So I started Weight Watchers

Yep, I did and I have lost 3 pounds, but I am sure with all of the hot dogs that I ate yesterday will magically turn into the 3 pounds I lost and deposit them in a new place, like my ass or hips. I should have thought more before I ate them. I did not eat them at the same time, Heavens no. I paid my 8 bucks, got 1 hotdog with mustard (if they would have had tomato, and pickle with some kraut I would have been all over that) I also put some tater salad and 2 deviled eggs on my plate. Went back to my chair, and ate 1 egg. I then looked at my dog, hopefully that it was all beef, and was looking at the size, and how it was perfectly grilled to a master plumpness. I could have inhaled that dog. I took my time eating it, savoring each bite, wondering how many points the hotdog bun counted for, and making another mental note to buy reduced fat hot dog buns for myself. Yes, I know boring and so like the beginning dieter. I ate the tater salad which was from red hot and blue, and gave my second egg away and thought.. more hotdog scrumpishness please. And I waited 15 minutes and got another one OMG they were excellent, and also all beef I had to ask, since I cannot digest pork... and NO bacon is not pork, its its own food group thank you very much. Anyways enough with the food. It was great and I paid 8 bucks for 3 hotdogs, a 1/4 tater salad and a deviled egg. And the best thing is.. I get to do this again Saturday since we are having another picnic. *sigh*

So anyways back to my ass. I think that I have a nice looking butt, it is the rest of the body that is out of perportion. I have been doing my walking, but I need to do more. I have a total gym set up in my living room and right now, I just stare at it wondering how I can get motivated to do it. I was thinking that I would do it for 10 minutes each time I sat down to watch television... so I started hanging out in the kitchen, trying to beat my high score of Bejewled. The gym would start talking to me. I could hear it move in the living room, dusting itself off, begging the cats to play with its arm pulls. I got the DVD player from the spouses house and set it up near the tv so I could do the videos associated with the TG, but I haven't hooked it up to my television yet. I am trying to think of everthing to procrastinate. Really weird. But like I said I have been outside a lot and walking and drinking water... Is that really enough? Honestly, for me and the goals I have set up, no that is not enough. But hey I am always setting myself up for failure aren't I???

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