Update to the troubles of a teen

So the King is working, only a few days a week, and they are taking taxes out and he is very unhappy with the American Way. Last summer he was working almost everyday and making about 70 bucks under the table. Now he makes about 26 bucks a day. He wants to quit, but I wont let him until he gets another job. He thinks I am mean. I give him money to go see Transformers II, The Hangover, and I give him money during the week for other things, all the while only asking for him to mow the yards, take out the garbage and clean his bathroom. The bathroom is the only thing I really demand that he does every other day. So I am definately mean, go figure.

He is only 16 years old, and he has had so many more experiences than I have. He golfs with Brian and I. He travels all over Virginia playing in pool tournaments. His curfew is 11 pm on the weekends. He can have people over at the house at almost any time. I am such the cool mom.

Some teenagers lock themselves in their room for days at a time. I am pretty lucky with that. King will come down and hang out with me, of course when it is suitable for him. But still, he will talk to me about everything except if he is dating someone. I hope that he is careful and that is all I can say to him. We still laugh all of the time, well with the exception of when I am yelling at him and trying to teach him to be an adult. He wants so bad for me to treat him like an adult, not a child, but he is not ready for that. He doesn't have too much common sense, unlike me. I could live on my own at his age, I know for a fact he would not survive. he still looks through a single lens instead of soaking in the entire concept and acting upon the correct way instead of what he wants to do.

I feel as though I am more of a parent now, than when he was little. it is such the never ending job!!!

Happy Sunday!

So I started Weight Watchers

Yep, I did and I have lost 3 pounds, but I am sure with all of the hot dogs that I ate yesterday will magically turn into the 3 pounds I lost and deposit them in a new place, like my ass or hips. I should have thought more before I ate them. I did not eat them at the same time, Heavens no. I paid my 8 bucks, got 1 hotdog with mustard (if they would have had tomato, and pickle with some kraut I would have been all over that) I also put some tater salad and 2 deviled eggs on my plate. Went back to my chair, and ate 1 egg. I then looked at my dog, hopefully that it was all beef, and was looking at the size, and how it was perfectly grilled to a master plumpness. I could have inhaled that dog. I took my time eating it, savoring each bite, wondering how many points the hotdog bun counted for, and making another mental note to buy reduced fat hot dog buns for myself. Yes, I know boring and so like the beginning dieter. I ate the tater salad which was from red hot and blue, and gave my second egg away and thought.. more hotdog scrumpishness please. And I waited 15 minutes and got another one OMG they were excellent, and also all beef I had to ask, since I cannot digest pork... and NO bacon is not pork, its its own food group thank you very much. Anyways enough with the food. It was great and I paid 8 bucks for 3 hotdogs, a 1/4 tater salad and a deviled egg. And the best thing is.. I get to do this again Saturday since we are having another picnic. *sigh*

So anyways back to my ass. I think that I have a nice looking butt, it is the rest of the body that is out of perportion. I have been doing my walking, but I need to do more. I have a total gym set up in my living room and right now, I just stare at it wondering how I can get motivated to do it. I was thinking that I would do it for 10 minutes each time I sat down to watch television... so I started hanging out in the kitchen, trying to beat my high score of Bejewled. The gym would start talking to me. I could hear it move in the living room, dusting itself off, begging the cats to play with its arm pulls. I got the DVD player from the spouses house and set it up near the tv so I could do the videos associated with the TG, but I haven't hooked it up to my television yet. I am trying to think of everthing to procrastinate. Really weird. But like I said I have been outside a lot and walking and drinking water... Is that really enough? Honestly, for me and the goals I have set up, no that is not enough. But hey I am always setting myself up for failure aren't I???


All about the tokens

Remember when you went to Chuck E Cheese and you played all of those "cheesey" games and you were rewarded with coupons if you played well? I never went as a child, since of course my childhood sucked, but I took my son many times and when he started getting too old for it, we would still go and play the games together and see who could rack up the most coupons. He won most of the time, but at the end of the day when you are counting hundreds of coupons for a dollar store toy, I thought to myself many times. it is not about the toy that you get, its about the hundreds upon hundreds of coupons/tickets that you have collected. You would remember the number for days, using it as a bargaining tool when playing with friends. I got 500 tickets at Chuck E Cheese, how many did you get" I remember hearing when Bryant would play with his friends at school. They would then compare which games gave you the most tickets. They would hardy ever talk about the toy that they "bought" with their tickets, it was all about who could gather the most tickets.

