Alzheimers moment

I thought you all would get a tickle out of my day, since of course it was not you running amuck.

Lesson for the day do not go to costco without eating.

Thought I would run to costco on my lunch break. Got there lickty split, found a primo parking spot, and so it is not safe to assume I would rock and be out of there in 15 minutes.
That is where you are wrong. Got my basket, and start filling it up, english muffins, chicken salad, brushetta, broccoli, lettuce, gatorage, spinach and cheese ravioli's.. ok so I am trapsing through, and oh shinny, eggs! I go into cooler, get eggs, turn around and poof my basket is gone. I look around... nothing. I take my eggs and start walking down aisles, daring the person who took my basket to show themselves. I carry on like this for about 15 minutes, still carrying the damn eggs that I cannot live without while thinking how I am going to put everything in another basket... still walking around, I see it.. next to the frozen pizza's, I lay in waiting ready to pounce on the person who dare take my basket, ready to make a fool out of them for not returning the basket to the rightful place... no one comes... I figure since I have frozen food in there I should book scoot and boogey to the check out lanes... then I start thinking... did I have my basket when I got the eggs, I am almost positive I did.. I have no clue still now, if I had my basket with me. I take my basket while making sure everything is stil okay in there, and adding the eggs to my ever increasing load. I then make it to the register, after adding mixed nuts, cheezeits, and 100 calorie cookie packs, and something else. I notice I am starting to shake from not eating and start drooling over the chicken bakes and pizza slices at the cafe. I ponder a hotdog, which I know makes me burp... I then present my card and find out that my dues have expired. I am beyond livid now, because I was so careful not to go over 120 bucks... and now the 50 dolalr increase brought my grand total to 177. Then on the way out the box fell on top of my eggs.... I didnt want to wait in line for pizza and diet coke, the guy who was checking recipets was taking too long, the line out the door was too slow, the other box falls on top of the eggs, the cars in front of me want to play twister, no one seems to understand that concept of looking before you walk in front of cars, and I am not going to pull a George on you. The ride back was non eventful until the lady was too busy to pay attention to her green light which by the way is the same person who then flips me the bird, and decides to go real slow. Anyways, I do not think I am going anywhere else after I get home.

The end... I just hope that the chicken salad does not give me food poisioning from being out in room temp too long...

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