Question of the day

What skills are you teaching your teenage son that will help him survive in his own apartment one day?

I am hoping that I have already taught my son what he needs in order to survive. I am hoping that I have given him enough tools in order to succeed in a crisis and emergencies when money is tight and you have to use your common sense. I have taught him how to shop on a budget, if he does it that is up to him. I don't know if he will have to go through some of the trials and tribulations that I went through growing up. I knowingly put myself in that position, away from home, on my own. A studio apartment and I had to share a bathroom with other people. I still remember those times, and at times I can pick up on the smells that I remember from that place when I am in strange parts of town! I hope that I have taught him how to make a chicken stretch for more than one day, and that you have to pay your rent, car and other bills before you can go out and play. I hope that I showed him how to iron properly and to do a load of wash with separated clothes.

We shall see

4 hours of school is a killer

Ok so the boy had to go to school today. He wanted to stay home and watch television all day eat scones, read the paper and stay in jammie ALL DAY. I made him go to school. When was the last time that I could stay home and STAY IN MY JAMMIE ALL DAY LONG???? It has been awhile. I have tried, I get my big bowl of coffee, and sit on the recliner getting ready to watch all the morning shows my mind can soak up in one sitting. The guilt starts when a commercial comes on, my coffee is empty so I go upstairs, while taking a load of clean clothes with me. Then when the morning light hits my kitchen you can see every single peice of dirt on the floor and mark on my white counter tops. So then I tell myself, ill just celan it up wont take that long, two hours later, I have a diet coke and am getting ready to sit back into the reclinder, when the dog wants outside. I let her out, realize that the leaves are all over the yard, and also dog messes, I proceed to shut the door and go back and sit down, then get back up and next commercial and spend the next 20 minutes raking and cleaning the yard (small yard). Needless to say the day is shot to hell cuz now I need a shower and can cook and mess up the kitchen, do wash.. omg let me stop here.
My sons day off - sleep till 10 am. watch cartoons in bed for about an hour. walk downstairs, get a bowl of cereal, take dog dowstairs, dropping cerreal on the way down, dog picks it up.. lets the dog out, forgets to bring recycling until he hears the truck coming and tries to carry the bin inside and up the stairs and drips all over my carpet... misses the recycling man, takes stuff ack downstairs, hoping the beer smell dries off of his shirt so he doesnt have to go upstairs to change shirt. Eats another bowl of cereal since he is having brunch. 2 hours later, makes a grilled cheese since he forget he partook on brunch. Dogs bowls are empty. Bryant throws the dog a bone. and so on...


No more football

Bryant has been trying to spend his time doing productive things around the house since he is not in football any more. He has forgotten to take out the garbage, left dirty dishes in the sink and complained about being bored. He is starting to eat me out of house and home. If I buy ice cream, it is fine til I open the ice cream then in two days it is gone. So I do not buy ice cream. Same goes with if I make a pie and/or cake, he is a cake person. He is not a huge chocolate eater, nor chips and such. And he loves to drink my fresca. At least it is healthy?

Today he tells me that he is going to stay late after school and hang out. Does he not realize that he has a project due byt he end of the month and the rest of the month is going to fly by because of all the holidays? He also has a biology test this Friday - I got him to make flash cards but he has not looked at them. And looking at them while in the bathroom just does not count. Needless to say I will not be testing him with him flashcards. He was cool this weekend, hung out with me most of the time and helped out at the Moose Sunday and talked M into hiring him back on friday nights, since the person that works there now sucks. He usually makes about 100 bucks a night, can you imagine how much he is going to make when he gets a real job. Yes, I know this is a real job but the only reason why he works here is becuase he is not old enough to work at a regular restaurant. I am thinking he is going to go for Red Hot and Blue up the street since we are friends with one of the managers. Who knows. I told him to stay away from fast food.

He wants to move out again and even told me that when he has enough money he will help me out so that we dont have to move back with him.. odd boy he is.


Things I want my son to experience

Number one - to experience financial hardship, to have to figure out how to make that check last until the next one, and which bills are more important that the other, want him to know what it is like to work for things that you need as well as want, and to learn what is the difference between wants and needs - yet appreciate how well he has it when he is able to get a want, and to know what it is like to savor it.

Number two - I want him to experience being a father. his father was not always there for him and I have taught Bryant everything I can about unconditional love and everything in between. I want him to be able to experience the feeling when a newborn is placed in your arms and that feeling at that moment. I also want him to finally realize what it means to him to be daddy's little girl.

Number three - i want him to experience death so he knows how valueable life is and to live it to its fullest.

Halloween downers

Son did not dress up as a girl, him and D chickened out at the last minute, which was fine. They left the house around 7, I hardly saw any trick or treaters at all. It was a shame, I love to see all the costumes that the kids dress up in now adays. Amazing how many people think that wearing street clothing qualifies you for free candy. But the one kid said he was a street rat.. I was going to give him a piece of cheese and see what he would have said to that. But, I chose to be the adult here LOL.

Drove son to school this morning and of course I had to drop him off a block away, in the dark so he wouldn't be seen with me. Not that I was disappointed cuz then I didnt have to make any turns to get on the beltway.

I think that this weekend is going to be fun, the entire family is going to go to Calleo for a Moose pool tournament. Bryant is going to be playing and I think that he has gotten so much better with his playing that he should rock a few of them there men's world. We are leaving Friday around noon and getting back on Sunday of course. Son has been playing pool for 3 years now, and it definately shows.