn across the stree, no worries though everyone and thing was okay. Her knees I think got a bit tore up. But, that is not the funny part, the entire time she is busting her ass, running around trying to find all of the pieces of her tripod and camera I am basically doubled over trying not to have my own type of accident. I was laughing and oh I was laughing so hard. I think part of the emotion was coming out from being totally freaked out that we were going to be raped and pillaged earlier in the night came out! She finally got to the other side, yes you can insert your own chicken joke here, and she got the pictures that she wanted. I could not take anymore pictures from this vantage, cuz everytime I stopped laughing I would think of the thud, and start cracking up all over again, kind of like how I am not as I am eating my lunch. Us gals are not thin as a stick, no one tries to shove a sammich in our mouths, in fact they are trying to discourage carb eating around us, so when you hear the sound of a short not so little person go down you think of someone doing the worm. OMG!!

I love you Lisa!

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  1. *lmao* My elbow was torn up too. But hey, what a fabulous and fun day/evening!