Drama for the week all summed up on one page

Well, this week was a very slow week. Bryant had spring break off and he had nothing to do. He did make the best of it.

Sunday night stayed up till 2 am, slept till Monday at 11 am. Played Xbox, did a few things that I begged him to do around the house. And that was the rest of his weekend in a nutshell. He spent the night at Donnie's, one can only imagine that there was no sleeping going on and a bunch of crank phone calls to girls cell phones in the middle of the night. They are all going to see "Shutter" tonight. Freaks I swear, I am glad though that he likes scary movies like I did at his age. They are a bit more predictable and he loves gore.. more the gore the better.

Note to self - make sure he does not eat meat today.

I am so ready to eat a big fat cheeseburger next friday! NO guilt. I am so sick of the fish at the Moose, and no I really dont want to go anywhere else on a friday night LOL.

I have to go to the bank, grocery store and the ABC store today. whew.. Ill be ready for a nap.
Meeting the girls at the Moose around 430, should be a long night LOL.

I saw one of Bryant's ex girls at the bowling alley last night, she is really nice and I wish it would have worked out. Oh well, they are young... I can see them hanging out again.

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