Update to the troubles of a teen

So the King is working, only a few days a week, and they are taking taxes out and he is very unhappy with the American Way. Last summer he was working almost everyday and making about 70 bucks under the table. Now he makes about 26 bucks a day. He wants to quit, but I wont let him until he gets another job. He thinks I am mean. I give him money to go see Transformers II, The Hangover, and I give him money during the week for other things, all the while only asking for him to mow the yards, take out the garbage and clean his bathroom. The bathroom is the only thing I really demand that he does every other day. So I am definately mean, go figure.

He is only 16 years old, and he has had so many more experiences than I have. He golfs with Brian and I. He travels all over Virginia playing in pool tournaments. His curfew is 11 pm on the weekends. He can have people over at the house at almost any time. I am such the cool mom.

Some teenagers lock themselves in their room for days at a time. I am pretty lucky with that. King will come down and hang out with me, of course when it is suitable for him. But still, he will talk to me about everything except if he is dating someone. I hope that he is careful and that is all I can say to him. We still laugh all of the time, well with the exception of when I am yelling at him and trying to teach him to be an adult. He wants so bad for me to treat him like an adult, not a child, but he is not ready for that. He doesn't have too much common sense, unlike me. I could live on my own at his age, I know for a fact he would not survive. he still looks through a single lens instead of soaking in the entire concept and acting upon the correct way instead of what he wants to do.

I feel as though I am more of a parent now, than when he was little. it is such the never ending job!!!

Happy Sunday!

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