I have been in a funk for about a month now. I don't know if it is the weather or what but I know something is up since I havent been taking any pictures, and that is so unike me. I have been walking getting ready for my three day in October, not as far as I want to be but I am chugging along.

Since starting the premenopasual stage of my life, I have noticed that I am breaking out more than a teenage boy working at McDonalds. I have pimples everywhere, and I never get those on my face, maybe some dry bumps on my arms during the winter months when I dont coat myself in baby oil, but this is just so weird. I am too old to be going to the dermatologist and asking for acne cream aren't I? And the hormones have been raging and I think that is a really big part of my downer. I just cant be happy about anything and I dont know what to do about it and when to say it's time for some pills to help with the moods. I am cranky, I dont want to go anywhere or do anything and it takes alot to get me out of the house. We wont talk about whether I shower or not beforehand! No energy drink has been helping, and I have no clue no clue. I am drinking a red bull cola right and I am not ever drinking it again, it tastes like the smell of when someone puts a cigarrette butt in a have can of coke nad you get a whiff of that. Now I know why my son got a free case of it at the richmond Nascar race and why it is still in my refrigerator.

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