I was reading a blog.. isn't that how it always starts??

She was talking about how her son asked if a boy could come over and play, she said no. So what does the son do? He goes and makes the hopeful guest go inside the house and ask.

How many times have you or your child done something of the sort?
Bryant really never had friends to invite over when he was younger. We lived in a one bedroom and he had the bedroom and I had all of my stuff in the living room, so I really wants comfortable with little boys running around in my "bedroom" watching power rangers.

Anyways, when I was a kid and one of us in the neighborhood would get grounded for something someone did... one of us would walk up to their house, and kindly knock on the door, wait for the parent to answer and ask if 'said criminal' could come out to play. We said nothing of 'said criminal' hanging out their bedroom window pleading with one of us to free him from the terrors of his room. Sometimes it would work and 'said criminal' was released with conditions... and sometimes it would not work. When we all figured out what parents are stricter than others, we developed a strategy for getting 'said criminal' out. we would all disappear... one of us would go to house, knock and say, "my mother said that I could come out to play so that I can get out of her hair if "said criminals name' could come out to play with me. We would then disappear and group with the rest of the crew. That was over 25 years ago omg I am old.

My mother would never let me out when I was grounded. She was very strict. I was always the first one to go to sleep in the summer.. it was still light outside and I was what 12??? UGH. I used to have to go get her cigarettes when she was hung over.. so I remember when they were 50 cents for a pack, not cuz i smoked. I would walk down to the liqour store which was next to the bar my mom would hang at, and have a note from my mother, which was sooo unreadable, since her hands were shaking... those were the times.

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