No more football

Bryant has been trying to spend his time doing productive things around the house since he is not in football any more. He has forgotten to take out the garbage, left dirty dishes in the sink and complained about being bored. He is starting to eat me out of house and home. If I buy ice cream, it is fine til I open the ice cream then in two days it is gone. So I do not buy ice cream. Same goes with if I make a pie and/or cake, he is a cake person. He is not a huge chocolate eater, nor chips and such. And he loves to drink my fresca. At least it is healthy?

Today he tells me that he is going to stay late after school and hang out. Does he not realize that he has a project due byt he end of the month and the rest of the month is going to fly by because of all the holidays? He also has a biology test this Friday - I got him to make flash cards but he has not looked at them. And looking at them while in the bathroom just does not count. Needless to say I will not be testing him with him flashcards. He was cool this weekend, hung out with me most of the time and helped out at the Moose Sunday and talked M into hiring him back on friday nights, since the person that works there now sucks. He usually makes about 100 bucks a night, can you imagine how much he is going to make when he gets a real job. Yes, I know this is a real job but the only reason why he works here is becuase he is not old enough to work at a regular restaurant. I am thinking he is going to go for Red Hot and Blue up the street since we are friends with one of the managers. Who knows. I told him to stay away from fast food.

He wants to move out again and even told me that when he has enough money he will help me out so that we dont have to move back with him.. odd boy he is.

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