2 days an counting

2 days before the King leaves for Football camp. 2 days more and I can walked around nekkid if I want too. I will actually come home at night and not have to clean up after anyone, cook for anyone, do anyone's wash, chaffeur anyone anywhere. Nice. OMG I am going to be completely bored out of my mind. I started making a list..

1. New Drapes in the living room and my bedroom. I went to Ross today and had 100 bucks worth of purses in my hand.. there were amazing purses there, anyways.. I go to the drape section and threw the purses aside and bought 110 dollars worth of drapes AND rods. I am so excited and already put up 1 rod in my room to see how it would look. I have to go to home depot later and get some better screws. The ones that came with the rods proceeded to take away the plaster instead of making a hole. (they were flat!)

2. Clean the Kings festering area he calls a room.
3. Reorganize my desk area.. it is a basic mess.
4. wash and iron all of my work slack and have everything hanging in my closet at once so I can reorg the closet also.
5. Organize my moose stuff

notice how everything revolves around cleaning and organizing???

And what am I going to be able to blog about? I wont be able to talk to bryant since he cannot take his cell phone or any other electronic device/gadget on the bus. It will be confiscated!!!!!

wonder if I should start recording my soaps again?????

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