What a wonderful weekend

I hope everyone had a weekend like mine, filled with family and friends. The weather was perfect and nothing could have made the day better. Maybe a million bucks, but I will save that for next year. I took Monday off from work and promised myself, and told friends that I was not going to get on the computer at all today. I think that lasted till about 9 am when I did indeed check my work email and then facebook, then had to read Post Secrets and then a few friends blogs, then I checked my personal email and saw that more people have donated to the 3 day breast cancer walk that I am doing and I have two checks in my purse to deposit and make a contribution.
Working tomorrow, Boy Wonder finds out if he passed the driving test that he took today, and then we have a meeting tomorrow after his behind the wheel. If he passes then he can drive any where he wants and I finally have him convinced today that he should call me out of respect so that I am not frantically driving the streets looking for his car. I am stoked for him and I am glad that I can trust him with the car. I am sure that I will have some good stories about my hair getting grayer and also falling out during his first months behind the wheel.
I also have a meeting at the moose so it is a pretty full day. It is the first meeting of the year, and so we have the policies and other stuff that we need to do ugh, plus put a calendar together for the men to see what we can do this quarter in regards to the moose and the women making money!

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