Coming home

Gosh time flew while Bryant was at football camp. I did clean his room a bit.. That boy has some crap let me tell you. Then I found out that they were going to repipe and everything needed to be taken out of the bathrooms and kicthen and some of the closet so I was more busy doing that than anything. They came into the apartment today and tomorrow. i am hoping that they have all of it done by friday so I am not living in a mess for this weekend. It will be nice to see Bryant but he has a rude awakening coming. If he has even thought that he could test my ability of being a mother, this is it. I can't go into detail about it here, but it sure questioned how I brought him up and what type of adult he is going to be.. and no it is nothing bad. Not porn or stuff. I just cant wait to see the look on his face when he knows that I have what he forgot to hide in his room LOL

Oh well

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  1. Anonymous8/27/2008

    Holy chit, Batman!!! I can't believe how big and even more handsome that kid has gotten! Has it really been as long as I think it has been??