New members of the family

But do not tell anyone... it's a secret!
They are hiding out in Bryant's room, smelling all of the wonderful crevices of a Teenage boys room. You can hear them downstairs, flaying along, twisting and turning, banging into doors, walls and those springy things that are on the back of the doors. As soon as I open the door, they run and hide like I don't know that they are there (yea right)
Picture this ~ me almost asleep, comfy position, eyes all the way closed, the noise of the tele getting distant and all of a sudden you hear the twannnnggggg of the springy thing on the back of the door. UGH. Bryant didn't get mush sleep last night because of it and when I came down this morning, he was sleeping on the couch, snoring... Today the munckins were pretty happy, I went to visit them many times, playing with them, after the Tortie stopped hissing at me, and knew that she was not a food group- for me, she allowed me to pet her and she snuggled in my arms for a long winters nap. Spaztic cat (previous name was proton) and I know why, he is a spaz, plain and simple. He enjoys playing, is a lover and purrs as soon as I pick him up. Calvin, as my son has named him brings the tortie out of her shell. I have not re-named her as of yet, I like Tao. The pictures make them look like orphans, they definately are not. Bryant is teaching Calvin to eat out of his hand...

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