Things have been way to busy around here...

The cats are tearing up the house, everytime I leave and come back, before I open the front door I pray that they have not done any structural damage to the house. I have pretty much baby proofed the entire house, with the exception of my desk, I am working on that now. They aready broke Maggie's water and food dishes, by trying to jump on the counter, and when they dont quiet make it their front paw grabs whatever is in reach and it winds up going down with them. My ipod speakers went the other day, and I am already training them not to get on the counters, and they know now, as soon as they see me coming they dart in mid air right past me as I am trying to swat them and there they go!
I dont know which one is worse right now, Calvin or Tao. Calvin is the noisy one, you know when he is around, but also when he gets into trouble, he hides out in the upstairs bedroom, then comes down and jumps on my lap and instantly purrs and wants loves. He is the typical male cat from what I have heard because he is very lovey.
Tao on the other hand is sneaky. She will only suck up to me on her terms, usually when I am under the covers and not able to grab and love on her. She lays down by my feet when I am sleping, Calvin is usually right on my chest, waiting for me to blink so he can attack my eyelashes. Tao is the quiet one, she goes all over the house, all snarky.. waiting for the perfect moment to catapault into something, and when I get there she is already gone, leaving Calvin to take the blame. What a sister. She also will go up to him when he is actually minding his own business and just attack him, I am sure he deserves it one way or another but geez! Tao lets me hold her maybe twice a day, for about 15 minutes, I got her last night as I was laying down and she would not have any of this cuddling nonsense, I had to show her who was in charge and that she can just get over her little attitutde and chill out for a few minutes. I petted her for 20 minutes, then I heard her finally relax and sigh... then I stopped petting her and she was gone!
I have to watch out where I walk, since my toes have become objects that they enjoy attacking... especially in the middle of the night. Calvin will continue to paw at Bryant when he wants to play... 2 am play times need to find another home. Calvin loves Air puffed Cheetos... I havent given him any but he found my little dish, proceeded to lick all of the good stuff off of one then tried to bite it and carry it away. Very cute. When Sheri came over they did not run and hide, they just looked at her. They have many many toys... and they still can't find enough to play with... right now, Calvin is trying to figure out a way to get form the island to my coffee pot...
Got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Squirt bottle time!

    Seriously, if you don't have a squirt bottle, it's worth trying. Spray them when they do something bad.

    Then again, they are kittens. Kittens are a pain no matter what you do. But they're soooooo cute!