We are woman!

This weekend I was able to be a part of something so special, I was left speachless for awhile. Granted I could not be speachless for too long, since I needed to speak.

It was amazing.

When you leave your home chapter and you go to visit other women and learn about their chapters and how they do things, what obstacles that they also encounter, makes the world seem not so large. I met many women that I have never met before and created a few friendships that I hope withstand the distance. There were women of many ages, with so many memories and stories to tell to those who wanted to take a few minutes and listen. I was able to take one night, and relax after I memorized my speech and go to the lobby. While I was only there to grab a diet pepsi from the cocierge, I noticed a few older ladies sitting near the fireplace chatting away. I decided to sit next to them and introduce myself. They were amazing ladies who I am sure had just as much fun in the chapter as I do now. They had a few stories that took place in the 60’s and 70’s, in which all I could do was sit back and listen.

It reminds me of how fast and busy everyone is today, to where we do not take time to listen to history from our elders and friends. This type of history is not taught in history class yet it is just as important to learn how women lived in those days, and how they overcame many obstacles we take for granted today. Predjudice that did not just focus on color but also on gender. So many things that we, as women were not allowed to do. We laugh now when we read stories about how we are to take care of our man when he comes home from work instead of throwing a mirocwaved pizza in his face, they were cooking turkeys and hams.. during the week… no crock pot either…

We have come a long way baby!

We need to listen to how far we have come and keep the stories going.

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