Hello out there

Yes, I am still alive.

No you cannot have my lifetime supply of cheesecake and diet coke.  I had to diet in preparation of Big Man's graduation, so I gave up the Vodka and kept the cheesecake.

I have been thinking on how to improve my blog, adding topics of the week to it, or giving away chocolate.

Since I would eat the chocolate before I would mail it, I decided on the topics of the week.  This would give me some incentive to actually provide some depth to this blog, so maybe smarter people would read and know where.. THE FOLLOW BUTTON IS... hello people if you are not following please do so. 

You might miss something...
Like me!

I was thinking, and not necessarily in this order: movie review, cooking review... picture day... snarky day and then a free for all...

I have been watching some movies through Netflix, ones that I would not have watched without a recommendation from a friend. I found the movies a tad bit out there, or appealing and I would like to share those thoughts.  Plus I need to think more while watching movies to provide an analytical approach to the main topic and also I like to delve into the symbolism of a movie.

I love cooking, plain and simple.  I have been going through many cookbooks, and have the hips to show for it.  So now, I am going to start making good for you food, with the exception of certain days of the year where I can splurge and eat the Pioneer Womans Mashed potato's.  I cannot wait. 

I need to start taking more pictures, becuase the 1500 I just had developed from WalMart for an upcoming crop just was not enough!  Actually I want to start taking 'good' pictures. 

Snarky day, well we all know that we have them.  I would like for us to share our snarks once a week. 

Ok enough of the productivity lines.. I'm tired.

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