Coming home

Gosh time flew while Bryant was at football camp. I did clean his room a bit.. That boy has some crap let me tell you. Then I found out that they were going to repipe and everything needed to be taken out of the bathrooms and kicthen and some of the closet so I was more busy doing that than anything. They came into the apartment today and tomorrow. i am hoping that they have all of it done by friday so I am not living in a mess for this weekend. It will be nice to see Bryant but he has a rude awakening coming. If he has even thought that he could test my ability of being a mother, this is it. I can't go into detail about it here, but it sure questioned how I brought him up and what type of adult he is going to be.. and no it is nothing bad. Not porn or stuff. I just cant wait to see the look on his face when he knows that I have what he forgot to hide in his room LOL

Oh well


2 days an counting

2 days before the King leaves for Football camp. 2 days more and I can walked around nekkid if I want too. I will actually come home at night and not have to clean up after anyone, cook for anyone, do anyone's wash, chaffeur anyone anywhere. Nice. OMG I am going to be completely bored out of my mind. I started making a list..

1. New Drapes in the living room and my bedroom. I went to Ross today and had 100 bucks worth of purses in my hand.. there were amazing purses there, anyways.. I go to the drape section and threw the purses aside and bought 110 dollars worth of drapes AND rods. I am so excited and already put up 1 rod in my room to see how it would look. I have to go to home depot later and get some better screws. The ones that came with the rods proceeded to take away the plaster instead of making a hole. (they were flat!)

2. Clean the Kings festering area he calls a room.
3. Reorganize my desk area.. it is a basic mess.
4. wash and iron all of my work slack and have everything hanging in my closet at once so I can reorg the closet also.
5. Organize my moose stuff

notice how everything revolves around cleaning and organizing???

And what am I going to be able to blog about? I wont be able to talk to bryant since he cannot take his cell phone or any other electronic device/gadget on the bus. It will be confiscated!!!!!

wonder if I should start recording my soaps again?????


I kinda like Bryant in football. I got so much done this afternoon in the house without him here, manage to tiptoe in his room, to avoid meeting any new friends (mice, ants, a stray dog) and picked up all of his clothes, and I am hoping that they were dirty since of course they were laying on the floor. I made chicken thighs with gravy, mashed taters, and broccoli... now where in the heck is he. It is after 8pm.

okay I went to pick him up. They worked him hard today, he sounds like an old man, whining and complaining while he walks I mean hobbles around the house. He ate two plates full of food, took a shower, gave me his nasty clothes..and proceeded to tell me that the clothes on his floor were clean. Oh boy.

He is now trying to lay on the floor, I advised him against this for fear of him falling asleep and waking up in the middle of the night having to get up off the floor, if he is in bed, he can just roll out and limp to the restroom.

He talks of who does this kind of stuff for free. Why is he doing this... Who talked him into it... this is ridiculous... he says. He thinks that his coach is crazy, I told him that the head coach, coached track last year... bryant then says, no wonder he is making us run so much. He is now sighing in bed.... I told him if he stayed in shape... although honestly he never ever worked this hard at Edison. I think he is going to do well.. and now he is screaming cuz the icy hot is burning his leg. He only ran three and a half miles and did upper bodies weights... and his muscles in his legs are screaming, I wasn't very nice though... I told him that they are going to be doing lower body weights tomorrow, he was not very happy with me. I made him eat on the couch so I could talk to him and since the dining room table is more formal, I wanted him to relax.. he really looked like an old man... .

He is checking his myspace and then going to bed... .this from a kid who was up till 2 am last week at this time.. heh.
I was reading a blog.. isn't that how it always starts??

She was talking about how her son asked if a boy could come over and play, she said no. So what does the son do? He goes and makes the hopeful guest go inside the house and ask.

How many times have you or your child done something of the sort?
Bryant really never had friends to invite over when he was younger. We lived in a one bedroom and he had the bedroom and I had all of my stuff in the living room, so I really wants comfortable with little boys running around in my "bedroom" watching power rangers.

Anyways, when I was a kid and one of us in the neighborhood would get grounded for something someone did... one of us would walk up to their house, and kindly knock on the door, wait for the parent to answer and ask if 'said criminal' could come out to play. We said nothing of 'said criminal' hanging out their bedroom window pleading with one of us to free him from the terrors of his room. Sometimes it would work and 'said criminal' was released with conditions... and sometimes it would not work. When we all figured out what parents are stricter than others, we developed a strategy for getting 'said criminal' out. we would all disappear... one of us would go to house, knock and say, "my mother said that I could come out to play so that I can get out of her hair if "said criminals name' could come out to play with me. We would then disappear and group with the rest of the crew. That was over 25 years ago omg I am old.

My mother would never let me out when I was grounded. She was very strict. I was always the first one to go to sleep in the summer.. it was still light outside and I was what 12??? UGH. I used to have to go get her cigarettes when she was hung over.. so I remember when they were 50 cents for a pack, not cuz i smoked. I would walk down to the liqour store which was next to the bar my mom would hang at, and have a note from my mother, which was sooo unreadable, since her hands were shaking... those were the times.


Growing up yet again

So Bryant got his drivers learner's permit on Saturday, Brian even took him on the busiest highway in America, I95. Was only for a mile or so but still, he let everyone know it. He still has much learning to do since he thinks that he can drive everyone home at night and is trying to get all of the hours that he can until he can get his liscense, he has about a year...

We hardly did anything today, lounged watched the boob tube, made pizza rolls, watched 21, and went to pool. I did not get up until almost 11 am, and that was nice in itself. I got some yarn, thinking of starting another blanket soon.

Oh AND!!! I get to throw a b-day party for Bryant when he turns 16. I think that this is going to be great.