I kinda like Bryant in football. I got so much done this afternoon in the house without him here, manage to tiptoe in his room, to avoid meeting any new friends (mice, ants, a stray dog) and picked up all of his clothes, and I am hoping that they were dirty since of course they were laying on the floor. I made chicken thighs with gravy, mashed taters, and broccoli... now where in the heck is he. It is after 8pm.

okay I went to pick him up. They worked him hard today, he sounds like an old man, whining and complaining while he walks I mean hobbles around the house. He ate two plates full of food, took a shower, gave me his nasty clothes..and proceeded to tell me that the clothes on his floor were clean. Oh boy.

He is now trying to lay on the floor, I advised him against this for fear of him falling asleep and waking up in the middle of the night having to get up off the floor, if he is in bed, he can just roll out and limp to the restroom.

He talks of who does this kind of stuff for free. Why is he doing this... Who talked him into it... this is ridiculous... he says. He thinks that his coach is crazy, I told him that the head coach, coached track last year... bryant then says, no wonder he is making us run so much. He is now sighing in bed.... I told him if he stayed in shape... although honestly he never ever worked this hard at Edison. I think he is going to do well.. and now he is screaming cuz the icy hot is burning his leg. He only ran three and a half miles and did upper bodies weights... and his muscles in his legs are screaming, I wasn't very nice though... I told him that they are going to be doing lower body weights tomorrow, he was not very happy with me. I made him eat on the couch so I could talk to him and since the dining room table is more formal, I wanted him to relax.. he really looked like an old man... .

He is checking his myspace and then going to bed... .this from a kid who was up till 2 am last week at this time.. heh.

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