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Where should I start? I have missed my blog, it was recently taken over by cats, and even thought they are still cute and onory as can be... I need my blog back, so from now one we will have one day a week for mindless kitten antics. So Saturday is the new Caturday and that will be when I talk about my creatures great and small.

Okay so, those of you who have Facebook can now look up your zip code for sex offenders who live in your area and it will post it to your homepage. Interesting. now I thought I lived in a pretty safe neighborhood, but it says that I have 24 people living close to me. And these are the ones that have been caught. It shows their picture and when you click on the picture it takes you to another website and will inform you of what they did wrong and where they are living. Now if that aint a tool to be reckoned with. I mean I have many many issues on the system allowing preditors who can not be rehabilitated back into society becuase of the simple, oh the jails are over crowded. Umm Hello.. jails are for punishment, and I personally cannot see anyone being rehabilitated to where they can focus on their well being and mental health. But of course the government would rather spend money bailing out all of the automotive industries instead of putting the money where it is needed.

As of right now, our Grandchildrens grandchildren will be paying off the debt we are incurring right now, and it really doesnt matter who is president, becuase regardless of who would have been in charge, this decision would have to be made.

Oh and another thing... before you start dogging out the government and others who are seen in power, please take a civics class so you know who must approve what and who does what on the hill. It would make all of the protests a bit more smarter.

Okay so Michael Jackson versus Farrah Fawcett. Yea we knew Farrah was not going to survive, no matter where she went for experimental treatment. Yea Michael was an icon figure who paid large sums of hush money to the mother of an alledged victim of child molestation. So why is Michael getting all of the air time? Yes he had great music, but Farrah had a great performance in The Burning Bed and also Extremities. I wonder what is going to happen to Michael's children, are they going to go back to the biological mother? Is a monkey going to care for them now???? Inquiring minds want to know.

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