Halloween downers

Son did not dress up as a girl, him and D chickened out at the last minute, which was fine. They left the house around 7, I hardly saw any trick or treaters at all. It was a shame, I love to see all the costumes that the kids dress up in now adays. Amazing how many people think that wearing street clothing qualifies you for free candy. But the one kid said he was a street rat.. I was going to give him a piece of cheese and see what he would have said to that. But, I chose to be the adult here LOL.

Drove son to school this morning and of course I had to drop him off a block away, in the dark so he wouldn't be seen with me. Not that I was disappointed cuz then I didnt have to make any turns to get on the beltway.

I think that this weekend is going to be fun, the entire family is going to go to Calleo for a Moose pool tournament. Bryant is going to be playing and I think that he has gotten so much better with his playing that he should rock a few of them there men's world. We are leaving Friday around noon and getting back on Sunday of course. Son has been playing pool for 3 years now, and it definately shows.

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