Okay enough with the cats

I know, I know, this blog is supposed to be about how I am turning 40 and all of the exciting things that I have been doing in preparation for it. But hell, I just love going home and watching the 2 kittens tear around the house and play with anything that moves. Calvin got dizzy yesterday when we were playing with him, true to his form he looked like a drunk cat. Tao has a bit more sense to that, so we have to humor her in different ways. She let me cut her nailes yesterday without totally freaking out on me, and when ever she is sleeping on the top of the couch now she does not take cover when she sees me coming, she is starting to learn that I am harmless. She will let me pet her and she will stay in her spot. I am hoping that a few months from now she will be just as lovey as Calvin.

Anyways... Bryant's last day of school is this week and his summer begins. He is hopefully going to get more hours from work and not be home eating all of the food in the house all summer. I cannot believe that he is going to be a junior next year. I remember looking at him while I was patting his back to sleep on many times, and how I was stuck in that rooms for what seems like eternity, and sometimes falling asleep with him. Sometimes I would pat his back as fast as I could just so I could sneak out of the room adn go do grown up things that we so much more important, so much so that i have no idea what they were now. I remember thinking, I cannot wait for him to go to sleep on his own, and not bother me all of the time with questions and facts about his life. now I wish he would talk to me with more than a grunt. We have had a few very good discussions lately and I just have to remember that each moment that I spend with him now, I am going to try to remember for years to come. I know that with a boy, I am going to lose many special events in his life, I am hoping that his wife and I get along well and she lets me in. But hey, that is years down the road right? Yes people, this is the time where you humor me. Anyways...

My foot hurts, it feels like I need to crack it in someway. I am going to take off walking today, just in case, my heel on the same foot hurt this morning.

I rearranged everything in the living room, and my total gym fits, I just hope to gawd that when I am on it the kitties dont feel like playing with me. I think I am going to lock them in Bryants room when I use it. I also moved around the stuff in my bedroom, hopefully this will be the last time I feel the need to move things, but I can already tell that I miss my night stand, I dont have my magazine, my ice cold water that the cats knock over in the middle of the night, my paper and pens!

Tonight I want to clean out the fridge and work on the bathrooms. I have so much crap and I really want to start downsizing.

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