Laughing out loud

My back has been hurting so I have sitting on a vibrating chair inset. I fashioned it up in the bed, so I could watch tv in bed while I was getting a massage.

Up comes both of the cats, since they think it is nap time. They heard the buzzing of the back immediately and started smacking the blankets. OMG Calvin was trying to attack nothing, which makes me think that they had a fight with a bee, or something that buzzes. So I turned off the back thing and lay it on the bed so that they could smell it and see what it actually was. Then I would turn it on low and all I can say is that I have not laughed that much in such a long time. It was great. Calvin is always investigating things, while Tao stand behind him, but he was so freaked out that she would be behind him, and smack the blanket that he would jump so high that he would fall off the bed. This happened again and again and I would just laugh. Calvin would get back on the bed, get in front of Tao and then start swatting the blanket, sheet whatever. Once Tao was right by his side, and she swatted, which made Calvin, roll on his back and right off of the bed. omg that was a classic. Aall you saw was hind legs and balls. LOL.

So that was my night!

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