Things I want my son to experience

Number one - to experience financial hardship, to have to figure out how to make that check last until the next one, and which bills are more important that the other, want him to know what it is like to work for things that you need as well as want, and to learn what is the difference between wants and needs - yet appreciate how well he has it when he is able to get a want, and to know what it is like to savor it.

Number two - I want him to experience being a father. his father was not always there for him and I have taught Bryant everything I can about unconditional love and everything in between. I want him to be able to experience the feeling when a newborn is placed in your arms and that feeling at that moment. I also want him to finally realize what it means to him to be daddy's little girl.

Number three - i want him to experience death so he knows how valueable life is and to live it to its fullest.

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