Why Math is good for a 16 year old

Did I tell you that Boy Wonder got a job? Yep he sure did, went online and filled out the application, very smart business I thought, becuase I have seen my sons printing and I wouldn't hire him either. He got a call the next day for an interview, I took him to the interview, and while he was inside all i was thinking was doughnuts and salad. So of course I just had to go into the store for said items and sneak a peek at my son, who was waiting in front of the store for manager. The interview lasted I think 1 doughnut. He came out and wasn't sure if he got hired but knew he had to be somewhere across town on Saturday. So I told him to dress nice in case it was a series of more interviews and reminded him of all the questions he had to answer about his eithic's online, with my help of course. So I pick him up Saturday and he has the job was all excited about getting paid for the day.
A week later he saw that poaycheck for that day, he wasn't happy. They screwed up my check he says, he doesn't realize that they pay out for the week prior. He is trying to calculate the hours with taxes and such, while I am trying to tell him that grown men can't even do that.

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