The same thing can be said about adults and their games. I play on an online gaming site, and when you pay the monthly or yearly fee you are rewarded by being able to collect tokens. They can be used for.... nothing, absolutely positively nothing. Funny thing is, adults are amazed when someone "walks" into a gaming room with 20 million tokens or higher. These people get asked all of the time, "How long have you been playing" or how did you get so many tokens?" I think I have around 7 million at this time, but I get into funks where I need to go and play and see which games can give you the most tokens when you win. You then brag to the other players when you get a jackpot spin and get a ginormous amount of tokens. Of course most of the time, you know no one in the room, but the need to share and have something in common with others. When one person announces that they got 5000 on a jackpot spin, all of a sudden everyone in the room starts spouting off how many tokens that they recieved on their jackpot spin. It is just a sense of belonging I guess.
No one asks you what you are going to buy with them, they never ask you what you are going to do with the millions upon millions of tokens that you have in your account. We all know that this is a ploy by the gaming industry that dates back decades when the saying was "whoever has the most toys wins". Now it is not so much about the toys, since we really do not have anywhere to put them anymore, but it has to do with the tokens that you collect, or the tickets you have coming out of your armpits when the games are over at the pizza place.

I think of this often, especially when I go into one of my gaming rooms, and I see members with more tokens than I have. I get a stab of jealousy and maybe a twinge of "oh they probably bought all of those tokens" I might read a profile or two to see how long they have been members. Eventually i play my game and hope that one day, I have the most tokens and I win.

So many things to talk about

Where should I start? I have missed my blog, it was recently taken over by cats, and even thought they are still cute and onory as can be... I need my blog back, so from now one we will have one day a week for mindless kitten antics. So Saturday is the new Caturday and that will be when I talk about my creatures great and small.

Okay so, those of you who have Facebook can now look up your zip code for sex offenders who live in your area and it will post it to your homepage. Interesting. now I thought I lived in a pretty safe neighborhood, but it says that I have 24 people living close to me. And these are the ones that have been caught. It shows their picture and when you click on the picture it takes you to another website and will inform you of what they did wrong and where they are living. Now if that aint a tool to be reckoned with. I mean I have many many issues on the system allowing preditors who can not be rehabilitated back into society becuase of the simple, oh the jails are over crowded. Umm Hello.. jails are for punishment, and I personally cannot see anyone being rehabilitated to where they can focus on their well being and mental health. But of course the government would rather spend money bailing out all of the automotive industries instead of putting the money where it is needed.

As of right now, our Grandchildrens grandchildren will be paying off the debt we are incurring right now, and it really doesnt matter who is president, becuase regardless of who would have been in charge, this decision would have to be made.

Oh and another thing... before you start dogging out the government and others who are seen in power, please take a civics class so you know who must approve what and who does what on the hill. It would make all of the protests a bit more smarter.

Okay so Michael Jackson versus Farrah Fawcett. Yea we knew Farrah was not going to survive, no matter where she went for experimental treatment. Yea Michael was an icon figure who paid large sums of hush money to the mother of an alledged victim of child molestation. So why is Michael getting all of the air time? Yes he had great music, but Farrah had a great performance in The Burning Bed and also Extremities. I wonder what is going to happen to Michael's children, are they going to go back to the biological mother? Is a monkey going to care for them now???? Inquiring minds want to know.


I just finished reading AMY and I can say that I went through the same thing with Bryant. Now I wish he would get through the phase where everyone is wrong besides him and he basically thinks that he is the perfect one and knows everything. Seems to me he is just like his father in that aspect. Another thing, when he comes through the door, there is no "hello" "how are you". Maybe a grunt or two might come out of his lips, but that might be too much trouble, so why bother. It seems that I have been on his case more now that ever. He is going to be living out on his own soon and there is no way he is going to have a roommate who is going to put up with him. Girlfriends, yea he has them but he never wants to share the information... I need to start cracking down!!

Laughing out loud

My back has been hurting so I have sitting on a vibrating chair inset. I fashioned it up in the bed, so I could watch tv in bed while I was getting a massage.

