Excitement was kaput!

So yesterday I had this grand burst of energy, meaning the coffee finally hit me sometime in the afternoon, so I decided to go on my walk. Instead of doing the treadmill like I have been so dedicated in doing with the heat around here, I decided to walk around the neighborhood. I had bought some new soles for the feet (superfeet) and I wanted to see how they felt. I felt so good, walking and cranking music on the ipod, I was sure I walked close to 3 miles, and I was in cardio heaven and so happy I was able to walk so long on the cement, and as my house got closer, I thought I could keep on going, but I knew a storm was looming so I decided against it since of course I walked my three miles for the day...

I got in my car and tracked the distance I walked...

1.8 miles


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  1. Something is better than nothing, right?