I believe

I am borrowing the format from Mom to the Screaming Masses

I Believe

I believe that there is a greater being somewhere watching over me.

I believe that no morning should be started unless there is coffee and peanut butter.

I believe that some of the best friends I have ever live on the Internet.

I believe that my son is the most important thing in my life.

I believe that everyone should exercise, every single day.

I believe in children being able to speak.

I believe, with all my heart how I want to believe it, that there will be a cure for cancer and HIV in my lifetime.

I believe that we do not inherit the world from our parents, we borrow it from our children, lets leave them something please.

I believe my weight is due to stress, and I will change this year.

I believe that no teacher or caregiver is ever paid enough.

I believe that everyone gets a chance, its what they do with that chance that determines their life.

I believe in pet therapy! I could not have survived if not for Maggie and Daisy.

I believe that the smell of a baby is the best medicine, unless they have a dirty diaper.
I believe in learning something new everyday. Today, I learned that vinegar decreases mosquito bite itching.

I believe in the power of my best friend's brownies, they are a soothing cup of love.

I believe that I will, even after 40, do something spectacular in my life. Hop on board!!!

I believe that I have repented for my sins.

I believe that I never ate coleslaw, until Myra's... hers is the only one that I will eat.
Pass it on, plain and simple

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  1. AWESOME list - thanks for the link!