Up comes both of the cats, since they think it is nap time. They heard the buzzing of the back immediately and started smacking the blankets. OMG Calvin was trying to attack nothing, which makes me think that they had a fight with a bee, or something that buzzes. So I turned off the back thing and lay it on the bed so that they could smell it and see what it actually was. Then I would turn it on low and all I can say is that I have not laughed that much in such a long time. It was great. Calvin is always investigating things, while Tao stand behind him, but he was so freaked out that she would be behind him, and smack the blanket that he would jump so high that he would fall off the bed. This happened again and again and I would just laugh. Calvin would get back on the bed, get in front of Tao and then start swatting the blanket, sheet whatever. Once Tao was right by his side, and she swatted, which made Calvin, roll on his back and right off of the bed. omg that was a classic. Aall you saw was hind legs and balls. LOL.

So that was my night!


Update on Tao

She finally lets me walk past her without her darting upstairs under a bed. She also will let me extend a finger to her to smell when we are both sitting on the couch. This morning she attacked my ponytail.

Things are looking up!


Okay enough with the cats

I know, I know, this blog is supposed to be about how I am turning 40 and all of the exciting things that I have been doing in preparation for it. But hell, I just love going home and watching the 2 kittens tear around the house and play with anything that moves. Calvin got dizzy yesterday when we were playing with him, true to his form he looked like a drunk cat. Tao has a bit more sense to that, so we have to humor her in different ways. She let me cut her nailes yesterday without totally freaking out on me, and when ever she is sleeping on the top of the couch now she does not take cover when she sees me coming, she is starting to learn that I am harmless. She will let me pet her and she will stay in her spot. I am hoping that a few months from now she will be just as lovey as Calvin.

Anyways... Bryant's last day of school is this week and his summer begins. He is hopefully going to get more hours from work and not be home eating all of the food in the house all summer. I cannot believe that he is going to be a junior next year. I remember looking at him while I was patting his back to sleep on many times, and how I was stuck in that rooms for what seems like eternity, and sometimes falling asleep with him. Sometimes I would pat his back as fast as I could just so I could sneak out of the room adn go do grown up things that we so much more important, so much so that i have no idea what they were now. I remember thinking, I cannot wait for him to go to sleep on his own, and not bother me all of the time with questions and facts about his life. now I wish he would talk to me with more than a grunt. We have had a few very good discussions lately and I just have to remember that each moment that I spend with him now, I am going to try to remember for years to come. I know that with a boy, I am going to lose many special events in his life, I am hoping that his wife and I get along well and she lets me in. But hey, that is years down the road right? Yes people, this is the time where you humor me. Anyways...

My foot hurts, it feels like I need to crack it in someway. I am going to take off walking today, just in case, my heel on the same foot hurt this morning.

I rearranged everything in the living room, and my total gym fits, I just hope to gawd that when I am on it the kitties dont feel like playing with me. I think I am going to lock them in Bryants room when I use it. I also moved around the stuff in my bedroom, hopefully this will be the last time I feel the need to move things, but I can already tell that I miss my night stand, I dont have my magazine, my ice cold water that the cats knock over in the middle of the night, my paper and pens!

Tonight I want to clean out the fridge and work on the bathrooms. I have so much crap and I really want to start downsizing.


Qiuck post

OMG Maggie was laying on the floor in an odd manner, so I thought one of the toys got stuck underneath a shelf, so I get up to help her and she sees me and stands up like, "I wasn't doing anything". Unon closer inspection, I find Calvin laying on the floor... Maggie was playing with Calvin.. but I wasn't supposed to see that!


Cats watching baby bunnies in the back yard

Thursday night rituals

Every Thursday night without fail, my best friend and I get together for a few drinks, and watch Jeopardy at the lodge. Last night the current champion was a teach from woodbridge VA. Pretty cool since it is right around the corner from where we live!

He lost, but it was still neat to watch!


Excitement was kaput!

So yesterday I had this grand burst of energy, meaning the coffee finally hit me sometime in the afternoon, so I decided to go on my walk. Instead of doing the treadmill like I have been so dedicated in doing with the heat around here, I decided to walk around the neighborhood. I had bought some new soles for the feet (superfeet) and I wanted to see how they felt. I felt so good, walking and cranking music on the ipod, I was sure I walked close to 3 miles, and I was in cardio heaven and so happy I was able to walk so long on the cement, and as my house got closer, I thought I could keep on going, but I knew a storm was looming so I decided against it since of course I walked my three miles for the day...

I got in my car and tracked the distance I walked...

1.8 miles



Things have been way to busy around here...

The cats are tearing up the house, everytime I leave and come back, before I open the front door I pray that they have not done any structural damage to the house. I have pretty much baby proofed the entire house, with the exception of my desk, I am working on that now. They aready broke Maggie's water and food dishes, by trying to jump on the counter, and when they dont quiet make it their front paw grabs whatever is in reach and it winds up going down with them. My ipod speakers went the other day, and I am already training them not to get on the counters, and they know now, as soon as they see me coming they dart in mid air right past me as I am trying to swat them and there they go!
I dont know which one is worse right now, Calvin or Tao. Calvin is the noisy one, you know when he is around, but also when he gets into trouble, he hides out in the upstairs bedroom, then comes down and jumps on my lap and instantly purrs and wants loves. He is the typical male cat from what I have heard because he is very lovey.
Tao on the other hand is sneaky. She will only suck up to me on her terms, usually when I am under the covers and not able to grab and love on her. She lays down by my feet when I am sleping, Calvin is usually right on my chest, waiting for me to blink so he can attack my eyelashes. Tao is the quiet one, she goes all over the house, all snarky.. waiting for the perfect moment to catapault into something, and when I get there she is already gone, leaving Calvin to take the blame. What a sister. She also will go up to him when he is actually minding his own business and just attack him, I am sure he deserves it one way or another but geez! Tao lets me hold her maybe twice a day, for about 15 minutes, I got her last night as I was laying down and she would not have any of this cuddling nonsense, I had to show her who was in charge and that she can just get over her little attitutde and chill out for a few minutes. I petted her for 20 minutes, then I heard her finally relax and sigh... then I stopped petting her and she was gone!
I have to watch out where I walk, since my toes have become objects that they enjoy attacking... especially in the middle of the night. Calvin will continue to paw at Bryant when he wants to play... 2 am play times need to find another home. Calvin loves Air puffed Cheetos... I havent given him any but he found my little dish, proceeded to lick all of the good stuff off of one then tried to bite it and carry it away. Very cute. When Sheri came over they did not run and hide, they just looked at her. They have many many toys... and they still can't find enough to play with... right now, Calvin is trying to figure out a way to get form the island to my coffee pot...
Got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thinking back

Whenever I watch high school shows, like the one I am currently addicted to, One Tree Hill, I wonder what High School would have been like if I was a different person. I had so much going on in high school that I never really enjoyed it. It seemed many times like a chore or some sick socialization joke or experiment.

I wasn't popular but not a nerd either. A part of me thinks that people were scared of me, since I beat up some chick in the 9th grade. My relationships that mattered were with my teachers, and since I was living on my own, it was a different type of relationship than one of a normal teen. I wish I would have never lost touch with them, and I am always thinking about them.



And.. one more thought

I never knew how big Maggie really was until we brought home the kittens. She is doing as predicted with the new felines, she is hissy still but not as much as yesterday.. she watched them play from the hallway, and she is getting spoiled from me, so not to have her think that I am not paying attention to her and she leave me a present. She has been very good!

New members of the family

But do not tell anyone... it's a secret!
They are hiding out in Bryant's room, smelling all of the wonderful crevices of a Teenage boys room. You can hear them downstairs, flaying along, twisting and turning, banging into doors, walls and those springy things that are on the back of the doors. As soon as I open the door, they run and hide like I don't know that they are there (yea right)
Picture this ~ me almost asleep, comfy position, eyes all the way closed, the noise of the tele getting distant and all of a sudden you hear the twannnnggggg of the springy thing on the back of the door. UGH. Bryant didn't get mush sleep last night because of it and when I came down this morning, he was sleeping on the couch, snoring... Today the munckins were pretty happy, I went to visit them many times, playing with them, after the Tortie stopped hissing at me, and knew that she was not a food group- for me, she allowed me to pet her and she snuggled in my arms for a long winters nap. Spaztic cat (previous name was proton) and I know why, he is a spaz, plain and simple. He enjoys playing, is a lover and purrs as soon as I pick him up. Calvin, as my son has named him brings the tortie out of her shell. I have not re-named her as of yet, I like Tao. The pictures make them look like orphans, they definately are not. Bryant is teaching Calvin to eat out of his hand...

100 Things about Me

A work in progress